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Top 10 Evaporative Humidifiers (Nov. 2022): Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

I’m from the South. In the south, it seems we suffer from allergies all year long. Since our seasons are relatively mild, or wet, or snowy, we seem to be fighting those sinus headaches, sneezing fits, itchy eyes, dry skin, and stuffy nose all the time. Recently, I have been plagued with these symptoms to the point I was ready to try anything to get some relief. After doing a limited amount oank, but it is a worry-free modf research on the subject, I saw many recommendations for a humidifier to be used in my home to help with all my complaints. It is said ‘a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous,’ and I found this to be true when I walked into a local retail store to purchase a humidifier. My brain overloaded as I stood there looking at all the different kinds, models and functions of these machines. I left the store feeling frustrated and more than a little lost as to which type or model of humidifier I needed.When I got home, I once again went into the research mode, and began looking at reviews for humidifiers. It was all so confusing since only the positive reviews were on manufacturers websites. But, after all, they were trying to sell me their product, right? Finally, I found The Soothing Air website. They had all of the information I needed to make the right choice for me!

Why Should You Trust Us?

I know if you are like me, trust is a big issue. I would not go out and spend my hard-earned money on a product I didn’t trust, and I doubt you would either. It’s just that every time I thought I found a product I could trust; my gut feeling would kick in and I would have doubts. If you are like me, I needed to know why I could trust So, I did some research, and this is what I found.

We have been running methodical research for over five years on products that you need. That means we have the experience to hone in on what you are looking for. Our sole purpose is to help you, our valued reader when choosing the product which is right for you.

We involve several people in our research, including our dedicated team of volunteers, in the process so as to eliminate any subjective or biased reviews. Speaking of reviews, we have looked at different brands of the product. This shows that we’re not biased towards or trying to promote any specific brand.

Finally, we have selected picks for all kinds of users, ranging from those for small homes to those for industrial use. Whoever you are, this review will help you.

Different Types of Humidifiers

Whether it is summer or winter in your home, you run the chance of having dry air. This is because heating and cooling units remove humidity from the air as they do their job to keep you warm or cold. To stay healthy, you need humidity. Think about the times your lips were chapped, your skin was dry, you had an infection in your sinuses or your allergies kicked up. It could have been because you didn’t have enough moisture in the air.

Not only does the lack of humidity affect living things, in can also affect wooden furniture, paint, or stucco. Drying causes cracks, which can lead to money out of your pocket for repairs or replacement. By increasing the humidity in your home, you not only feel better, but so do your pets and other belongings.

If you live in the south, you probably already know that a lot of humidity in the air can make the heat index feel hotter than it really is during the summer. It’s not surprising then, that humidity also has an effect on your air conditioning unit making it work harder. Since air conditioners cool homes by removing both the heat and humidity from your living space. If your unit is too small or isn’t in tip-top working order, you may never feel comfortable in your home.

If the humidity in the summer is making you uncomfortable, think about how humidity affects you in winter; but it is the polar opposite than in the warmer months. If the humidity levels drop outside and in, you can have a really hard time heating your home in the winter, making your heating bills soar.

How Humidity Affects Heating

If humidity above the recommended levels causes problems while trying to cool a home during the summer, low levels wreak a special type of chaos during the winter. It is hard to believe, but the moisture in the air affects the way your furnace responds to the ambient temperature inside. It feels cooler, so the furnace—via the interface with the thermostat—revs up to make the house air warmer. With lower humidity, it doesn’t matter how hard your furnace works, it may not be comfortable climes in your house.

There are other types of humidifiers as well. Here are a few examples:

Industrial humidifiers are often large units used in factories or other large spaces. They use either evaporative or fan-forced humidity.

Portable units can be small or large. The small ones are more for the home and can be carried from place to place. The larger units are usually fitted with wheels to make them movable.

Fixed units are attached to other units, such as heating or cooling and cannot be moved.

Central humidifiers are usually connected to a unit. It can be a heating or cooling unit and has monitoring equipment included.

Evaporators are humidifiers which use a fan and a wick-like device to blow humidity into the air. Ultrasonic Units use sound waves to disperse water vapor into the air.

