Top 10 Canister Vacuums (Sep. 2019): Reviews & Buyers Guide

Could you imagine a clean house, without a spec of dirt on any floor in the household? Imagine no crumbs of food lying around on your floor. Well, this was what I was imagining about 3 years ago because I had an out-of-date, cheap canister vacuum. One day, I was going to have a party in my house when I came to the conclusion I was going to need the best canister vacuum out there to make a sensational party.

A few weeks before the partying commenced I started to search endlessly for a suitable canister vacuum, and I did, it was amazing! However, some people find it too difficult to locate a good quality, or in my case the best quality, whether it is on the internet or in local stores.

There are so many options to choose from, bagged, unbagged and etcetera. The right one for you may be different from somebody else’s best option.

The best canister vacuum reviews on the internet can’t help you if there are no guidelines to what you need and only what you specifically need. Ratings, price, rating frequency, these factors will only help you a small amount in your search for the best canister vacuum, for you.

Why Should You Trust Us?

For four years our large team has worked endlessly updating this site, on plenty of topics and our team and I have become experts in the field of the top rated and the best canister vacuums.

When preparing this top ten list, we took about 55 hours researching across the web, testing the products and the products we didn’t test were thoroughly researched, including checking community reviews. Our team made sure all the research was not fraudulent or fake, giving you the best list possible.

Before making this list we considered over 20 canister vacuums that are undeniably the 20 best on the market, in order to present you the top 10 best canister vacuums on the market.

Our goal is not to persuade you to buy a certain brand, but to help you find the perfect project for you, because we at The Soothing Air understand that every human is different. Finding your product is our main priority.

We have used graphs and customer research to find out how different products rank against others using statistics such as rating, price and so on because we will go that extra mile for you.

What is a Canister Vacuum?

A canister vacuum is a type of vacuum cleaner that usually contains a cylindrical container that accommodates the motor of the vacuum, the dirtbag or container and a filter. This part of the vacuum is known as the canister.

Attached to the canister is usually a suction hose, which sucks up all that greasy waste from your home floor and places it into the dirt collector. This is really useful as you have to put practically no effort into the task at hand.

Along with a suction hose, every canister vacuum has small attached wheels that make it easy to drag it behind you for maximum portability and easy use. However, the canister is usually separated from the actual vacuum cleaner.

The shape is quite a weird shape, which can be useful and difficult to store, depending on the shape of your rooms. Because of how easy it is to pull the vacuum behind you, the time taken to make your floors shiny clean decreases compared to other models.

The noise of a canister vacuum is also quite low, so it will not annoy any other members of your household while cleaning the floors.

Types of Canister Vacuum

There are many types of vacuum cleaner with canister vacuums being one of them. And there are two main types of canister vacuums that we included in our top 10 best canister vacuum list and our decision for the best canister vacuum cleaner. These two types are bagless and bagged, bagged means you have to use your own bags, while bagless means you don’t have to replace the bags over and over again.


The main point of bagless vacuum cleaners is that there is no need to purchase lots of bags, small or large. This could cause lots of hassle when you are unable to find any plastic bags in your home, and it also costs a small amount of money, that rack up over time, to keep your floors squeaky clean.

Along with this, is the fact that you are able to track your progress and the dirt you have picked up throughout the cleaning of your household’s floors. If you are somebody who enjoys tracking all your progress, you will be ecstatic to know that bagless vacuum cleaners use dirt containers that show you the exact amount of dirt you have picked up on your journey.

However, one problem that can be raised is the fact all the dirt has to be cleared out of the chamber one way or another, which can be done with water. But, if you are against the pollution caused by bags then the bagless vacuum models are most likely for you.


Bagged vacuum cleaners make it easier to offload all the dirt that has been produced through vacuuming. It’s really simple, take the bag off the hoover and throw it out, yes it is that simple.

