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Top 5 Best 30 Pint Dehumidifiers (Nov. 2022): Reviews & Buyers Guide

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While I love living in an area where it is hot for the majority of the year, the truth is that the humidity can be a bit overwhelming at times. Outdoors it can be quite oppressive, so I head indoors to get away from it only to find that it is just as humid inside as it was outdoors. It is a tale I am sure that many of you can tell. Even if you don’t live in climate where it gets particularly humid, the so called dry heat, that does not meant the humidity cannot still build up in your home. Moisture can get into the air in a variety of ways, making it humid and difficult to enjoy the sanctity of your house. Plus, humidity can lead to other kinds of problems such as mold and mildew build up. It truly can be a serious issue.

However, it is not one that cannot be resolved. By getting a dehumidifier, you can quickly change the humidity level in your home, making it much more enjoyable to be inside of your house, while also ensuring the health of your home is protected as well. It is the kind of smart decision that any home owner or renter should make, even if you are looking for a cheap humidifier as your option.

Why Should You Trust Us?

There is no doubt that you have read hundreds of reviews on virtually any product or service which assure you that they are the authority you can trust? You probably look at that wondering, “Really? What makes them so trustworthy?”

That is a good question and one we would not blame you for asking in relation to this review as well. You want to know that the information you are receiving is trustworthy, and we want you to have that piece of mind. So here is what you should know about us.

Trusting the review of any product or service on the internet can be a difficult one to say the least. You want to be sure that you can trust the authoritative, unbiased opinion of the reviews you are reading.

First off, we are not paid by any company or organization that designs, creates, or sells these humidifiers. While you may find links to the products, that is for convenience only and is not an endorsement because they paid us to endorse it.

Secondly, we have done extensive research to complete this review. We didn’t just want to find the best 30 pint humidifier. Our researchers have evaluated all of the top products, examining not only how efficiently they worked, but finding what is the top rated 30 pint dehumidifier and how well they will work in different conditions in a home. The result has been an evaluation that will help you to know what is the best 30 pint dehumidifier that is also a cheap dehumidifier without operating like it is cheap.

How to Determine the Right Dehumidifier Capacity

Dehumidifier capacity refers to the amount of moisture that a dehumidifier is capable of removing from the air in a room. It is determined by room size and humidity levels.

Let’s say I have a 500 sq. ft. (46.45 sq. m) room with moderate dampness. My dehumidifier must have a capacity of 10 pints (4.73 L) of water per day. For rooms that are larger than 500 square meters, I will simply add 4 pints (1.89 L) for each additional 500 sq. ft. of space. For example, a 1500 sq. ft. (139.35 sq. m) room would require a dehumidifier that can eliminates 18 pints of water per day.

However, for extremely damp conditions and very wet humidity conditions, different capacities apply. I would need a dehumidifier with capacity of 12 pints (5.67 L) for a 500 sq. ft. room that is very damp. The capacity should increase by 5 pints for each additional 500 sq. ft. of space.

For very wet humidity conditions, I would need a 16 pint dehumidifier for 500 sq. ft. of space. For bigger rooms, just add 6 pints (2.83 L) for each additional 500 sq. ft. room space.

Now that you know what is the right pint capacity of the dehumidifier you are going to purchase, you can consider having a look on our reviews of other dehumidifiers depending on your requirements. In this article, we will be only reviewing top five 30 pint dehumidifiers:

What is my recommended ACH & CFM?

ACH, or Air Changes per Hour tells you how many times the air enters and exits the room through your dehumidifier in an hour. It tells you how many times the room fills up with air in the span of one hour. ACH is important in deciding how much airflow is needed in order to dehumidify a room.

An extremely wet room would have puddles or standing water inside, and requires an ACH of 6. A wet room with humidity level of 80-90% will show signs of mildew, mold, and wet spots. The recommended ACH for this is 5.

If your room is very damp, has a humidity level of 70-80% with visible damp spots and mildew smell, you need an ACH of 4.