Steam Vaporizers use heating units to bring water to a boil, dispensing steam into the air.

Consider checking our reviews of various humidifier types:

What Are Evaporative Humidifiers?

So, what kind of humidifier should you buy? That is a good question. Let’s start off by looking at a type of humidifier that is classified as an evaporative humidifier. Also known as a wick humidifier, it works because it contains only 3 parts: a fan, a string or wick—much like you would see in on old-fashioned kerosene lamp—and a reservoir filled with water.

The fan pulls air into the humidifier which then blows the air over a water-soaked wick. As that happens, the dryer air around it will soak up the moisture and pass it along to the surrounding environment. These facts can be significant when making a decision about which type of humidifier to purchase. This will be discussed further along in this article.

Modern-day evaporative humidifiers are not that simple. They usually have a wick of some kind and a fan which will disperse the humidity into the air. Using a cloth or paper sheet, the wick draws up the water which is in the reservoir. Once the fan is turned on, the air it blows will pass over the wick, which propels the vapor directly into the air. As the water helps to decrease the heat, it also helps in lowering the temperature of the room or area you are trying to cool.

Like all humidifiers, an evaporative humidifier is designed to produce moisture and relieve any dry air that may be lingering in your home. The mist types are very fine and often cannot be seen by the naked eye. The only difference is that is doesn’t require much technology and can increase humidity levels in large areas of your home.

Let’s start out talking about the standard parts. This will be a short paragraph, for there aren’t that many. There is a motor for the fan, the fan itself, a wick, and a container to hold water. That’s it.

According to a report published by ENERGY STAR, humidifiers account for approximately 0.11% of electrical usage in American homes. They tested different types of humidifiers and found that this type is one of the most efficient types of home humidifiers on the market.

The cost of the unit varies, depending on the type you get, the style of the cabinet, and the area you want to humidify. Its efficiency, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, is ranked higher than other types of humidifiers, uses less energy to work, and can save you money over other types of humidifiers.

Why Choose Evaporative Humidifiers

When you compare evaporative humidifiers to other types such as warm mist, ultrasonic and steam vaporizers you will be struck by the simplicity of the evaporative humidifiers. The mist types are the defining feature of this type of humidifier. It has few moving parts, it does not use heat to boil the water, and it runs very quietly.

Another point to remember is that is difficult to over humidify your home with an evaporative unit since only the amount of humidity needed can be released into the air. That is, it is based on the laws of science. If you need more humidity, more will be released. If you need less, less vapor will be soaked up from the wick.

This makes an evaporative humidifier a self- monitoring appliance because if your humidity levels are high it is likely that your humidifier will not work. This can be checked by closely monitoring your humidifier to ensure that it is working properly.

If you wish to purchase a hygrometer—which measures the level of humidity in its surroundings, you may find that the level stays within the specified parameters without you having to do much at all.

Let’s discuss the maintenance of this type of unit. Most units have an easily removed bowl for water and for ease of cleaning. You need to make sure you have the right sized reservoir for your needs. If you choose one too small for the area, you will find you have to fill it up more often.

Most units come with a filter that needs to be either washed or replaced at intervals. The cost of the replacements is lower than for other brands or types. The same goes for the wick. As with other humidifiers, there is always the chance for growth of mold, mildew, bacteria or other germs.

There are treatments available for this, but one easy cheap way to keep this from happening is to clean it regularly with a solution of white vinegar and water. Remember to wash and dry wick and basin thoroughly. It is recommended the wick/filter/pad should be changed every two months, but this depends largely on the type and size of your humidifier.

If you opt not to change the filter, you can have potential health problems as the airflow can become stopped up and no vapor will be sent into the environment. The mold growth occurred in an uncleaned wick will throw more germs out rather than cleaning the air.

How We Picked and Tested

You may be wondering how we picked and tested the items which ultimately made our top ten list. I can’t blame you. Like I said previously, I had such a hard time finding information about humidifiers that I could trust, I was a doubting Thomas as well. After all, there are hundreds of different kinds of humidifiers. There are different models of humidifiers, and there are many different mechanisms on how they work.

