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Top 10 Impeller Humidifiers (Nov. 2022) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Our homes these days are usually well insulated and often have air conditioning. This can mess with the natural humidity in the air, which is essentially a natural moisturizer for our bodies. The lack of humidity in a home can wreak havoc and cause us many problems and health complaints. You may suffer from nose irritation or bleeding, sinus headaches, dry skin or dry throats. However, a humidifier can relieve these symptoms, which is why finding a good one is such an important but sometimes arduous task.

So, here at The Soothing Air, we have reviewed the best cool mist humidifiers to add moisture to your home air for you, taking away the difficult task of researching yourself. It’s hard enough to get comfortable in your own home if the air is too dry, you don’t want to be sitting at a computer doing hours of research too. We’ve done it for you, giving you reviews on the best cool mist humidifier for you. Read on to find out the perfect choice according to your individual needs.

Why Should You Trust Us?

How can you know that we’re trustworthy reviews? Well, at The Soothing Air, we have a great deal of experience in reviewing all sorts of things to help your air quality. We have been running such methodical research for over five years now and our experience in doing so speaks for itself. Why do we do it? Simply put, we want to help you, our readers, in having the best quality air around you so that it really is soothing. We know how difficult poor quality air can be so we want to help you find you the best product that with give you top quality air.

Throughout the process, we have involved several people. This is so that you can be assured that we haven’t had any bias towards a particular brand or product. Our reviews are ones that you can trust, they’re not subjective or biased in any way. We have even selected picks for all kinds of users, ranging from home users to the professional users amongst us, for office spaces and such like. Whoever you are, we’ve found the best cool mist humidifier for you. And that’s something that you really can trust.

What are Humidifiers?

A humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the air. This prevents dryness which causes problems in different parts of the body. They are very effective in treating dryness in the body, such as in the nose, throat, lips, and skin. Similarly, they can ease symptoms of respiratory conditions, such as colds and the flu. However, if they are overused they can worsen some problems and so you should be careful and make sure you use them carefully.

The humidifier is made up of several different parts – a reservoir, a fan, and a wick. The wick absorbs and filters the water from a reservoir chamber. The fan is positioned close to the wick and when it is switched on, the fan blows air over the wet wick and the water evaporates into the air. So, the humidifier maintains humidity in the air of a particular room.

As mentioned above, adding humidity to the air can help relieve the symptoms of many conditions. If you have dry skin, headaches or sinus congestion, dry or cracked lips, a dry throat, a bloody nose, or irritated vocal cords then humidifiers can help to ease these conditions, especially during the winter or when your air conditioner is turned on in the summer. So how do humidifiers help to treat these conditions?

Moisturizing skin and lips

When you are using your home heating, this can cause humidity to drop. Your skin can then feel dry, tight, flaky and itchy. Your hands are particularly susceptible to this. While moisturizing lotions can help, you can use a humidifier for this same purpose. This will help to rehydrate the skin and alleviate your symptoms.

Throat Protection

If there’s too little moisture in the air in your home, your throat and vocal chords can feel scratchy and dry. If this happens over a long period of time you can even lose your voice or become hoarse. This will be made worse if you have recently had a cold or suffered from the flu. Humidifiers can help with croup too, which is a virus commonly found in children which causes upper airway inflammation and a typical barking cough accompanied by hoarseness too.

If the air in your home is more humid, it can help to lubricate your throat. This will also minimize dryness in your trachea and voice box, which will reduce the risks of inflammation caused by viruses.

Sinus Protection

In an atmosphere that’s low in humidity, it can dry out the sinus passages in your face. Having a higher humidity can release the pressure in your sinuses an alleviate sinus problems. It’ll also help to decrease the chances of you having a bleeding nose and clear out the excess mucous so that breathing becomes easier.

Stop Germs from Spreading

A humidifier will also help avoid infections like the flu from the outset. There’s a strong correlation between dry air and virus transmission. Viruses are able to survive longer in drier conditions.

Reduce the symptoms associated with colds and the ‘flu

Moister air can help ease the nasty cold symptoms such as a blocked up nose and a painful, dry throat.