Also, looking for the best bagged vacuum for you will improve your chances greatly of finding fantastic filters such as HEPA and other additional filters. The filters are usually built into the bags. These filters sometimes have to be replaced over time because they malfunction or completely stop working.

Although, when the filters are fully functioning there are no problems for those with dirt allergies.

What to look for in a good canister vacuum?

There are plenty of reasons why one canister vacuum tops another, which usually cannot be determined by rating. We will be covering some of the aspects our team was looking at to help you find the best canister vacuum cleaner for you.

Firstly, the surfaces that the canister vacuum is able to be used on is important because if you have carpets but a hardwood cleaner then it will be useless to you. Many vacuums are multi-surface vacuums, meaning they can hoover all surfaces in the house.

Secondly, weight can obviously make life difficult when you are moving the canister vacuum around the floors in your house, whether it is hardwood or carpet. The canister vacuums are considerably lighter than an upright vacuum, for example, but they can still be heavy enough to cause you some stress. However, if the vacuum is lighter than it is likely that it will be less powerful.

Noisy vacuum cleaners can always make you turn away from considering it because it can be a large distraction to other members of the house and even the top quality products can cause stress to your ears. Ultimately, you’ve to learn how to deal with the loud noise. There are, however, plenty of products on the market that do not make a lot of noise. Also, compared to similar vacuum cleaners, like upright models, canister vacuums are miles quieter because the sound gets trapped in the canister.

In large houses, a larger cord length is needed because it extends the length of the hoover. But if your house is smaller, you will need a smaller cord as the rooms are small and easy to get around.

Extra features should always be looked at when you are researching a product because they could cater to your needs. For example, some models are better at cleaning carpets, some at hardwood and others are all around, and can suit every household. Tools can include crevice nozzles, mechanized brush and many more.

How well the product actually cleans is an important matter. How much dirt it picks up, the power of suction, how deep the vacuum cleaner can suck and many other features of a vacuum.

Canister vacuums are second to none in the art of flexibility. They can easily hoover on stairs, under sofas, under beds, you name it. If you don’t want a clunky, hard to move vacuum then I would recommend a canister vacuum over an upright model.

How we picked and tested

When we were picking our top 10 canister vacuums, bagged and bagless we took into account practical testing data, which was carried out by our trusted volunteers. After our team and I have been improving our site for the last 4 years we have really found 20 astonishing canister vacuum cleaners and tested all of them thoroughly.

None of these products have been perfect, like anything, nor are all canister vacuum reviews, but they are certainly the best on the market.

Over 55 days have been utilized to practice cleaning with these upcoming models, along with community-based usage in order for us to totally understand how well each product can perform with the operation guides both on and off.

We have measured the quality of every product using the analysis of their dirt capacity, maintenance, cord length, cleaning ability, special usage, surface type and plenty of other features just to make sure the list is right for you. We compared each product with one another to create an accurate list for you to see.

We have done all we can to give you a genuine list. We have tested over half the products and those that we haven’t used; we have spent endless hours researching, consulting users of the product, and taking into account ratings, price and so on. We are extremely confident this is the best possible list of canister vacuums you will get on the internet.

Our Top 10 Product list:

After carefully analyzing 33 most significant features we picked out these top 10 canister vacuums. Our research is being used with a view to comparing among our tested canister vacuums and we gave you the option to also see this to further support your purchase decision. Before you can view the report of our research, we request for you to like any of our many social media pages to see our free chart.

Our Pick: Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum

Why is it Our Pick?

Top Pick


Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum

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Bagless Vacuum With Unique Features

This Bissell Bagless Canister vacuum works powerfully at filtering dirt and dust from hardwood floors or carpets.