I was truly overwhelmed at the amount of information out there. As I said previously, just when I thought I had made up my mind, I would find something that just did not set right with me. After all, these people were out to sell me something, right? Of course, their data would be skewed in their favor! The Soothing Air did things differently.

They invested the time and effort into finding the accurate information in an unbiased view. They involved several different people and volunteers in their research and much more. Here’s what we did:

We collected data from over 3,999 user reviews of varying evaporative humidifiers to decide which characteristics that the average consumers need or look for when purchasing a humidifier. We were able to come to a conclusion after 72 hours of research on these products. We have reviewed over 10 different brands and then shortlisted the best 15 of them. After that, we’ve selected the top 10 from them and placed them in this review.

We have shortlisted 15 evaporative humidifiers from the researched products, went to their websites and looked at the product manuals. We took our time and analyzed different aspects of the product and what the average person would look for. After going through their explanations on different web platforms, we then reviewed the reviews and we determined the features that this kind of product most prominently displays and uses as advertising points.

We then analyzed and done research on the products using more than 10 different brands and completed a thorough comparison of their features. We then compared the final reviews from our volunteers and matched them against the research data that we collected from the web.

With all this data collected and analyzed, we then selected the best 10 products and have compiled them here for our final verdict. Get ready for an amazing reveal!

Our Top Ten Product List

In our search for the truth about evaporative humidifiers, we went to great lengths to ensure that our information was truthful, accurate and reliable. After all, our sole purpose is to give you the best information possible to help you find the perfect evaporative humidifier for you. After all, your situation is unique and you need all the facts before handing out your hard-earned money.

We have considered 25 features of 15 different evaporative humidifiers for evaluation. These features provided an analytical result which helped us shortlist the best 10 evaporative humidifiers out there on the market. We have taken these features from the products manual and/or specification sheets. We have gone through the pricing to find the value per dollar of each product and its features. We have considered the product’s life cycle by review frequencies to determine if there are any misconceptions. Therefore, we are confident enough to provide an accurate review for you, the potential users for the best products of 2018.

Top Pick: Vornado EVDC300

Our no.1 choice

This humidifier is a great product for the price. It is a small humidifier that runs really quietly, and is also easy to clean. So if you aren’t looking for anything bigger than one gallon, then choose Vornado!

Why is it our Top Pick?

This product is our top pick because of the 24 features we looked at for each product, this one has 18 positive features. Although it doesn’t live up to the product with the highest number of positive features in terms of numbers, this product has a lot of better features than that. With a 5-year warranty, a quiet operation system and a 24-hour runtime, this product is just better in terms of these features rather than the numbers.

The price of this product is around $30.00 which is the second lowest compared to other evaporative humidifiers on the market. Since we have gone through all the features and found that the value of each and every dollar will give you the best humidifier in its category. Given that the product with just 3 more features comes in at almost twice this product’s price we can easily determine this product to be the best in terms of price per feature.

In addition, this product has around 150 reviews on Amazon at the time our data was collected. With a 3.3-star average rating, this is considered a median line, but it has received its latest review in 28 days, previous 10 reviews in 45 days, and even earlier ten reviews in 40 days. Bu this we can assume that a lot of people are buying this product frequently and they feel positive about it. So far, this is the best frequency at the time of our research.

Lastly, we chose this product because the Vornado can sense how much humidity is in circulation and how much more or less is needed to maintain your ideal environment and makes automatic adjustments.


This unit is backed by a five-year warranty with a 10-year guarantee on the motor. It is energy efficient and can provide enough humidity for up to more than 745 square feet. One tank can equal 3-gallon output every day and is removable for easy cleaning and adding water. An auto shut off feature turns the machine off when empty and a lit indicator light reminds you its time to top off the tank.

evaporative humidifier: Simply the best evaporative humidifier!

This unit is so customizable due to its multiple setting for the fan so that it can turn on and off when humidity reaches a certain level or run all the time. It also provides a special type of airflow known as Vortex Action that humidifies the whole room very quickly for natural comfort.