A reduction in Snoring

Dry air is responsible in many cases for snoring. Therefore, having more humid air can ease the symptoms of snoring.

Types of Humidifiers

Essentially there are five types of humidifiers as they have evolved greatly in recent years and decades. The five types are: evaporators, central humidifiers, impeller humidifiers, steam vaporizers, and ultrasonic humidifiers. They can also be classed as a console humidifier or a personal or portable humidifier. Console units are larger units that add moisture to a whole home. They are therefore very large but do have wheels so that they can be transported around the home. Other units are meant to just add moisture to one room. Personal units are the smallest type and are the best option if you want to take your humidifier with you. There are also industrial sized fixed humidifiers for larger businesses or workplaces that require more humidity.

Whole House Central Humidifiers

Central or whole house humidifiers are inbuilt into your home usually as part of the air conditioning or the heating system. These are obviously more expensive as far as humidifiers go but if you want humidity adding to your whole home they are the best choice. The traditional sort of humidifier does carry a slight risk of burns due to the steam that they give out. Central humidifiers don’t do this, therefore they are much less risky in the home.


Evaporatorative humidifiers have a moistened filter through which they blow moisture. The fans power the humidifier and expel moisture into the air from the unit. This type is more affordable than the central humidifiers but of course they can only work in just one room at once. A risk with this type of humidifier is that it may put too much moisture in the air and this can be a problem for asthmatics and they can increase the likelihood of mold growing.

Impeller Humidifiers

Impeller humidifiers work by rotating disks which run at fast speeds. They are often more affordable than other types of humidifiers. Additionally, they are also more child-friendly as they produce cool mist and there’s no risk of anyone burning themselves on hot steam. They can even have different mist types within the design to give you more choice as to how to have your atmosphere! Today, at The Soothing Air, we are focusing on the best ten impeller humidifiers out there in 2018. These are also called ‘Cool Mist’ humidifiers.

Steam Vaporizers

These are powered by electricity but they heat water which is then cooled before it’s expelled into the air. They are the most portable of all humidifiers and are inexpensive compared to other types. You can even purchase this type of humidifier in your local drug store. They’re not particularly child-friendly as they produce hot steam and so can cause the odd burn or two if not used properly. Check our top 5 warm mist humidifier reviews for better knowledge on this.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers produce cool mist by using ultrasonic vibrations. They do vary considerably in price, which is dependent on the size of the unit. There are both warm mist and cool mist options available and the cool mist option would be a good option if you have children in your home.
Other than these, Single/baby room humidifiers are also available on the market.

Why Choose the Best Cool Mist Humidifier?

Of all of the types of humidifiers out there, why should you choose an impeller humidifier? As we mentioned above, impeller humidifiers (also known as ‘cool mist humidifiers’) work through a disc that rotates sending water over a diffuser. This separates the water into little droplets, propelling them into the nearby air.

Impeller humidifiers are really popular today for many reasons. In fact, they are the type the most frequently sold on the humidifier market today. Of course, this is not without good reason. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of impeller humidifiers.


Impeller humidifiers are clean. In fact, compared to other types of humidifier, this type is reportedly the cleanest way to humidify an area. Furthermore, the moisture which is propelled into the air is mineral-free. They can also humidify large areas and, as they require minimal power, are a really economical way of humidifying a larger area. Additionally, cool mist humidifiers are really easy to clean. As we mentioned when describing impeller humidifiers above, there is no risk of burns with this type of humidifier as they don’t produce hot steam. They are therefore safe for any room, whether or not children or pets will be left alone with the humidifier.

Another advantage of this type of humidifier is that medical inhalants are able to be added to it which is a distinct advantage for those suffering from lung conditions or even those who want to have a menthol inhalant to ease the symptoms of nasal congestion.


Of course, there are always a few drawbacks with each type of humidifier and impeller humidifiers are no different. Principally, and importantly for some, they can be a little noisy. Many people are not bothered by the noise that these humidifiers emit. However, everyone is different and what does not irritate one person may bother another.