  1. After our team has analyzed 33 important features for each of the products on this list we have come to the conclusion that the BISSELL model tops the rest in terms of rating. Although the canister vacuum does not have the maximum amount of positive features, it has the most unique combination of the most positive features, which was portrayed in our research chart.This product is convenient with its bagless feature and its multi-surface capabilities. A flip of a switch can take you from cleaning carpets to thoroughly cleaning hardwood floors. Also included in the model is a dirt cup which is easy to empty, a combination crevice tool/dusting brush, automatic cord rewind and an air flow regulator.
  2. The price of the BISSELL Zing Rewind canister vacuum is a reasonable amount, of $65. This price is very good considering all the features included in the product, making the experience more enjoyable.
  3. In our research, we looked at the frequency of the last 30 ratings, for each model. We found out that the BISSELL vacuum canister has been receiving very good ratings and at a fast rate. Its first 10 ratings were achieved in the first 4 days; the next ten ratings in eight days and 10 days later 30 ratings were amounted.
  4. There are many special features that come with the best canister vacuum on the market. One special feature is the three-stage filtration system, which incorporates both dirt cup filtration and post-motor filtration in order to pick up every spec of dirt. These filters are both washable and reusable. Some other special features include an empty dirt cup, automatic cord rewind, a crevice tool combined with a dusting brush and an air flow regulator.

Detailed Review

best canister vacuum: Simply the Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner out there

This product could make you quite skeptical due to its quite low price, according to our record, but when you find out the amount of advantages this product has over others, you can understand why it is our number one pick.

One feature we particularly like is the 3-stage filtration system, which according to the reviews, works fantastically at filtering the dirt and dust from your floors. Another important feature to mention is the fact the power can go as high as 9 amps, which worked fine for the dirtiest of floors.

The bagless vacuum achieved ratings extremely fast compared to some other products, just showing how well recognized the product is. Our record showed how the product picked up ratings on its first 2 days a lot faster than others, and it is still picking up lots of ratings to this day.

When using the BISSELL Zing Rewind canister vacuum, it didn’t feel like it was heating up at all, but the power stayed constant. Considering it is ranked as a powerful vacuum, the fact it doesn’t heat up, even after 30 minutes of use, shows why it is our number one pick.

During testing, the transition from carpet to hardwood and vice versa was very simple and it took practically no time. All that we had to do was flip a switch so that we could continue picking up dirt on hardwood rather than carpet.

The length of the cord was no problem for us, as it worked perfectly, causing no trips or hazards. The length of 15 inches was not a problem because when we measured it, the length was exactly 15 inches.

The product has a tremendous amount of reviews, showing that it is no pushover in the market and it is definitely of a good quality and reputation. The ratings are not at all bad either, as the product has a 4-star rating.

Final verdict:

The price for this product is certainly worthy of what you receive, and probably more. The product suits everyone because it can clean all types of floors, and every spec of dirt will be cleaned up.


  • Bagless convenience
  • Multi-surface vacuum
  • 3 stage filtration


  • Pretty short power cord
  • Does not have dust pad

Budget Pick: BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum, Purple, 4122 – Corded

Why is it Our Budget Pick?

Budget Pick


BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum

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Best bang for your buck.

This multi-surface bagged canister vacuum features amazing features such as a telescoping wand, automatic cord rewind, full bag sensor, and a swivel cleaning head, all at a very affordable price.

While this product has a smaller price tag than our recommended vacuum, the features are relatively similar. Features such as powerful suction are great for the smaller price. Our rating frequency chart shows fantastic results of the first 10 ratings in 6 days, the next 10 ratings in 4 days and the last 3rd ratings 3 days after.

These results show improvement and it shows the product’s reputation has improved over time. The multi-surface product has additional features including a telescoping wand, automatic cord rewind, and even a variable suction control.

Detailed Review

best canister vacuum: A budget-friendly vacuum for you!

We tested this particular product for about an hour, out of our 55-hour researching and testing period. It is ideal for customers due to its low price, but this usually means annoying faults and errors right?

When testing the product, no errors or faults cropped up, even with the powerful suction.