Build Quality

12.3″H x 13″W x 8″D, weight 3.5 pounds, made of molded plastic, has wick filter.


Runs for 24 hours, multiple speed setting and nonadjustable mist direction. Holds 1 gallon of water, covers over 745 square feet, has automatic shut off, low noise, and a humidity sensor and humidity monitor which can be set to turn the machine off and on when humidity drops or raises.

Ease of Use

Large tank opening for ease of cleaning.

Additional features

5-year warranty on fan and ten years on motor by the manufacturer. Median price range for this type of humidifier.


  • Runs quiet
  • Automatic shut off if water is low
  • Lit fill light
  • Runs 24 hours or longer depending on use
  • Easy clean.


  • Has only 1-gallon tank.


This is a good machine for the money. The warranty alone is worth the cost if you have to replace the motor or the fan. It is relatively small, has been safety checked and approved for use in the US. It does need routine maintenance such as cleaning the wick and tank, but it is a worry-free model.


Runner’s Up Pick: Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier

Our second place pick

This humidifier is a great, really affordable choice. It has some interesting features, like its star projection, as well as its antimicrobial filter and easy to fill openings.

Why is it our Runner’s Up Pick?

This product was tied to our top pick because it had some advantages over our top pick and some disadvantages. Namely, this product has seen more popularity than our top pick with more reviews and a better review frequency. However, this product has a slightly higher price and a lower number of positive features, bringing it down to our runners up. But this product had such a close match with our top pick that you won’t go wrong even if you settled for this one instead of the Vornado EVDC300.

Even if it comes for a little higher price, we found this product to serve good value to each of your dollars. This product had over 600 number of reviews on Amazon at the time of our research and so far this is in the list of highest number of reviews by evaporative humidifiers on the market.

Besides that, we found 3.2 average ratings on Amazon. It had received its latest 10 reviews in 67 days, previous 10 reviews in 35 days and even earlier ten reviews in 27 days. By this, we can assume that a lot of people are buying this product and reviewing it regularly. So far, this is the second lowest frequency at the time of research.

Lastly, we found in our research that this model uses evaporative and filtered technology to release vapor/mist into the air. The wicking action of the filter pulls the water from the tank while the electric fan propels the moisture into the room, which also helps it to spread more quickly.

evaporative humidifier: An affordable choice


This is a cool mist evaporator/humidifier which uses a filter designed to kill microbes. It is great for children’s rooms, or any living space for it adds humidity to help the entire family sleep better while the stars it projects on the ceiling helps to distract and help you fall asleep quickly. It can offer you all benefits that warm mist unit cannot do.

This humidifier works by using a wick filter which pulls the water from the tank as a fan dispels the moisture through the space. With this type of technology, you do not have to worry about too much moisture in the air, simply because the air takes only the amount of humidity that the air can hold. Also, the filter removes minerals from hard water to prevent so-called white dust residue.

Build Quality:

Dimensions: 13.2 x 11.3 x 11.4 inches; 6.6 pounds; has a filter which has been treated to prevent the growth of microbes.


Vapor moisture, not visible to naked eye, 1-gallon tank, has a 24-hour run time with auto shut off, lighted controls, multiple speed for fan. Has humidity monitor connected to auto shut-off feature. Good for small to medium room. Runs quietly.

Ease of Use

Has wide openings for easy filling and cleaning. Dual knobs for fan and moisture direction.

Additional features

Has manufacturer’s warranty. At around $40.00 it is affordable. 3-star rating out of 5 on Amazon.


  • 1-gallon tank runs 24 hours on one fill, auto-shutoff
  • Star projection on ceiling
  • Antimicrobial filter prevents growth of mold/mildew
  • Easy fill openings are large and makes access to cleaning easy


  • Reports of some units leaking


At a 3-star rating, this is an affordable machine. It has some features, such as the star projection system, which is unique. You can use Vick’s Vapopads to release inhalant in vapor which helps to open up clogged sinus cavities and helps with breathing.