We said that these impeller humidifiers are a low-cost way to humidify a room as they require little space and can humidify a large area. However, what we didn’t mention above is that their filters do need replacing, and they need replacing fairly often too. Bacteria can grow on the filters, particularly if they are not replaced often.

Aside from those facts, we still think impeller humidifiers are a great asset to any home that’s in need of more humidity.

How We Picked and Tested

There are many impeller or cool mist humidifiers out there on the market today. In fact, given that they’re the most popular choice of humidifier, there are a lot of choices available. To determine our top ten best cool mist humidifiers we went through over 4000 user reviews. When we were looking at these reviews, we identified the important features that this type of humidifier users were looking for and whether they got these features in the purchasing choice that they made.

After 72 hours of research on the products, we came to our conclusions. We looked at over ten different brands and we shortlisted the best 19 cool mist humidifiers from them. We visited the product’s web pages as well as reading the product guidebooks. We read many detailed descriptions of the products on different store pages as well as reading individual critic reviews of those who had already purchased a humidifier. We were therefore confident in knowing which features an impeller humidifier should have.

After a little more work on those 19, we selected our top 10 and have placed them in these cool mist humidifier reviews. We did a side-by-side comparison of each humidifier and compared this with the final reviews that our volunteers produced.

With all of this data in hand, our top ten products were ready to be presented to you, our readers at The Soothing Air. Read on to find out about the best cool mist humidifier reviews on the web today. If you would like to read our detailed statistical report, please like one of our social media pages and access to the report will be granted.

Our Top Ten Product List

After carrying out our initial research, we identified 20 positive features that an impeller humidifier can have. These features gave us our analytic results which, in turn, helped us to shortlist our final 10 choices. These 20 features were gained from product manuals and the specification sheets as well as discussing the features with our reviewers. We also looked at the pricing and value of each of the cool mist humidifiers that we reviewed. It’s also important to look at the product’s life cycle too. We did this by analyzing how frequently each of these products has been reviewed in order to illuminate any older models that are no longer available and to determine any misconceptions. As a result, we are confident that we can bring to you the best cool mist humidifiers out there in 2018. Again, you can refer to our attached report for a better understanding of how we came to our decisions. You can gain access through liking one of our social media pages.

Top Pick: Cool Mist Humidifier by Honeywell

Can’t go wrong

This impeller humidifier is one you really can’t go wrong with. It has UV technology, as well as evaporation technology, and a great warranty too. If you want one that's easy to use, then this is your pick.

Why is it our Top Pick?

Our Top Pick is the Cool Mist Humidifier by Honeywell. We’ve chosen it as our best cool mist humidifier because it contains the highest number of positive features of all of the impeller humidifiers that we looked at, with 13 positive features. It has features like an adjustable speed setting, automated mist rotation as well as a noise-free operation (and we all know how one of the disadvantages of impeller humidifiers is their noise levels!). This makes it the best product out there according to our research, so it’s in our number one spot that can definitely help you enjoy humidifier health benefits!

Not just that, but this product comes at a good price. After all, it’s not a great product if it’s unaffordable for most people. The price of this product is around $90. It is expensive compared to some impeller humidifiers out there, but as we have gone through all of the positive features, we have found that this model does give you the best value for your dollar.

There are over 3800 reviews on Amazon at the time of our research and, at present, this is the highest number of reviews for any impeller humidifier on the market. We also found that the average rating on Amazon was 3.6/5. In terms of the frequency of its reviews, the latest 10 reviews were received in 13 days, the previous 10 in 21 days and the earliest 10 reviews were received in just 10 days. By this, we can assume that a lot of people are buying this cool mist humidifier frequently and that they are largely positive about it. This is the best review frequency of any product in our research.

Finally, we chose this product because it also has Evaporative Technology that blows the moisture off a wicking filter, which helps it to evaporate into the air very quickly. It’s not possible to over humidify with evaporative technology, so you needn’t worry about this as you cannot add more moisture to the air than it can hold.