For us, the powerful suction did not falter at all, when changing the power, it changed instantly, with absolutely no problem. The power can reach about 11 amps, which is even more than our first pick, and it worked brilliantly for us.

The product was also very easy to store, with its lightweight capabilities. Compared with other products on our vacuum cleaner record, this one was not too light. However, when we used it, it was so easy to carry, move around rooms and for us, this increased the portability.

The standout feature that worked astonishingly for us was the telescopic wand. The wand allowed us to clean high up windows that are in our offices with ease and it was light work due to the low weight.

This product was nearly as easy to switch from hardwood to carpet as our top model. But, in this case, a carpet brush had to be put onto the floor nozzle, which really didn’t waste much time.

Its automatic cord rewind worked very well, as soon as you let go it would roll back up, causing no wasted time manually putting the cord back. This also caused no injuries to the several people that tested the product for us, because other products can have the cord swing back into your face, or other bodily features.

The bagged product came with one bag already set up and three others, which were all sturdy bags, which were impossible to break with just dirt filled in the bags. The bags were very easy to attach to the vacuum cleaner; it only took a few seconds.

Final verdict:

It is quite obvious that this vacuum is fantastic, even though the price is low. This product definitely challenges and even tops products that are of a much higher price range than it. For this reason, I believe that if you are on a low budget, I recommend you choose this canister vacuum.


  • Swivel cleaning head
  • Budget-friendly
  • Full bag sensor


  • Does not have clean filter indicator

Advanced Pick: Electrolux EL4335A Corded Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum

Why is it Our Advanced Pick?

Innovative Pick


Electrolux EL4335A Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum

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Advanced features for superior performance

This multi-surface vacuum features an adjustable suction, advanced filtration system, a height adjuster, and brush roll clean technology.

Our research report displays that the Electrolux EL4335A has some of the best advanced features for any canister vacuum on this list. The product is designed for superior performance on the super plush carpets. The suction power is one of the best advanced features; it is adjustable and it allows you to clean even the most delicate fabrics and carpets.

Another advanced feature is the brush clean technology, which removes tangles in the brush roll within a single click of a button. While this product could be considered expensive, it is affordable with a price of 250 dollars. Our report also shows that the rating frequency of this product is far above average.

Detailed Review

Electrolux EL4335A Corded Ultra Flex Canister VacuumOur advanced pick was very high priced, but for good reasons. The excessive amounts of useful attachments really made up for the high price when we were using this product.

Firstly, the adjustable suction power is very simple to use, just a turn of a button, which changes the suction power in a low amount of time that it is not noticeable when it is switching.

A height adjuster, which can be seen on little to no other products when you see our record is a great feature for reaching windows and other high objects. This type of accessory is the most likely to break, from snapping, but there was no problem in this regard.

The brush roll is renowned for becoming tangled with dirt and so on. This cleaner has a feature where it becomes untangled in a click of a button, which, to our surprise, worked great, with no tangles left in the accessory.

All the usual accessories are also included, which all work to the expected ability of a normal hoover, without any exceptions.

One feature we really liked and tested was the product’s ability to change from bare floor to plush carpet without having to do anything. To our surprise, this worked perfectly and there were absolutely no issues when we were testing out the feature.

It was not quite noticeable, as it is very hard to capture, but the premium HEPA filter, which captures 99.97% of irritants and dust made the air feel cleaner a little bit. While it was not too much of a difference it was definitely noticeable how much fresher and cleaner the air became.

The motion control system, involving a low center of gravity and rear wheels, worked to the best I thought it could. The system allowed me to move through the room, around furniture with ease and a lot swifter than other models could.

Final verdict:

This product is definitely on the higher end of affordable vacuum cleaners. However, this particular vacuum holds some of the most efficient and amazing features on the market. Game breaking features include the height changer and the brush roll clean technology; both are very high-level features, making up for the high price. The product is also very productive, which is expected for the high price.