A List of 8 Other Humidifiers We Reviewed

No 3: Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier, Black

Good coverage pick

This humidifier is a good pick for covering an averaged size room, and it is also affordable. There are some negative reviews for this pick, but its lightweight and has changing fan speeds, so is solid.


It is a scientific fact that the warmer the air inside your home, the more humidity it can hold. In the Winter, the opposite is true. The cooler air has less humidity and the room can feel cold and drafty. That is why adding moisture to the air is so important. Also, it can help reduce allergy symptoms, cold and flu symptoms and temporarily open plugged breathing passages.

evaporative humidifier: Perfect for medium-sized rooms

This model is a cool mist humidifier which uses a filter to help remove dust, mold, mildew and other germs from the air. It can also help to remove that white residue that comes with hard water. With a rating of 3.8-stars out of 5 on Amazon, this median cost model has two speeds for its fan and an adjustable mist dispenser. At a cost of around $40.00, it will run up to 24 hours and uses 1-gallon of water.

Build Quality

Dimensions: 8.6 x 12.1 x 10 inches; weight 6 pounds, uses a type C filter, tank is made of break resistant plastic.


Fine mist dispenser, runs 24 hours, variable speed fan, holds .08-gallon, low noise.

Ease of Use

Wide opening for easy fill and easy cleaning. Adjustable mist control.

Additional features

Manufacturer warranty, affordable at $40.00, 3.8-star rating, has several features comparable with other models.


  • Affordable
  • Variable fan speeds
  • Lightweight
  • Uses filter available on-line or in store.


  • Uses filters specifically made for this model
  • 0.8 tank fill


There are some negative comments about this unit. The main one is that the tank is smaller than average since it holds less than a gallon, which translates into lower run times. This is still a good machine and it covers an average sized room.


No 4: Honeywell Top Fill Tower Humidifier

Great for any large house

This humidifier is the one for you if you need it to cover a large area in a big house. It actually doesn’t even take up much space, although be warned the filters are expensive.


This tower style humidifier has a digital humidistat which helps to monitor the amount of moisture in the surround air. It has other features as well, such as the easy top fill port, the capability to fill from the sink or with a pitcher, auto shut off, and even a pre-set time to run. It is surprising that it has a 3.7-star rating on amazon.

The main verified consumer complaints are about the high cost of the replacement filters, which some have reported are $7.00 on line. They also relate that this is not a top filler, but a front filler, which some say is difficult to fill from the tap.

At almost $90.00, this is one of the higher priced models we looked at; but, it does have several features that could make it worth your while to buy.

evaporative humidifier: suitable for large rooms

Build Quality

9.8 x 8.7 x 24.7 inches; Item Weight 12.5 pounds. Uses a filter specifically designed for this model


Tower style, cool mist, variable speed fan, programmable timer, tank removes from base for easy fill, runs for 24 hours or turns off automatically when empty. The filter is treated to reportedly remove 99.9% of germs, mold and mildew. Designed for large rooms.

Ease of Use

Has large opening for easy cleaning, adjustable mist direction.

Additional features

Manufacturer warranty. Slightly higher cost than other units. Most verified user complaints regarded the cost of replacement filters and maintenance.


  • Takes up less space
  • Programmable timers
  • Auto-shut off


  • Filters are expensive


Designed to cover large areas, this is a good machine for big rooms. It has programmable timers, variable rotation speed fan, and auto shut off when empty. For the features, the initial price isn’t bad, but the replacement filter cost can be prohibitive.


No 5: Vicks 1.0 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

Verified by Vicks

This humidifier is from a well loved brand and so it is not a surprise that it is a reliable and dependable machine. It runs quietly, has multiple settings and is an all round good option.


This cool mist humidifier made by Vicks holds 1.0 gallon of water in its breakage resistant tank. It uses a wicking filter to deliver the humidity to the surrounding air and helps to keep it at the proper levels. It has two settings for comfort, runs quietly and has a removable, dishwasher safe tray for essential oils. Its one-gallon tank is easy to fill and runs for 18 continuous hours on one fill. It comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

It is equipped to use the Vick’s Vapor to add essential type oils to the mist to temporarily open blocked noses or clogged airways. It does not, however, use the pads.

evaporative humidifier: a very dependable cool mist humidifier

Build Quality

9.8 x 8.7 x 24.7 inches, Item Weight 12.5 pounds. See thru tank lets you know with a glance if it needs filling.


