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The Easiest Way to Repair Vacuums for Improved Suction

How to fix a vacuum cleaner with no suction? Well, a vacuum cleaner is an expensive appliance that needs to be up and running day in, day out. We recommend taking the time to repair the vacuum cleaner before moving forward to purchasing another one. While it may seem complicated, there are many easy vacuum cleaner repairing techniques that can be followed without a lot of know-how or tools. Diagnosing your own vacuum is the best way to know how to improve vacuum suction.

How to Improve Vacuum Suction?

Diagnose the Problem

Diagnose the ProblemThe first step is to figure out why your vacuum isn’t working even after taking proper care of it. We’ll go over each problem and how to ensure that it’s working so you can easily fix minor repairs.

Is The Vacuum Leaving Debris Behind

How to Repair a Vacuum Cleaner?

The first thing to consider when repairing your vacuum cleaner is to make sure which type of vacuum cleaner you have. Whether it is an upright or a canister style vacuum, there are different procedures for each. While it’s normally clear, if you have any questions, reread your user’s manual.

Repairing an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Servicing the On/Off Switch

Servicing the On/Off SwitchDue to the amount of use, the switch of your upright vacuum cleaner can become warn. Taking the time to service it is a cheap solution compared to a brand-new vacuum cleaner. Here are the steps:

Servicing the Beater Bar

Servicing the Beater BarThis is the part that directly touches the carpet. Due to the constant use, your beater bar may be the first thing that needs to be serviced. The beater bar is a round roller on the bottom of the vacuum that’s covered with rows of brushes. These brushes have thick bristles fibers. Over time, the brushes can wear down or damage the bar. It may also be tweaked out of place or it’s possible that the end cap might fall off. In any of these circumstances, replacement is recommended. Here’s how you service or replace the beater bar:

Servicing the Dirt Fan

Servicing the Dirt FanThe dirt fan is an important part of any upright vacuum and is located below the motor. The fan pulls dirt that the brushes are unable to brush up. Fans are heavy duty and normally don’t need to be replaced. Here are the steps to perform the maintenance on the dirt fan:

Servicing a Motor

Servicing a MotorThese vacuums are built to last but some are better than others. The motor is an integral part of the longevity of your vacuum. If the motor stops functioning, check each of the previous steps to make sure that it’s actually the motor. If everything else is functioning correctly, you’ll know that you could be looking at a motor that is defective. Here are the ways to service your motor:

How to Repair your Canister Vacuum Cleaner?

Servicing the On and Off Switch and Power-Head Wire Connection

 Servicing the On and Off Switch and Power-Head Wire ConnectionThe switch is heavily used and will most likely be the first thing to be replaced. If there are any problems with your vacuum, we recommend checking this first. Servicing your vacuum’s switch only takes a few minutes and can end up saving you from purchasing a new vacuum. Here are the steps to servicing the switch:

Servicing the Power Head Wire Connection

Servicing the Power Head Wire ConnectionCanister vacuums are lighter than their counterparts due to the weight of what’s being pushed. By removing the bags, the redesigned canister vacuums rely on a different electrical system.  Power has to be routed through the canister first and then motor.  This four-step process makes checking the wire connectors an integral part of canister vacuum maintenance.

Servicing Your Vacuum’s Beater Bar

Servicing Your Vacuum’s Beater BarOn both the canister and upright units, servicing your vacuum’s beater bar is nearly exactly the same in both cases. Here are the steps:

Servicing the Motor

Servicing the MotorFor canister vacuums cleaners, the motor is easily accessible.

Maintenance Tips

Taking the time to double check the different components of your vacuum cleaner can ensure that you only replace your vacuum when it is burnt out. With only a few tools, a little reading, and a bit of research, you will now know how to fix a vacuum cleaner.

While problems with the motor may need to be serviced by a professional, we recommend replacing your vacuum if it gets to that point.  Start diagnosing your vacuum to save money and become more mechanically-savvy at the same time! So, now you know how to fix a vacuum cleaner with no suction, don’t you?

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The Soothing Air is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More

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