Lastly, if your room smells musty and feels damp in humid weather and has a humidity level of 60-70%, you need an ACH of 3 for such rooms.

Now, how do you compute the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) needed to dehumidify the room? To do this, first multiply the cubic square footage of the room (l x w x h) by the ACH value. Divide that number by 60(minutes) and you come up with the recommended CFM.

What Is a 30 Pint Dehumidifier?

You may be sold on the idea of reducing the humidity in your home, but aren’t exactly sure what a 30 pint dehumidifier exactly is. This is nothing more than a device that absorbs 30 pints of water at a time before it is full and needs to be emptied. Depending upon the area that it has to cover, these humidifiers may require that you empty them once or twice a day or as infrequently as once or twice a week. It just depends upon where you live and how much space it needs to dehumidify.

What makes a 30 pint room dehumidifier option better than the standard 50 pint option is that it is portable. This makes it more lightweight, allowing you to move it if necessary or to simply put it aside if it not needed. Most come with wheels, making the process of moving it a whole lot easier.

Because of its smaller reservoir, this becomes the ideal appliance as a small room dehumidifier or one that works best in an area that does not have an excessive amount of humidity. While they have the power and efficiency to work in any space, you must understand that if you are asking them to take on a heavier load, which will mean that you will have to empty the reservoir more often because they do not have a direct drain like the larger options do. Again, this is not a problem if you are willing to do so.

How to Find the Best 30 Pint Dehumidifier for You?

Before discussing the top rated 30 pint dehumidifiers, it is important for you to have some idea of what makes a great room dehumidifier for you to buy. As you have seen, the size of the room you are intending to use it in plays a significant role in your selection. If the humidity level is extremely high, you may find that it has problems handling the heavy amount of moisture, and the process may not work as well. However, if you are looking for a small room dehumidifier then these are the perfect options, because they can handle even a heavy load.

It is also important to keep in mind the inside temperature when making your decision on the best cheap dehumidifier for you. Many of the small dehumidifiers that you will find in this class of appliances have minimal ability in terms of controlling the temperature of the room. They simply rely on your normal air conditioner or the air temperature that is in the room already, meaning that it may not get much cooler in the room even when using the dehumidifier. This is important because if you are placing the dehumidifier in the much cooler room, like a garage or basement, when it is much cooler then the coils may actually freeze up and the appliance will not work.

Things to Consider When Choosing a 30 Pint Dehumidifier

If you are going to find the best dehumidifier for yourself, there are certain things you want to take into consideration that can help you find a cheap dehumidifier that is also one you can depend upon. Here are some things you want to consider when making your selection.

Ensuring that you get the most value for your buck is an important part of any purchase, and this is why you want to get as many features that enhance the use of the purchase as possible.

Easy to Use Controls

we live in an extremely technological society, but the controls to that appliance aren’t always easy to use. This can be true of your dehumidifier as well. There are those that are easy to use, including allowing you to set the level of humidity you wish to achieve in a room. Some may think that removing all humidity is a good thing, but the truth is that moisture in the air can be good.

Too much dryness can lead to nose bleeds and irritated skin, so keeping moisture in the air is beneficial. Finding an easy to use small dehumidifier that allows you to set the percentage of moisture should be something that you consider.

Automatic Restart

This is an important feature in a dehumidifier because you may have a situation where the power goes out in your home, allowing moisture to build up quickly. When this happens many dehumidifiers that you find will simply shut off and not come back on once the power is restored. This can allow your home to become humid quickly, so finding an appliance that automatically comes back on when the power is restored is a great feature you may want to consider.

Frost sensors

we mentioned in this article that you may place your appliance in an area where it can be quite cold. This can cause the coils to become frozen so that the dehumidifier will not work. This may not be the only problem however. You may have freezing in the reservoir or the drainage hoses which can cause damage or at least stoppage.

There are dehumidifiers that have sensors that inform you if an issue like this arises. If you are going to use your appliance in an area where frost could occur, this may be something you want to make sure you consider when making your decision.