Cool mist humidifier, wick filter, two settings for comfort, holds 1 gallon of water, large room coverage, automatic shut off, variable rotation speed of fan, water completely drains from bottom of tank, so bacteria cannot grow. Runs 18 hours.

Ease of Use

Large opening for easy clean, adjustable mist direction

Additional features

3-year warranty. 3.5 stars on Evaporative system works so that the humidity stays at the right level. At around $70.00, it is one of the higher cost examples on this review.


  • Runs quietly
  • Auto shut off when empty
  • Multiple settings.


  • Vapopads cannot be used in this model


Another machine made by the Vicks company. There are reviews by verified purchasers that they have had this model for so long, they are now looking for replacement gaskets, etc. In other words, it outlasted the warranty and they do not want to give up the machine. This is a very dependable cool mist humidifier.


No 6: Vornado EV100 Evaporative Whole Room Humidifier

An overall nice pick

If you are looking for a humidifier that is a space saver too, then this is a good pick. Its tower design saves on space, yet it still has multiple settings and can cover large spaces too.


This evaporative humidifier has the capacity to humidify more than 299 square feet of space, so it is indeed a workhorse. Its 1-gallon tank is see-thrugh, so you can tell at a glance when it needs refilling, although it will run for 24 hours on a single fill. Built to look like a modern piece of art, this machine has push type controls, variable fan settings and a wide opening with a removable cap that makes refilling or cleaning easy to do.

Using a wick and fan combo, this unit will not over humidify your surroundings. You won’t have to deal with those mists over windows or that damp feeling wooden products anymore.

evaporative humidifier: It can effectively cover a large area

Build Quality

12.3″H x 13″W x 8″, weight: 5.3 pounds. Wick style filter


Cool mist, runs 24 hours on each 1-gallon fill, but has the output of two gallons in 24 hours with some settings, variable speed settings, runs quiet, covers over 290 feet.

Ease of Use

Has wide open with removable cap for easy filling and cleaning. Also has adjustable vent.

Additional features

Manufacturer warranty, at around $70.00 it has the many features of higher cost machines. Multiple humidity settings. 5-year warranty. 3.5-stars out of 5 on


  • 5-year warranty
  • Tower style saves space
  • Multiple settings
  • Covers large space.


  • Verified purchasers stated that the humidity sensor was not accurate
  • Several complaints regarding failure of motor at six months use.
  • No remote


This is a good machine overall, with more positive reviews than bad ones. It has a 5-year warranty from the manufacture. It covers a large area and is easy to set up and use. Many reviews state they would buy the same machine again and/or recommend it to friends and family.

No 7: Honeywell Easy to Care, HCM-710

An affordable quiet runner

This humidifier runs really quietly, but also has a great filter that can catch mould and nasty bacteria. Although it does lack a big tank size and has a short run time, it is an ok choice.


This is a quiet running machine according to verified purchasers, but there were a few complaints. For one thing, it will only use wick filters specially designed for it. While they are not hard to find online or in brick-and-mortar stores, they are a bit expensive. The other chief complaint is that the tank only holds 0.9 gallons. The complaints center mainly about having to refill it often. However, it is a top loading unit, so it is easy to pour water into the opening and you do not have to take the tank loose to do it.

evaporative humidifier: a great product from Honeywell

Build Quality

15.3 x 9.9 x 11.1 inches; Item Weight 5.49 pounds, uses a wick type filter, but they are specially made for this unit.


Has mist or vapor output, runs for 12-36 hours depending on the setting used. Variable speeds for fan settings, and adjustable grill for mist output. 0.9-gallon tank capacity, tank is lit so you can see at a glance if it is running low, runs quiet, and covers a medium sized room.

Ease of Use

Easy to fill or clean due to large opening. The biggest issue seems to be the specifically manufactured wick filter for this model, still able to improve your health effectively.