  • Adjustable suction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Advanced filtration system


  • Expensive

A List of 7 Other Canister Vacuums We Reviewed

No. 4: Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum, 3670G Review

User-friendly Pick


Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

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Best bet for first-time users.

The Eureka is a small, portable canister vacuum with a 12-amp motor that can be used on all kinds of surfaces without needing to change a setting.

This canister vacuum is very light and can easily be stored and carried. From 54 dollars, this can be seen in our report. The product weighs in at less than 9 lbs, which makes hoovering simplistic. There are also fingertips controls, such as bare-floor nozzle and deluxe floor brush, which can be controlled easily, through the touch of a button.

The canister vacuum can be used on all surfaces, without any need to change a setting. Also, an extension wand is applied to the product so the cleaner can reach longer ranges than a usual vacuum.

The cord length is quite long. The cord also comes with a neat feature that prevents tangles in the 20-meter long cord. There will certainly be no issues when it comes to tripping over the cord, unplugging it or the cord dragging along the floor because of the convenient cord storage.

A powerful amount of suction is guaranteed with a continuous 12-amp motor and a deep clean due to the power content. Also included in the package is a turbo nozzle tool and a crevice tool to provide maximum user satisfaction.

A blower port attached to the hoover ensures that any dirt and debris will be blown away. This tool can also be used for outdoor spaces, such as your driveway or your garage as these both typically get dirty.

Some accessories include a dusting brush, crevice tool, and an upholstery nozzle. For such a low price this amount of useful accessories is impressive and it would certainly be enough for my money.

The small, portable cleaner is amazing for storing and carrying due to its low weight and small shape. The price is also quite low compared to some of the other best canister vacuums, although, most of the reviews suggest it is a very good product due to its high-rated recommendations. No wonder it is one of our top-rated canister vacuums!

Final verdict:

The small, portable cleaner is amazing for storing and carrying due to its low weight and small shape. The price is also quite low compared to some of the other best canister vacuums, although, most of the reviews suggest it is a very good product due to its high-rated recommendations. No wonder it is one of our top-rated canister vacuums!


  • 20m long cord length
  • Powerful vacuum
  • Low weight and many special features


  • Less power than some other products on the list

No. 5: Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum Review

Mid-range Pick


BISSELL 1161 Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum

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Compact machine with a lot of Power

The Bissell canister vacuum is a multi-surface vacuum with an adjustable height and finger-tip control which allows the suction power to be reduced and increased easily.

Another Bissell mode enters the top 10 canister vacuum list, showing, once again, their dominance in the market. The Bissell model dominance can easily be seen in our report, which portrays it a lot better. This particular model can be purchased in two sizes, with the other option being a little bit smaller; therefore, it is 9 dollars less. This brings me smoothly onto the price. The price of the product is in the middle of the affordable range, at 135 dollars. A reasonable price is expected but the product holds many notable features.

The weight of the product is relatively low, at 9.1 lbs, just a little bit heavier than our 4th best vacuum cleaner. The size of the cleaner is lower than average, with dimensions of 13.15 by 10.67 by 8.66 inches. It is a compact machine, but there is still a lot of power.

All surfaces in your house are capable of being cleaned very well due to the powerful engine stored inside of the canister. However, the floor is cleaned delicately, more delicately than most popular models, even our top pick. Two heads are used, one for wooden surfaces and one for carpet surfaces and other similar floors, which works great, according to our trusted reviewers and Amazon reviews.

Notable features include fingertip control, allowing the suction power to be increased and reduced with the touch of a button. And you can even easily improve its suction yourself. Non-marking rubber wheels leave no frustrating marks behind you as you hoover, which could leave a mark in carpet and stains on wood. A telescopic extension wand is also included in the product, in order for easier reach to windows, curtains, under beds and so on. The dirt tank is also extremely simple, with the bottom opening so all the dust and dirt can easily fall out without any mess. The cord is a simple, traditional cord. Lastly, the hard floor tool contains small, soft brittles to leave no marks on the wood.