Benefits of a 30 Pint Dehumidifier

Not sold yet on your need for this product? Well, maybe you need to hear the benefits of having a dehumidifier in your home, apartment, or office space. They include…

  • Decreases humidity levels to reduce mildew, mold, and the odors they cause. – two of the biggest problems that a home can have related to moisture is mold and mildew. This can cause serious damage to your home as well as put your health at risk, plus it can cause a rather foul odor. A dehumidifier can really make a huge difference in ensuring this will not occur.
  • Protects items you have stored so that they do not become damaged. – Excessive moisture can lead to damage in other ways. Walls and tile can become warped and loosen. Moisture can really be a serious issue.
  • Circulates the air so that you will not have musty odors caused by stagnant air. – a dehumidifier makes your home smell a lot fresher. Stagnant air can mean that dust and odors will remain in an area, leading to greater issues with allergies or simply making your home smell badly. This appliance can handle these allergy issues for you.

How We Picked and Tested

For four years, our team of researchers performed tests on over 20 of the most commonly used dehumidifiers on the market. This included looking through the best 30 Pint dehumidifier reviews on the market to see what they were saying as well. While we wanted to judge things according to the standards that we set, we would be ignorant to not review what others had to say.

We spent almost two months reviewing products based on several factors, including how commonly purchased the small dehumidifier is, how well each appliance performed, and how easy they are to use and program. We will be honest with you – there is no perfect dehumidifier out there. All of them have something that could be better, but that does not mean that they are not valuable.

After considering such things as how they worked in differing indoor temperatures, how well they removed humidity from the air, and how they improved the health of the home. This is a big decision because your home and office are important purchases for you, and so you want to get a product that can be a real difference maker for you.

With this in mind, here are the best 30 pint dehumidifiers on the market today.

Our Top Five Product List:

We have analyzed 27 of the key features that are found on most of the standard dehumidifiers that you would find today. We wanted to make sure that you were getting the best possible product and that you have the kind of information that can assist you in determining what’s the top rated 30 pint dehumidifier for you.

Before you are able to view this review, we ask that you simply click that you like us on social media, and the attachment will be open for you immediately. This will allow you to review our review and get all the details you desire. With this small measure you can get our complete review.

Our Pick: Frigidaire 30-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

The Frigidaire 30-pint dehumidifier is a great appliance that will give you the exact kind of performance that you are looking for. This device is the leader because of its great features and will be the perfect choice for any home or office.

Why This Product Is Our No. 1 Pick?

Perfect Choice for Home/Office

Efficient performance, control lock system, ease of use and functionality, a continuous drain feature and affordability are some qualities that sets the Frigidaire 30-pint dehumidifier.

There are four primary reasons why we have chosen this to be our No. 1 product.

  1. The first starts with the fact that we analyzed 27 features for each product that were selected. This product contains the maximum number of positive features that make it the best 30 pint dehumidifier according to our research report.
  2. This product is also quite affordable. You can purchase this cheap dehumidifier for less than $160, adding to its value.
  3. Ratings by consumers was another important factor in determining the rating of the dehumidifier. We found that of the first 30 ratings that were given on this dehumidifier, that 10 were provided by consumers within the first day, and that the second 10 came within the second day, and the final 10 in the third. It proved that consumers wanted to provide their feedback right away in support of the product.
  4. One feature that really separated this small dehumidifier from the others was the fact that it had a control lock system. This was the only product out of the 20-plus that we reviewed that actually had this feature, putting it head and shoulders above the others.

Detailed Review

30 pint dehumidifier; Frigidaire 30-Pint DehumidifierWhile there are a lot of great dehumidifiers on the market today, this is the one that we found that has the most to offer. Our reviewers found that it offers all that you could want which sets it apart from the other models. These include:


This is the kind of term that is hard to quantify, but when compared to the way that this appliance operates you will see why it is the top choice. Now only does it handle larage spaces and remove humidity in the air with great efficiency, but it can remain on for long periods of time without issue.