Cool Mist Humidifier by Honeywell Review

best cool mist humidifier: The best impeller humidifier you will ever find

Build Quality

This impeller humidifier’s dimensions are 13” x 18.6” x 10.4” and weighs 9.55 pounds.


This is a cool mist humidifier, adding cool moisture to dryer air. It has a one-gallon tank and can run continuously for 24 hours when on the low setting. It’s therefore ideal for rooms that are medium-sized or for bedrooms. It can keep the humidity level between 40-60% which improves your breathing and sleeping as well as making the atmosphere feel warmer. It has adjustable speed settings and can be operated noise-free. Finally, it has automated mist rotation which means that the mist is distributed evenly throughout the room. The mist produced is cool, fine and visible.

Ease of Use

This is a very easy-to-use humidifier. The water tank has a recessed carry handle, making it easy to carry and easy to fill. The tank also has a wide opening, meaning that it is easier to clean than some models. With its Evaporative Technology, the mist is produced quickly and quietly from a wicking filter.

Additional Features

It has UV technology which kills almost all bacteria that is in the water as well as fungi, viruses, and mold. The tap water flows from the tank to the water path where UV light hits the water, killing off all of the nasties that are found in it.

As we mentioned, this is one of the more expensive models but it is packed full of features meaning that it is well worth the price you pay. Lastly, it comes with a three-year limited warranty, which is rather pleasing!


  • UV Technology
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Evaporation Technology
  • Full of positive features
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • You can’t use this humidifier with essential oils as they will damage the product and make the warranty invalid. You can only use water with this product.


As we have said, this is our top cool mist humidifier for 2018. You really can’t go wrong with this product. It’ll give you cool, soothing, moisture-full air to whittle away those ailments and help you enjoy life more.

Runner-Up: Cool Mist Humidifier by Vicks

Our second best choice

This impeller humidifier comes in at a close second place, because it is still packed full of features and is more of a budget choice. It won’t work as well in big rooms, but it is a solid pick.

Why is it our Runner-Up Pick?

Our runner-up is a very close second to the Honeywell. Why? Well, actually, it’s better than our top pick in some respects. For example, it only costs about a third of the price of the top pick, making it one of the best in terms of features per dollar. It has the second highest number of positive features too, with 10. We, therefore, had a very hard time deciding whether this product should be our top pick or not, before we finally chose to focus on the number of positive features that the products have and their popularity. This brought the Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier down to second place. But it is a very close second indeed.

As suggested above, the top pick does come with a better frequency of reviews on Amazon and a higher number of reviews too. This shows that the Honeywell is more popular amongst users than this one. However, at a lower cost, this product still has 10 positive features like the easy cleaning filter, UV technology to kill bacteria, and an adjustable speed. If you’re looking to humidify a small room, this would certainly be a better choice than the top pick.

Lastly, we found in our research that you can use this humidifier with Vicks Vapopads, which either emit cooling menthol vapors to sooth your congestion and other problems or have a rosemary and lavender scent to help create a calm, sleeping environment in your bedroom.

Cool Mist Humidifier by Vicks Review

best cool mist humidifier: A great option that suits anyone's budget!

Build Quality

This humidifier measures 8.3” x 9.1” x 8.3” and is, therefore, smaller than our top pick. This makes it all the more transportable and means you can easily fit it into the tightest of spaces, including your baby’s nursery. It only weighs 2.8lb too!


The tank size on this humidifier is half a gallon size. But, despite its small size, it can still be run for up to 20 hours on the lowest speed setting. Additionally, this model does not require any additional filters to be bought or used, saving you even more money in the long run.

The Vicks Cool Mist humidifier also uses ultrasonic technology which means that the noise of its operation will not wake you when you are asleep.

Ease of Use

This humidifier couldn’t be easier to use. It has a tank opening which is large so that you can have easy access when you need to fill it or clean it. It also has an auto-shutoff feature when the water runs out.

Additional Features

The reviews on this product were not as high in number as our top pick, with 751 at the time of writing. However, the reviews that it did receive were positive on the whole, at a greater rate than the top pick, with an average rating of 3.9/5. Also, this humidifier will only set you back $29.97 at the time of our research, which is a really reasonable price for a top humidifier!