Final verdict:

While the Bissell product is certainly one of the more expensive on our list, the hard floor tool definitely tops some of the other hard tool features on our list. Along with this feature, the portability and size of the product make it easy to store and carry.


  • Multi-surface vacuum
  • Fingertip control
  • Excellent features such as 3 different heights


  • Price

No. 6: Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Super Compact Canister Vacuum Review

Compact Pick


Oreck BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Canister Vacuum

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Portable and Easy to Carry

The Oreck Canister Vacuum boasts of an adjustable extension wand feature and comes with various attachments that lets you reach and clean very tight places with ease.

The Oreck Commercial vacuum cleaner is very light, like our 4th best option, making it very portable and easy to carry. The vacuum is an unusual shape, but this is because the product can reach very tight places with its adjustable extension wand feature. The extension wand also works well due to the 30-foot cord, which extends the reach of the vacuum. The parts all come taken apart, so you can choose what goes where for the best performance for you.

The product is quite small, with dimensions of 8x6x15 inches, the product is compact but it contains plenty of power to pick up dirt and dust from under beds, on bookshelves, window sills and many tight areas.

An impressive shoulder strap can be put on to clean every spec in your house with less effort. Walking around the house with a strapped on vacuum cleaner cannot sound more fun. Our report shows that none of the other products include this type of idea, which is innovative.

All surfaces can be cleaned to perfection using different attachments, which can be brittles, traditional vacuum heads, and even a flat-ended attachment, allowing you to get under beds. A springy hose also allows the product to reach further but the hose can also be collapsed if you prefer a traditional canister vacuum. The variety is vast to suit your needs and capabilities.

With a price of 124 dollars, reviews suggest that the overall product is very good, especially with its sucking power. However, a lot of negative reviews have been posted suggesting that the strap is not good quality and it breaks very easily, which could be a deterrent for you.

Final verdict:

With a price of 124 dollars, reviews suggest that the overall product is very good, especially with its sucking power. However, a lot of negative reviews have been posted suggesting that the strap is not good quality and it breaks very easily, which could be a deterrent for you.


  • Suction power levels
  • Multi-surface
  • Attachments for hose


  • Reviews suggest the strap on is of a poor quality
  • Price is relatively high

No. 7: Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum Review

Multi-functional Pick


Hoover CH30000 Commercial Canister Vacuum

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Compact Vacuum Packed with Accessories

The Hoover is small and compact and boasts of a built-in blower that can be used to blow away dirt, grass or leaves,

This particular product comes in at a price of about 145 dollars with a 4 and a half rating, showing why it is one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market. This product is also packed with accessories, nearly as many as our number 6 option on the list. The cleaner has 5 attachments, which, once again, can be used for different reasons. For example, the large horizontal end can be used as a hoover on hardwood, or the thin end can be used for tight areas such as bookshelves.

The hose is stretchable in order for you to reach further and pick up dirt easier, which keeps you energized. Like the other vacuum cleaners that we reviewed previously, the extended reach allows you to reach to windowsills and other high objects that might have been impossible to get to before.

Also, it is quite light at 8.3lbs, and compact with dimensions of 21x8x12.5 inches, which makes it easy to carry around the house, or even a vehicle.

A built-in blower can be used to vary the way you clean your house or even garden. The vacuum can be used to blow any leaves or laying grass causing a nuisance to you or your home. The blower can also be used to blow all the dirt in your floors into a corner, which can be easily collected. What you decide to do is completely up to you.

The Hoover CH300000 is extremely helpful when it comes to the various accessories on the product. The most notable one is definitely the built-in blower, which has the power to blow every spec of dirt, grass or leaf out of the way, into a particular direction. With a price of 150 dollars and a rating of 4.5 it is hard to understand why this product shouldn’t be on this list.