You want to get the most value out of the price you spend, and you will find that this is a cheap dehumidifier that gives you a whole lot of value for the price. For what you are receiving you simply cannot beat it.


The control locking system is one feature that you will truly love, but it is just one of many that you find give you the kind of ease of use and functionality that you will enjoy. There are controls that will warn you if the trough is full, restore the device to operation if the power has gone out and much more. You can also use the continuous drain feature so you don’t have to worry about it shutting off.


There are literally thousands of reviews from customers who have given this dehumidifier the top rating available. That is one of the things that really drew us to make this the top product, because consumers truly loved it.


You will like that you can use this product in any location in your home without concern. This includes in your basement or garage where it may get cold. Because of the anti-freeze system you don’t have to worry about this causing damage to your appliance.


  • Control lock system separates it from the rest.
  • Eliminates bacteria and uses low energy consumption.
  • Great cost for the features that it provides.


  • The unit cycles on and off too often. This makes it less energy efficient than it could be.
  • The humidity sensor has been known to allow the dehumidifier to run longer than it should, as it still runs to 45 percent when the setting was set for 50.

Our 2nd choice: Frigidaire FAD301NWD Energy Star 30-Pint Dehumidifier

Why This Product Is Our 2nd choice?

This Frigidaire is an exceptional product, it simply doesn’t have as many features however, there are many things to like about this appliance as well.

Valuable Choice for Every Home

Exceptional Full-tank Alert System, easy to use electronic controls, low temperature operation setting, on-off timer, and control lock system make this dehumidifier come close to the top pick.

  • It starts with that there are a significant number of features that you will enjoy with the Frigidaire dehumidifier. In fact, it operates just as well as our previous pick, with the exception of it not having the control lock system. It also is not as easily portable as our top choice, but meets the same standards as the previous model that was discussed.
  • This dehumidifier costs a little less than $200, making it slightly more expensive than the previous model. This is one of the primary factors that moved it to the second choice on our list.
  • In terms of rating frequency, we found that the first 10 reviews that were provided by consumers came within three days of people making the purchase. The second set were done within three days as well, with the third set of 10 coming within four days. This put it a day behind the previous model in terms of ratings provided by consumers on amazon.
  • One area where this excelled was in the fact that it had an exceptional full tank alert system, even better than our top choice. We actually found this to be one feature that made it to be a top competitor in our list.

This Frigidaire dehumidifier offers you many features you will enjoy, including an on-off timer, a full tank alert, and a great drain option. There is also an auto shut off and it eliminates bacteria quite well. This is truly an option that you will find to be an exceptional choice for your home.

Detailed Review

30 pint dehumidifier; Frigidaire FAD301NWD Energy Star 30-Pint DehumidifierIn reviewing all of the products for this best dehumidifier review, this product has all of the benefits of our top choice, with the exception that it is not as easily portable. It comes at a comparable price, and has most of the same benefits of the top choice in our review.

Energy Efficient

This Frigidaire dehumidifier has a low temperature operation setting which will save you a lot of money in the long run. While this option may be a little more expensive than our top choice, this particular feature helps because it means you are going to be saving money over time. The fact that it runs efficiently in temperatures as cold as 41 degrees also ensures that you do not have worry about frost clogging up the system.

Digital Display and Other Features

The Frigidaire offers you great electronic controls which make it easy to use and easy to create the setting you are looking for. The LED display will show you exactly what settings you have chosen. You will also find that there are other great features that enhance the value of your purchase. This includes a digital humidity readout, an on-off timer, and a control lock system. Plus, you can set it for continuous drainage.


Customers have had a great appreciation for this dehumidifier and it has shown not only in the positive reviews that the appliance is receiving, but also in how quickly they are being provided. This dehumidifier received its first 10 ratings by consumers within 4-days of the appliance arriving to the customer. The second 10 all came five days later, and the top 30 reviews were provided within 16 total days after purchase. The vast majority of overall reviews were 4s and 5s.


