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The Soothing Air Scholarship 2017

The application deadline for The Soothing Air Scholarship 2017 has passed and we are no longer accepting applications for the last year’s scholarship.

However, we are both happy and proud to declare that our next year’s scholarship program, namely The Soothing Air Scholarship 2018, is being arranged by us and hopefully, we’ll be able to publish its details pretty soon.
Please keep in touch with us for any updates.
Our heartiest congratulations to Rickey L. Artis, Randell T. Meister and Katie Wunderlich, the winners of our last year’s scholarship, for their innovative ideas. We’d also like to thank all the participants who made The Soothing Air Scholarship 2017 a great success.

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Our motivation:

According to the 2016 database created by WHO Global Urban Ambient Air Pollution, over 80% of people living in cities and suburban areas which monitor air pollution are reportedly exposed to higher level of air pollution than the limit set by the World Health Organization (WHO). Air pollution is one of the biggest and most life threatening pollutions prevalent on the planet and each of us are exposed to it. Not only as an organization but also as human beings we feel the urge to provide services that work in the field of remedy to this situation. We are morally motivated for what we do. We know our endeavor is small and our scope is limited, but we try our level best to contribute to the remedy.

Launching the scholarship program is another small attempt to contribute to the global initiative against air pollution. We want to raise awareness against air pollution, while at the same time we are looking for innovative ideas that can make a change. However, we want to financially help talented students using this platform.

We believe that the young and energetic mind of a student can come up with genius ideas offering advanced solutions to this problem of air pollution. We believe that the minds of young educated individuals are a fertile ground for cultivating solutions to some of the age old problems that we are dealing with. We not only want to contribute an effective solution to a global problem, but also provide aid to some talented students who need financial backup to do so. This basically was the ground for our initiative to launch the scholarship program.

About The Soothing Air Scholarship 2017

The amount of scholarship money: $1000

This scholarship is open to all graduate and undergrad students who are currently enrolled in Universities. Unlike the previous year’s one, this year’s The Soothing Air scholarship will be awarded to only one student based on merit. Any enrolled student who can prove that he or she is a genuine College or University student with an interest in inventive ideas on keeping home air clean is welcome. The applicant does not necessarily have to be from any specific department of studies.

Topic of the Essay: How to keep home air clean

Please note that the word count of the essay is minimum 1000 or above. You can discuss unique and inexpensive methods of keeping home air pollution free. If we find your essay original, creative, informative and expressing efficient and unique ideas, you have better chance of winning.

Apart from that you can always write to us if the grant will profit you monetarily and/0r you have a genuine and effective idea to keep home air clean and pollution free, do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

Who can apply?

  1. Must be a student currently enrolled in a college or university
  2. GPA: 3 or higher
  3. Must not be an employee or related to any employee of The Soothing Air employee
  4. Must not be below 18 years of age

How to apply?

  • Write down your essay in word file.
  • Insert your personal details on the beginning of the word file (First & Last name, Phone, Email and Address, Your University’s Name, Your Course And Field Of Study)
  • Attach the word file to the e-mail
  • Include the status of your current academic status. A scanned copy of your student ID card in the mail. By applying for this scholarship, you give us your full consent to confirm your admission and attendance in your college or university by contacting the authority.
  • If you give us consent to use your photo, kindly send or attach that with your submission. The winner of the scholarship will be bear the responsibility for the cost of any applicable income taxes caused by the scholarship receipt.
  • Send us an email to this address:
  • You can also send your writing using our mailing address. In that case send a copy of all the necessary documents mentioned below.

     Mailing address: Flat C, 7 Gloucester Street Pimlico, London N/A SW1V 2DB UK

Application Deadline

Deadline: November 30 2017

Winner announcement: December 30 2017

$1000 check will be sent to the winner’s college or University or a check will be sent to the winners mailing address.

The winner submission of the $1000 scholarship will be posted on

The Soothing Air will continue this scholarship every year.

In the event that you have any inquiries regarding our Scholarship Program, please send us an immediate email at


Terms and policies for Participation

By submitting an application, you automatically grant The Soothing Air and/ or its authorized representatives permission to use your name, educational institution, the winning essay and photo (if submitted) on You also grant us permission to communicate with you for exchanging information related to your application. If you want to remain anonymous in this entire event or in similar events in future, you must mention that in your application. The winner will be communicated through the email ID provided in the application. The entire selection process is at the discretion of The Soothing Air.

PDF for Printing

Download a pdf of our scholarship information for review or display.

The Soothing Air is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More

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