It also has a built-in night-light which emits a soft glow making it all the more perfect for a child’s bedroom during the night time. You can use this with Vicks VapoPads in different scents to help calm you and soothe you into a good night’s sleep. There’s even a sample VapoPad thrown in with your purchase.

Lastly, this product has a pleasing three-year limited warranty meaning that, should anything go wrong, you have peace of mind.


  • Small size which means it’s easy to fit on your nightstand
  • Quiet thanks to ultrasonic technology
  • Translucent water tank so that you know when you need to fill it up
  • Slot for VapoPads so that you can have different aromas diffused around the room
  • Soft light when turned on


  • Not suitable for larger rooms due to its more compact size


If you’re short on funds but need a humidifier, then this is undoubtedly a good shout. It is packed full of positive features and you can even use the VapoPads to help with sinus problems or colds and ‘flu symptoms too. It’s a great little humidifier and deserves its place just under our Top Pick.

A List of 8 Other Products We Reviewed

No 3: Cool-Mist Humidifier by Roolen

Our choice for smaller homes

This impeller humidifier is a nice little choice for tighter spaces. It has all of the functions you could want, whilst still looking good. It lacks reviews form customers, but is still a top pick for us.

Build Quality

The Roolen Cool-Mist Humidifier hits our third place. It measures 13.5” x 9.2” x 8.9” and weighs 3.8lb. It’s therefore small in size, meaning that it’s easy to place on a nightstand or in a tight spot in a smaller room.


Despite its small size, the Roolen Cool-Mist has a good capacity with a water tank of 3.15L providing up to 24 hours continuous use. The clever design also has a humidity monitor which adjusts the device automatically to the humidity level that’s best for your surroundings. The sensor will save you energy and time too. There are three different settings for the mist output. There are Low, High and Auto options available. High is when you’re in an exceedingly dry area whereas the low mode gives moisture for up to 24 hours. As we’ve explained, this is an intelligent humidifier and so the Auto function automatically selects the optimum humidity level for the room it’s in.

best cool mist humidifier: A perfect choice for a tight space

Ease of Use

It’s really easy to use, thanks to Roolen’s design team. You only need fill it and give it one touch to have a much more comfortable home environment. It’s designed intuitively, which means that there aren’t all those unnecessary interfaces and switches that you get with some traditional humidifiers. You also don’t need to worry about watching the level of humidity. Lastly, it’s really simple and easy to clean.

Additional Features

This humidifier is also very eco-friendly in its operation with less power being used despite a great performance. With the auto-mode, every drop of water is used effectively and when it has reached the peak humidity level, the humidifier puts itself into sleep mode, which saves you in terms of energy usage as well as saving time as you will not need to fill the tank as often.

This model has the same number of positive features as our runner-up, at 10. It has a decent number of reviews (at 229 at the time of our research) but the reviews aren’t as frequent as some other models. Lastly, at around $60, it doesn’t cost the earth either! However, we couldn’t find any information about the warranty of this product so potentially this could be a pitfall.


  • Intuitive design with auto-mode
  • Three different settings
  • Small but a running time of up to 24 hours


  • Not as many reviews
  • Not reviewed frequently
  • There is no information on the product’s warranty.


This is a good little humidifier if space is tight but you want great functionality and design. It is easy and simple to use and definitely not over-complicated. The three settings are a definite bonus to this humidifier, meaning you’ll have optimum humidity levels in next to no time.

No 4: Cool Mist Humidifier -1.1 by Vicks

A favourite for big spaces

This impeller humidifier is the one for you if you need a large capacity. It has three settings, as well as a Vicks setting meaning it can keep you comfortable even in the biggest of rooms.

Build Quality

This is another Vicks Cool-Mist Humidifier, built to the same high-quality spec as our runner-up humidifier. This one measures 16.4” x 10.8” x 10.6” and weighs 7.75lb. It has an antibacterial filter which removes pollutants and minerals from the water. This model draws the air through the wet wick, which creates a mist without any wetness on the surrounding floor. The wick works to trap impurities from the water as well as the air and you will need to replace it one or two times each season. It’s also good in terms of noise in that it barely makes any!