This option is slightly more expensive than the top choice, usually coming in at about $10-$15 more. The Frigidaire is not as portable as the top option making the value decrease in comparison. However, the fact that it comes with a 50 pint reservoir and has an incredibly easy to use set of controls make it a valuable choice for any home.


  • Full tank alert system is exceptional.
  • Has many of the standard features that consumers will enjoy the using.
  • Receiving high ratings from consumers.


  • A bit more expensive than many other models.
  • Only a one speed fan.

Budget Pick: ARCTIC Wind 30-Pt. Dehumidifier

Why This Product Is Our budget pick?

Does the Work Within Your Budget

Large coverage (1,500 sq. ft) and Energy Start Compliant, this dehumidifier runs at low temperature and uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant. All these for a reasonable cost.

One of the things that we attempted to do with this review was to provide you a great cheap dehumidifier choice that could do the work for you and would easily fall within your budget. This Arctic Aire is exactly what you were looking for if you want an exceptional dehumidifier that also comes in at an affordable price. There are many features that you will like about this, and it comes with an impressive review by us as well.

  • We will state up front that this was not the cheapest dehumidifier that we found in terms of cost. It actually comes in second, but because of the exceptional features that it has it became our best budget pick because it is an outstanding product that comes at an extremely affordable price, costing less than $140.
  • The effectiveness of this dehumidifier is to about 1500 sq. ft., an exceptional range. It comes with an Energy Star compliant certificate, and has a direct drain system that ensures that you can use the device with continuous operation. It is also a green appliance, using the environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant.
  • In a comparison of consumer ratings we found that the fastest 10 positive ratings were provided within 20 days of purchase of the product. The second 10 came within 15 days later, and the third set within 18 days after that. Consumers clearly liked the product, but were slower to react in providing positive reviews.
  • One thing that really separates this Arctic Aire product from others that were reviewed is the fact that it’s electronic controls with an LED display really set it apart. Most that fell within the same range of price did not provide this feature, giving it a leg up in comparison to the others.
  • Features that are included with this dehumidifier are an on-off timer, a two-year warranty, a full tank alert system, and the drain option. These are great features that when coupled with the area that it is able to cover makes this an exceptional choice many consumers will be proud to own.

Detailed Review

30 pint dehumidifier; Arctic Aire ADR30B1G 30 Pint DehumidifierWhile this is not the least expensive dehumidifier that we reviewed, it is one that sets itself apart by not only being one of the cheapest, but also providing a great product. Not only does it provide 1,500 sq. ft. of range, but it has many of the other features that you would find desirable in a dehumidifier, including a great LED display. There is a lot to like about this cheap dehumidifier that goes well beyond cost.

Coverage Area

Many of the top dehumidifiers you will find offer anywhere from 1000 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft. of coverage. The fact that this Arctic Aire offers you 1500 sq. ft. tells you a lot about how powerful it is. You will find that it not only does a great job in reducing humidity in a fairly large area, but that it is also Energy Star complaint, and comes with a direct drainage system so you know you can run the appliance for an extended period of time without concerns of it shutting off because the reservoir is full.

Tow Temperature Feature

The fact that this can run at low temperatures also makes it a valuable purchase, because you can use it in many areas of your home, such as the garage or basement, where the temperature can dip to 41ºF, near freezing. For many dehumidifiers, this would lead to frost buildup in the appliance and it would stop working. No concerns with this Artic Aire in this area.


Those who loved this Arctic Aire dehumidifier provided their positive feedback within four days of purchase. There were 20 reviews written within 9 days, and the top 30 reviews came within 16 days. Most reviews gave the appliance solid ratings of 4s and 5s.


As mentioned, this is not the cheapest option available, but it the best of the budget options. You are not only getting a quality option at a great price, but one that is environmentally friendly as well. This comes with the Energy Star rating, and uses the R410a refrigerant, which is an environmentally safe coolant.


  • An exceptional range in terms of area covered.
  • A great product for the price, especially considering the LED display.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant used in the appliance.


