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Pro Tips for Using & Maintaining Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners come fully packaged with attachments which are helpful in ensuring the vacuum cleaning device works efficiently and effectively. How to use vacuum cleaner should not be confusing as they are there to help you in your cleaning exercise. Whatever the type is, vacuum cleaners have different attachments but there are basically four attachments which can be found in virtually every vacuum cleaner on the market. These are the crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool and the extension wand. How to use vacuum cleaner attachments are stated below.

Common Vacuum Tools

how to use vacuum cleaner: Common Vacuum Tools

Crevice Tool:

A Crevice tool is a skinny shaped attachment with a tiny tip which is used to navigate through tiny spots, holes, corners, coils and much more. There are floor spaces or holes in appliances that are difficult to access by hand; the crevice tool is essentially made to handle such difficult holes and spots.

Dusting Brush:

Vacuum dusting brushes possess long bristles for wiping dust and dirt off home furniture like picture frames, window blinds, bookshelves, etc. Brushes not only clean off dirt but also protect your furniture from scratches during cleaning.

Upholstery Tool:

This is another vacuum cleaner attachment used for whisking dust off more delicate furniture, like sofas, pillows, and mattresses. It performs a similar role like that of a dusting brush but is mostly used for furniture and objects with softer surfaces.

Extension Wand:

Wands are specially made for ceilings, corners and home appliances. They are used to drag down dust and cobwebs from ceilings and room corners which are not easily accessible by hand. They are basically for spots that are difficult to reach.

How to Use and Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner at Home?

how to use vacuum cleaner: How to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner at HomeTo ensure that your vacuum keeps working optimally and at all times, it is advisable to carefully read the user manual of your vacuum device for instructions. It is also important to make the effort to maintain the device by performing periodic checks and cleaning of the various vacuum components. The vacuum cleaner uses its components and attachments in functioning effectively. Cleaning your vacuum regularly will prevent dirt clogging and help your Vacuum perform better and last longer. Some of the ways to do these are:

Wash the Vacuum Brush:

Vacuum brush rolls, also referred to as beater brushes, dirt off floor surfaces and carpets. The brush roll is located under the Vacuum machine. Constantly check brush roll for dirt strands and debris clogging. If the brush is clogged, the Vacuum will not work perfectly. Endeavor to clean carefully by;-

Dry the Bristle brush:

After washing the bristle brush;

Repeat the cleaning process: How often you clean your Vacuum depends on how often it is used. In order not to lose track of dates, map out a timetable highlighting the specific days the Vacuum cleaner is used and the dates of previous maintenance cleaning schedules. This will help you keep track of time and better maintain your Vacuum cleaner periodically.

How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner in Car?

how to use vacuum cleaner: How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner in Your CarTo clean your car perfectly, here are some easy steps to follow:-

Slap mats against a hard surface to remove dirt and debris then vacuum mats on a flat surface. You may also need to wash mats with soap solution if stained by mud or other substance.

After washing, leave mats to dry before placing them back.

Can a Car Vacuum Be Used at Home?

how to use vacuum cleaner: Can a car vacuum be used at home?Many people do not know how to use a car vacuum cleaner at home. It is quite possible to use a car vacuum cleaner in your home if you have a 12V AC to DC adapter. Many adapters will not work because of their low capacity so you will first need to check your adapter to be sure it is suitable for high-powered electronics.

You will also need to check the volt and amperage to be certain the adapter and the vacuum cleaner are compatible. 12V adapters have capacitors which bring down a voltage of 220V to 12V. If you have the adequate adapter for your vacuum device, plug the adapter into the main power source in your home and then connect the car vacuum cleaner to the adapter for household cleaning.

Other Surprising Uses of a Vacuum Cleaner

how to use vacuum cleaner: Other surprising uses of a vacuum cleaner

how to use vacuum cleaner: Vacuums can be used in bathrooms too!

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most innovative equipment for maintaining homes and domestic family hygiene. Also, with the rise in its popularity and available information on the internet, it is no longer difficult to get information on how to use vacuum cleaner, especially from user manuals. Their importance has remained constant ever since they were first introduced at the tail end of the last century.

For tracking dirt even in deep crevices, the modern vacuum cleaner uses automation and sensors to track dirt and debris in our homes and offices. Why they remain so important in our daily human lives are as a result of the different and essential roles they play in safeguarding our health and wellbeing. Vacuums work faster, make homes safer for habitation and maintain family health by protecting us from allergens.

Wherever you need them, be it at your home, office or even for your car, you can be sure that they can be relied upon to do just what they were invented for – dirt elimination.

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