Additional features

Filter proven to eliminate 99% of mold, mildew and other pathogens. Cost around $50.00. Manufacture warranty. 4-star rating out of 5 on


  • Filter treated to kill mold, mildew and pathogens
  • Runs quiet
  • Variable speed on fan to adjust direction


  • Smaller tank than some models.
  • Shorter run time on higher speeds.
  • No remote noted


This is an affordable evaporative humidifier. Reported to humidify a medium sized room it, has a lit water level indicator. This comes with a manufacture warranty. For a machine of this price, it comes with many bells and whistles that you wouldn’t expect at this cost.


No 8: Vornado Evap3 Whole Room Evaporative

An advanced choice

This humidifier has some great advanced features that really help to spread the mist over a longer area. It also has a larger tank and a longer running time that are two excellent features.


This is a one-piece unit that has a 3.6-star rating on This company boasts of an innovative fan design which is reportedly able to pull more air over the wick filter, which in turn puts more mist or vapor into the air of the room. At around $90.00 it is not exactly the cheapest unit out there, but it does come with an extra filter (2 in the box) and also humidifies over 690 feet of space. It also comes with a larger 1.5-gallon tank, one of the largest on our list. It has a 3 speed settings for the fan, so on the low setting the humidifier could well run over 24 hours time without a refill.

evaporative humidifier: comes with a lot of innovative technology!

Build Quality

12.1″H x 10.25″W x 15.1″D; weight 7.25 pounds, uses wick type filter.


Mist or vapor, 3 speeds on fan, adjustable mist direction, 1.5-gallon tank, over 699 feet of coverage, automatic shut off, runs quiet, low noise fan. LED lights on buttons, output capacity of 2.5 gallons in 24 hours.

Ease of Use

Removable tank for easy filling and cleaning.

Additional features

Limited 5-year warranty. At close to $90.00 may not be the most affordable model; but it does cover a large area. Most customers state they would buy again or recommend it to family and friends.


  • Larger tank
  • LED lit controls for easy set up in dark
  • Longer runtime
  • New technology to cover large area


  • Slightly more expensive than some models.


This machine has a lot of innovative technology designed to spread the mist or vapor over a large area. It has a larger tank, which means a longer run time without refilling. It is designed to assimilate easily into your life as it is easy to clean and even comes with an extra filter with purchase.


No 9: Honeywell HCM-890B – Humidifier – black

Good for smaller spaces

This humidifier is very expensive for what you get. That is why it comes in at the bottom of our list. It is only good for smaller spaces, but overall is way overpriced for what you get for your money.


Another model from Honeywell, this is a quiet unit which is reported to run overnight with one fill. This is not very specific, but the manufacture does not state the tank size. It has a two-speed fan setting, a wick type filter, and is stated to be good for small room sizes, like a bedroom. At around $90.00, this machine seems slightly overpriced. It does not cover much space, nor does it have an auto shut off feature as many other units do. In other words, if the tank runs dry, the fan just keeps working. However, this would be the best humidifier for bedroom, if it is closely monitored.

evaporative humidifier:

Build Quality

14.4 x 9.2 x 11.5 inches; weight 5.85 pounds. Wick type filter with antimicrobial features.


Expels cool mist/vapor. Run time is not specified but states it will run overnight on one fill. Two speed fans, runs quiet, but does not have an automatic shut-off feature. Good for small rooms such as a bedroom.

Ease of Use

Tank is removable for filling and cleaning. No mist adjustment noted.

Additional features

Manufacture warranty, at almost $90.00 there are very few amenities or extras. Received 3.5 stars on


  • Good for small areas like bedrooms.


  • No auto shut off, so even if tank is dry it keeps running.
  • No specified approximate run time.
  • High Cost.


This unit is very pricy considering it does not have many extras. It is the only model on this list so far that does not have auto shut off, and very few other features that many consumers are looking for. There are other models and makes on the market for the same price, or cheaper, that has many more features than this one. The website does state there is a newer model available. It may be wise to check on that one as well.