Final verdict:

The Hoover CH300000 is extremely helpful when it comes to the various accessories on the product. The most notable one is definitely the built-in blower, which has the power to blow every spec of dirt, grass or leaf out of the way, into a particular direction. With a price of 150 dollars and a rating of 4.5, it is hard to understand why this product shouldn’t be on this list.


  • Built-in blower
  • Small and compact
  • High-rated reviews
  • Stretchable hose


  • Traditional lead
  • Price could be considered expensive
  • Suction could be improved


No. 8: Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum, 1665 Review

Inexpensive Pick


Bissell 1165 Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum

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Unbelievably Low Priced

The Bissell Zing is a multi-surfaced bagless canister vacuum that come with multiple accessories, three-stage filtration, combination crevice tool/dusting brush, air flow regulator, and automatic cord rewind.

From a low price of 50 dollars, the 4 star rated vacuum cleaner can be purchased. A neat design implements a see-through dirt container, so you can track your progress, which is popular amongst the hoovering community.

At a weight of 8lbs, the vacuum is made mostly for hard floor surfaces, as the product does not include a rotating carpet head attachment. However, it can still be used on carpet surfaces with average success.

Accessories come in abundance, with an upholstery attachment, three-stage filtration, combination crevice tool/dusting brush, air flow regulator and an automatic cord rewind. The upholstery attachment has been praised in the reviews and by our anonymous testers because its performance is outstanding. However, this doesn’t mean the other accessories lag behind, they all perform to the standard expected and even above, I would argue.

One of the most important and environmentally impacting features is the fact no plastic bags are needed, ever as the cyclonic container holds the dirt. The dirt can easily be taken out without any troubles and the container can easily be washed.

The product is made out of both plastic and metal, making it unlikely for it to break or shatter if dropped.

For such a low price, this vacuum cleaner is definitely a fantastic option, especially with a 4 out of 5-star rating. The star rating is quite average compared to the other models, which can be seen in our report. The number of well-working accessories, particularly the upholstery attachment, increase the quality of the product when put into use.

Final verdict:

For such a low price, this vacuum cleaner is definitely a fantastic option, especially with a 4 out of 5-star rating. The star rating is quite average compared to the other models, which can be seen in our report. The number of well-working accessories, particularly the upholstery attachment, increase the quality of the product when put into use.


  • Very low price
  • Many accessories
  • Multi-surface
  • No need for bags


  • Quite a clunky design

No. 9: Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Lightweight Pick


Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Best for Very Large Rooms

The Miele canister vacuum features a 29.5 foot cleaning radius, with a versatile carpet/smooth floor tool, flexible hose,

The Miele S2121 Olympus vacuum cleaner is a 4-star rated cleaner, which is praised for its astonishingly lightweight feature, at 13lbs. While this seems like a normal weight, the size of the product suggests a different story.

This 160-dollar product, the second highest on our report, has a 29.5-foot cleaning radius, making sure you can reach what you need to reach and clean. The vacuum also includes a carpet/smooth floor tool, which works really well for unusual surfaces such as rugs, low pile carpeting and smooth flooring.

The versatility of the vacuum cleaner only creates a better impression of the product and from afar, this cleaner is definitely visible. The white and black colors make the hoover stand out of other models.

The canister has a turner that can change the purpose of the vacuum, hardwood or carpet and even a deep cleaning feature. The turner is easily twistable and can be done in a matter of seconds.

If the canister is turned over, onto its front side, the hose can be held, which is flexible, and moved around the room with ease, under and over tables, beds, and windowsills.

The wheels are not rubber; however, our reviewers told us that there are never any marks left on the floors when the item is dragged carefully.

Although the price of the product can be seen as expensive, some features certainly make up for it. The hoover contains a flexible hose, which can simplistically be moved around the room. I would recommend this product to anyone who cleans very large rooms, due to the 29.5-foot radius of the hose.