This cool mist humidifier has a 1.1-gallon capacity and can keep going for 24 hours with one filling. The unit has three different settings – low, high and off. For average-sized rooms, low should be sufficient and it is actually the quietest setting. The high setting is naturally louder.

best cool mist humidifier: Another amazing choice from Vicks!

Ease of Use

This humidifier is easy to use and features a tank that’s easy to clean as well as easy to transport. The tank isn’t the easiest to fill but that’s probably due to its larger size.

Additional Features

Like the other Vicks humidifier, this one comes with the Vicks Vapor Therapy option with the scent pad that’s integrated. But there is no room to use any essential oil with it. There’s also a pleasing three-year warranty too. Unfortunately, this model only has 7 of our positive features, which is the lowest of all the top ten picks. It has 176 reviews, which is lower than the others so far, and its rating is 3.4/5. However, it has the lowest rating frequency of all of our picks by quite a long way.


  • Large capacity
  • Three different settings
  • Vicks Vapor Therapy option


  • Tank that’s hard to fill
  • Very infrequent reviews


This is a good option for those wanting a larger capacity to fill the larger room as well as having the option of the Vicks Vapor Therapy. However, it doesn’t have many reviews recently so it isn’t one of the most popular cool mist humidifiers out there.

No 5: Cool Moisture Humidifier- Black by Honeywell

A well designed pick

This impeller humidifier looks good and runs well. It can run in a large room, has a lot of different functions and settings, and also looks good. Like some other picks, it does lack the customer reviews.

Build Quality

This Honeywell design measures 16” x 9” x 11.” and weighs 7.5lb. There is a wicking filter which works to remove the impurities from the water which reduces the white dust and provides a clean output of moisture. Each filter is treated with an antimicrobial called Protec which inhibits mold growth to almost 100% on the filter.


There are three speed options which enable the user to adjust the output of moisture as well as the sound level. When on the low setting, the unit can run for an impressive 48 hours on just one filling. There’s also the humidistat which automatically turns off and on in order to maintain the optimum humidity level giving you full comfort and control. It has a coverage area of approximately 484 sq. ft.

best cool mist humidifier: a smart choice for large rooms

Ease of Use

This humidifier has a design whereby you fill it on the top, which makes refilling the water tank as easy as simply watering one of your plants. There’s a water window which lets you see when water needs to be replenished and it’s also illuminated too. There’s also a removable top grille that’s dishwasher safe, so it could not be easier to clean. So using this humidifier is nothing but a breeze.

Additional Features

With this model, you must always use the specific additional filters from the company in order to maximize the capabilities or the product and to make sure that any warranty remains valid. It comes with a three-year limited warranty as standard.

This product has eight of our top features that we were looking for in our cool mist humidifier reviews and with a price of around $70, it really is reasonable for the larger sized room. Its average review rating is 3.1/5 but there haven’t been many reviews to date with just 119 at the time of our research. Indeed, the review frequency is quite spread out.


  • Large capacity for the larger room
  • Multiple settings
  • Stylish design


  • Not many reviews and reviews spread out
  • Lower rating on Amazon than our other picks so far


If you’re looking for something smart-looking for the larger room then this cool mist humidifier ticks a lot of boxes. It’s easy to use and stylish too, and with a three-year warranty, you have the reassurance that you are buying a brand that you can trust.

No 6: Mini Cactus Humidifiers

A unique humidifier choice

If you are looking for a impeller humidifier that will stand out form the crowd then this is the one for you. With its quirky cactus design it not only runs well, it is also a design talking point.

Build Quality

This cute little cactus design is a USB humidifier that also doubles up as a decorative addition to your desktop, making your life more colorful. It can be used at home or in the office, even in the car or when traveling due to its portability. It measures just 5.3” x 3.7” x 3.7” and weighs just over 9 ounces! Sweet!