  • Has only a small number of the features that would make this a more exceptional purchase.
  • There have been issues with the hoses leaking in the drainage system.

A List of 2 Other 30 Pint Dehumidifiers We Reviewed

No 4: BLACK+DECKER BDT30WT 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifier Review

Ideal For Large Areas

This dehumidifier is the best choice for expansive areas. It has a wide range in terms of temperature settings, and comes with auto shut-off switch and on-off timer.

BLACK + DECKER has long been known for creating quality appliances, and this dehumidifier is no exception.This is why it made our list because it is one of those kind of appliances you will be glad that you spent the money on.


If you are looking for a 30 pint dehumidifier that gives you a great deal of range in terms of the temperatures you wish the appliance to operate at, that this is one you will truly love. Allowing you to set temperatures between 41° and 90°F, you can keep the humidity a perfect setting for yourself, while also being able to use its user-friendly digital controls.


There are not as many features to this device, but it does come with a full tank alert system and an auto shut off switch, as well as an on-off timer. This dehumidifier is also made for those who are looking for a green friendly appliance, using the R410a refrigerant. Should the power go off on your house, this also comes with an auto restart function, and is resistant to drainage blockages caused by cold.


Most of the ratings associated with this appliance were found to be in the 4s and 5s, with a few finding that it wasn’t as functional as they were hoping for. This was the rare exception however.


The condition that really separates this dehumidifier from the others is taking cover 39,000 cu. ft. of area making it ideal even in warehouse situations. It has the anti-freeze system as well as an auto restart should the power go out. All of this while still giving you a portable option that could work in any home or office.


  • Able to operate effectively in expansive areas.
  • Provides an auto restart and auto defrost mechanism.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant used operate.


  • The only really negative to this dehumidifier is that it doesn’t offer many of the features you would find in other options.

No. 5: Home 30 Pint Dehumidifier – Energy Star Electric Dehumidifier Machine Review


Functionality at an Affordable Price

Auto shut-off, full tank alert system, auto defrost system, drainage option system, and auto start-up are just a few of the impressive features of this portable dehumidifier.

hOme is known for making outstanding quality products and this can be seen in how valuable this option is. It is a cheap dehumidifier in terms of price, but affords you an incredible amount of functionality that make it a valuable product for you to get.


The features included in this 30 pint dehumidifier start with an auto defrost system, and include a full tank alert system, drainage option system, and an auto restart system. This allows you to be able to have your dehumidifier running for long periods of time without you having to worry about such things as power outages, overheating, or frost.


Ratings were generally positive related to this dehumidifier, but one concern was the fact that it did not have a digital humidity display. It’s range was also only 1000 sq. ft.


This appliance can be used in a variety of locations, primarily because of its smaller size and portability. The fact that it lets you set humidity ranges from between 35 percent and 85 percent make it ideal for many different kinds of home and office settings.


  • Quiet operating appliance which will not create any kind of disturbance during operation.
  • Easily portable allowing you to move it as needed.
  • Comes with many features that make it the ideal dehumidifier for your home, including auto shut off, full tank alert system, auto defrost, and auto startup.


  • Does not operate as efficiently in larger sized rooms.
  • After about two years of use the product tends to break down.

Wrapping It Up:

While there are some exceptional products on the market today these five will truly be winners inside your home or office. You want a dehumidifier that’s going to improve the quality of your life as well as protect your home from excess moisture, and you cannot go wrong with any one of these five cheap dehumidifiers. They come at an affordable price while providing you with great efficiency and you can keep that efficiency intact if you know proper maintenance tricks.

Before deciding to make your purchase, consider the factors that have been discussed within this review and determine which one meets your personal needs. We all have a budget that we can work with, and so it is understandable if you are not able to purchase the higher end dehumidifiers that have been listed here. There are still great options that fit your budget and can help you to have a much more enjoyable stay each time you come home.

No matter which choice you decide to go with, whether it is our top ranked Frigidaire 30-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control or another model, you can be sure that a dehumidifier will really help to change the feeling of your home for the better.

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