Final verdict:

Although the price of the product can seem expensive, some features certainly make up for it. The hoover contains a flexible hose, which can simplistically be moved around the room. I would recommend this product to anyone who cleans very large rooms, due to the 29.5-foot radius of the hose.


  • Wheels leave no marks
  • Design is clean
  • Can be laid down
  • Easy twistable device


  • No attachments
  • Carpet tool is quite ineffective
  • High priced

No. 10: Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner EZ Lite Canister Vacuum SD40010 Review

Dirt Buster


Dirt Devil SD40010 Canister Vacuum

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Suction power easily cuts through mess

The Dirt Devil features a 12-amp motor that provides a good amount of suction power, a stretchy hose to ensure maximum reach, variable control power, and additional accessories to get the job done.

This dirt devil vacuum comes in under 100 dollars and with a 3.5-star rating out of 5. A motor of 12-amps provides a good amount of suction power that definitely sucks up most of, if not all the dirt. The power can cut through any mess easily and clean your home quicker than some other models mentioned.

The stretchy hose ensures maximum reach for you to clean higher objects and objects lower down, without having to kneel. The telescopic handle can be stretched from an original 32.5 inches to 45 inches, for the maximum reach.

Variable control power is an option that allows you to control the amount of power, therefore, the amount of suction. If you feel not enough dirt is being picked up then increase the suction, if it is damaging products, decrease the power.

Accessories included are a dusting brush, a crevice tool and a floor nozzle. Although these are not a lot of features, they are certainly the most important.

This product is quite a good vacuum cleaner for the price of just under 100 dollars. The accessories included are the most important, and they all work perfectly. The vacuum is quite lightweight and can be used by anyone.

Final verdict:

This product is quite a good vacuum cleaner for the price of just under 100 dollars. The accessories included are the most important, and they all work perfectly. The vacuum is quite lightweight and can be used by anyone.


  • Low price
  • All the important accessories included
  • Variable control power


  • Large canister
  • Only 3 accessories
  • No attachments

Care and maintenance

There are some pro tips for using and maintaining your vacuum. Here are a few of them you should follow:

Power brush tool and belt:

In order to keep the power brush free of both fibers and hair, it is recommended to wash it regularly. Along with this, the brush roll housing generally becomes clogged with lots of dirt. To wash this, use a damp cloth and clean it thoroughly before drying the accessory with a dry cloth. To avoid static shocks, make sure both these products are unplugged from any power sources before you clean them.

Dust bag or dust cup:

Changing the dust bag at least once per month is essential to keeping enough suction. When the bag gets full the vacuum will start working harder and overheating, along with too little suction. Again, when replacing the bag make sure it is unplugged from power to avoid electric shocks. After you have done this, detach the hose and canister and unlock the canister to reach for the bag, then you can take it out and replace it.


Most filters in vacuums are pre and post-motor filters. A non-HEPA filter can easily be washed with a mild detergent if it is made up of plastic or foam. HEPA filters should never be washed, but the can be cleaned with a round brush if necessary. However, some models do have the option of washing the HEPA filter every 8 weeks. Moreover, after cleaning the filters, ensure all the parts are dried, so they will not cause any electrical problems when put back into the vacuum.

Wrapping it up

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most important cleaning tools in households across the globe. This easy-to-use device that can keep your house dust-free is a great choice to make, though you can clean your carpet without a vacuum. With advancement in technology, the units have become better and more powerful. Therefore, vacuum cleaners are also able to handle cleaning in a better way and almost a necessity in most of the houses. With all the special accessories, it has been able to handle the cleaning of more than just floors. Even curtains, upholstery and blinds can often be cleaned well with vacuums. The canister vacuum is one of the best choices among the different types of vacuums because of their flexibility and versatility. Because it offers satisfactory cleaning and is available at different prices, so don’t forget to maintain them well to help your vacuum last long and perform well.