No 10: Vornado Evap3 1.5 Gallon Whole Room Evaporative

Would buy again

This humidifier has some great features. Not only can it cover a large area, it also has a large and detachable tank with easy confirmation settings. This humidifier is a good pick if you want reliability.


The last cool humidifier on our list is a gem. It has a 1.5-gallon tank which allows for a longer run time. It has 3 speed on the fan, which can even increase the run-time if set on low. It also has an automatic setting that the user can set for the comfortable humidity level. Again, this unit is around $90.00, but it has many extras that the previous model did not have, including a humidity sensor for the automatic setting.

evaporative humidifier: Overall, a great option for you

Build Quality

15.1 x 10.2 x 12.1 inches; weight is 7.25 pounds. Has wick type filter. In fact, it arrives with two filters.


Vapor/mist humidity, runs 24 hours on full tank, 1.5-gallon tanks size. Has 2 speeds and automatic setting. Will cover over 700 square feet of floor space. Can be set to the humidity level of choice.

Ease of Use

Tank is detachable for easy cleaning and filling. Adjustable mist direction.

Additional features

Manufacturer warranty. At around $90.00 it is pricey but covers a bigger area than some with the same price tag. Also has many features that similarly priced models do not have.


  • Covers large area
  • Larger water tank
  • Detachable tank for filling or cleaning
  • Comes with two filters
  • Variable speed and auto settings.


  • Complaints revolve around the brightness of the lights on the control panel


This model has a very good rating on Amazon. Most verified purchasers are satisfied with the model and the features it has. It also covers a large area. For the money, it has the right number of technological advances and also comes with an extra filter in the box. Most buyers state they would buy it again or recommended it to others. This is indeed a large room humidifier.

A List of Other Products We Tested When Preparing This Evaporative Humidifier Review


Antimicrobial: an agent that kills microorganisms or slows their growth. Many of the filters are made of material which does this.

Auto shut off: A feature when the evaporative humidifier turns itself off when the tank is empty or is tipped over.

Evaporative Humidifier: a rather basic type of humidifier which uses a wick and fan to put humidity into the air.

Variable settings: More than one setting.

White Dust: For people with hard water, sediments can cling to the sides of the tank of evaporative humidifiers. This is called white dust.

Wick: a piece of material with the ability to draw fluid by capillary action up it to serve a purpose, such as with a wick to pull water up to the fan of an evaporative humidifier.

Care and Maintenance

As with all electrical equipment, there is some care and maintenance. To make your evaporative humidifier last and serve you properly there are some things that need to be done on a routine basis.

  1. Clean the humidifier regularly, including the tank. Dump any remaining water from the tank after each use and before you put in clean water. You can wash it with a mild soap and soft cloth to remove any residue.
  2. If you have hard water, that is water which contains minerals and/or sediments, these can coat the inside the tank and make it cloudy. By adding white vinegar to warm water, and washing gently with a soft cloth, this can help to remove any build up.
  3. Change your filter if it gets crusty, slimy, or looks to have mold or mildew growing on it. Follow the manufactures recommendations on changing the filter. Some recommend monthly, while other every two to three months. It is always a good idea to check your filter frequently.

Wrapping it Up

It seems we have reached the end of our journey for research on the evaporative humidifier. We sincerely hope that you have found what you are looking for, and that we have helped you to sift through all the information you need before you buy a humidifier.

I know that I am now more confident in the choice of the humidifier I chose for my own use. I used The Soothing Air platform’s information and felt much satisfied when I found the right features that I needed to help sooth the air, help my family’s breathing and allergy issues and just made the whole house feel better.

As always, there are some safety considerations to take into consideration. Be sure to read and follow all instructions that come with whichever evaporative humidifier you choose. Make sure it is on a stable platform, and that there is no danger of children or pets turning over the humidifier. Even though this type of humidifier uses very little heat, there is still a danger of injury due to the volume of water in the unit.

Also, check the cords to make sure they are not frayed or lose. Water and electricity do not mix well, and to avoid injury follow all directions carefully. If you have any questions, contact the manufacture and/or the owner’s manual for troubleshooting advice.

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