Why Get an Air Conditioner? Weighing the Pros and Cons

These days, a building, no matter if it is a residential house or an office or a school, will surely make us raise our eyebrows without an air conditioning system. The same is the case all over the world, especially in America. In fact, air conditioners are more common in American houses than a dishwasher. Although the primary utility of an air conditioner is the comfortable cool air, there are many other health benefits of air conditioning aside from some health risks. The advantages of air conditioner are discussed below with their disadvantages as well.

Benefits of Air Conditioning

1. Life Saviour

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 600 people die every year because of extreme heat right here in the USA. During 1979-2015, this number of death for extreme heat was more than 9000. These numbers merely represent the number of death directly caused by heat. Certainly, the number would be much greater if you had actually taken into account the number of death where extreme heat contributed as a secondary factor. Having an air conditioner can save your life in such cases. If you are living in Florida, Texas or Louisiana, an air conditioner is one of the basic needs for your houses, offices or schools. Doctors suggest that having an effective air conditioning system is the best way to prevent heat-related health issues. Not only that, there are many other health benefits of air conditioning which you will know after reading the whole post.

2. Quality Air

Air conditioners also increase the quality of the air in your room. The evaporative unit of your air conditioners (often called as the inside unit), draws the air to an inbuilt air filter inside the AC, before absorbing the heat. This air filtering process removes undesirable pollutants like pollens, dust and other harmful objects, so you can take a fresh breath of air. However, this is only effective when the air filter inside your AC is pure and clean. If it gets dirty then it can lead to indoor air pollution and many severe health issues.

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3. Blocks Insects & Micro-Organisms

To ensure effective air conditioning, the room must be well insulated. This blocks insects from entering the room. Furthermore, cool temperatures are less favorable to microorganisms like viruses or bacterias. An air-conditioned room is less likely to promote germs and toxins in the air. It can provide relief to people, who suffer from asthma or allergy.

4. Increase Productivity

It is a well-established fact that high temperatures have an inverse relationship with the productivity level of humans. According to a journal published by the Scientific American, human body exerts a significant level of energy to cool down the brain and other important organs in hot temperatures, which hampers the productivity level. On the other hand, in winter or in cool temperatures, our body can redirect this energy to enhance our productivity level. So if you want to boost the productivity level of your employees, you can try installing an effective air conditioner in your office.

5. Keeps Your Temper Cool!

It may not be a new information to you that people tend to be more aggressive when the temperature is a bit high. When the temperature rises, our brain slows down, heart rate increases with blood pressure. All of this leads to a high temper and a more aggressive behavior. So turn your AC on and keep yourself calm!

6. Furniture & Electric Device Maintenance

Air conditioners are also very useful for furniture and electric devices. Woods take and release moisture from the air depending on the surrounding temperature. This can be harmful to wooden furniture since this can destroy their shape and integrity. This is also true for paintings and arts.

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Also, electronic devices are very sensitive to heat and many such devices get heated up in order to function. Keeping them cool is imperative to maintain them properly. One prevalent example, in this case, is server rooms. Servers get heated up fast and they require a cool temperature to ensure safety and optimal performance. An air conditioner, whatever the type, can help provide the necessary temperature to keep the integrity of electrical devices and furniture.

7. Less Dehydration & Sweating

Dehydration can lead to many health issues. High temperatures make our body to sweat more. Thus our body loses its precious water. Sweating is undesirable to many of us for other reasons also. It can cause to leave sweat strain on our clothes that can be really embarrassing, especially when you are in the office or any social gathering. Air conditioners can save you from this embarrassment by reducing the chance of sweating. This is another major benefit of air conditioning.

Drawbacks of Air Conditioning

Despite having many air conditioning benefits, air conditioners also have some disadvantages. they are depicted below:

1. Power Consumption

Air conditioners consume a lot of electricity to maintain the necessary temperature. This high power consumption affects us in many ways, including increasing the cost of living though there are ways to save on your electricity bill with your thermostat. Furthermore, most of the electricity in the world is produced by burning coal, which has a severe negative effect on our environment.

2. Dry Skin

Although there are many benefits of air conditioner on skin and health, it can cause skin dryness. The reason behind that is AC sucks the moisture away from the room, which causes our skin to lose moisture if exposed for a long duration. This problem is more common in case of ducted air conditioning or HVAC Air conditioning with vents. You need to apply moisturizers on your skin regularly if you are facing skin dryness problem.

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3. Respiratory Problems

Air conditioners maintain the integrity of the air constantly through their filters. However, these filters get dirty and cloggy after a certain period of time. They require cleaning on a regular basis. If the air filter of an AC gets dirty, it can cause indoor air pollution by spreading dirt and harmful objects in the air. This can lead to respiratory health issues.

Moreover, many face respiratory problems immediately after entering an air conditioned room. This happens due to the sudden change in temperature. You can prevent this by setting a higher temperature initially and then decreasing it gradually.

4. Environment Pollution

Air Conditioning system uses refrigerant to absorb the heat of your room. Prior to 1995, the refrigerant used in air conditioner system was chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which was very harmful to the ozone layer. After 1995, the AC manufacturers started using halogenated chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) instead of CFCs. Halogenated chlorofluorocarbons are less harmful to the ozone layer, but they still produce greenhouse gases.

The importance of air conditioner uses in our daily life is beyond explanation. It has numerous health benefits for us. Like every other technology, air conditioning also has pros and cons. Slowly, this technology has become one of our basic needs from a luxury item. So get the best air conditioning unit out there and improve your quality of life.

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  • I had no idea that air conditioners actually increase the quality of the air a room because of the air filtering process involved in cooling! My husband and I just moved into a new area that is notorious for heat waves, and we want to make sure that our home stays as cool and comfortable as possible. It’s great to know that a residential air conditioner could add the benefit of clean and filtered air as well as comfort. Thanks for the tips.

  • The extreme heat can really get to my nerves, and I like that I can get quality air like you say since I have trouble sleeping at night due to excessive coughing. Since I like my house to be clean, knowing that it blocks insects and micro-organisms as you mentioned would really help me maintain its clean condition. I know that there are times where I am irritable because of the heat, so you stating that it keeps tempers cool will help me with my household chores without getting angry every minute or so.

  • Sarah Smith says:

    We currently are using a swamp cooler to keep our house cool, but it makes the inside of our house very humid and is warping our doors. I really appreciate your information that installing air conditioning in my home will not only keep the entire house more cool and dry but also filter the air of pollens and dust more thoroughly. As my husband has seasonal allergies, we will start looking into air conditioning installation experts.

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