This mini humidifier holds 280ml of water and can work for around six hours, which isn’t bad going for a USB powered humidifier. It also has an auto-shut off feature, so there’s no need to worry about running out of water and experiencing dry burning in your humidifier.

best cool mist humidifier: a portable choice you can make

Ease of Use

The filter stick is really easy to change and you can always experience a cool, fresh mist, moisturizing the air – something a warm mist cannot provide. To begin, you soak the stick in enough water and then simply turn it on! Be careful not to allow water into the power supply. It’s so easy to connect. It’ll work with anything that has a USB socket: a laptop, a phone charger cable, or plug socket.

Additional Features

For a small USB-powered humidifier, there aren’t many additional features. Indeed, there were only six of our features in this model. However, the product only costs around $15. However, it has one review, unlike the remaining picks on our list, and this review was 5/5 stars on Amazon.


  • Small and portable
  • Powered by USB
  • Cute, quirky design


  • You cannot add essential oils to this humidifier.
  • Only 6 positive features


If you’re after something that’s a bit of fun but has great functionality too, then you won’t go far wrong with this little cactus designed humidifier. It’s not packed full of features, but it does the job in small spaces and on the move too.

No 7: Personal Mini Humidifier Portable by Opaceluuk

Small and well made

This impeller humidifier is nice and small and really easy to move around. As well as being a humidifier it can also become a water bottle too! It is a little expensive for what it does though.

Build Quality

This is another little mini humidifier. It measures 3.9” x 3.9” x 1.6” and weighs just 7 ounces. It’s a personal device that’s really compact, meaning it really can be taken anywhere. What is more, it converts a standard water bottle into the tank of a humidifier so it really is the most portable of designs. It’s powered by battery (3x AAA) or USB.


It has 40 sq. ft. of coverage, which isn’t bad for a tiny portable humidifier. The noise level is between 25-30bd when in operation. There’s a bottleneck adaptor included in the kit so it really can be used with pretty much any bottle. It has an automatic shut off after eight hours but this can be adjusted to two, four or six hours. The volume of mist is distributed between 15 and 30 ml/hour.
best cool mist humidifier: an easy-to-use product you should try

Ease of Use

It’s so easy to use. Use the bottleneck adaptor to attach your bottle of water and plug it in. It couldn’t be simpler! You can use it in the office, the car or even your bedroom. You should only use pure water and the filter should be replaced every three months.

Additional Features

This design has 7 positive features despite its small size. It’s even won a Red Dot Design Award! It’s a little on the expensive side, at around $50. So far, it has two reviews on Amazon but both are 5/5! So it’s going well so far for this little nifty device.


  • Small and portable
  • Award-Winning
  • Converts a water bottle to a humidifier


  • Only works with certain water bottle types
  • Not many reviews
  • A little on the pricey side


This humidifier does have some good features for the size of it. It really is incredibly portable, converting a standard water bottle into a handy humidifier. It’s simple and easy to use and this is its real selling point.

No 8: Cool Mist Personal Humidifier by ElecRat

A portable choice

This impeller humidifier comes with some great LED mood lights, that are more than just a design feature. They also work as a great nightlight. This is a solid pick if you want something portable.

Build Quality

This is another nice little design which is handy and portable and can be used just about anywhere. It measures 2.6” x 2.6” x 5.7” and weighs 0.4 pounds. It is powered by USB (and comes with the cable) and can fit perfectly into any car cup holder. It is made from ABS & PP materials.


This product is multifunctional. As well as the humidifier, it can be used as an ocean projection in the form of a nightlight. There are seven different colored LED lights with two different light modes: flicker mode and gradient mode. You can also use the humidifier without the lights if you wish. It has an auto shut-off function after four hours to ensure that it works efficiently for longer periods of time. The bottle volume is 175ml.

best cool mist humidifier: a safe humidifier from ElecRAt

Ease of Use

This is an extremely easy-to-use product with no risks. It’s even safe for kids to use – as you’d expect! The nightlight feature makes it a great addition to a baby or child’s bedroom, soothing their ailments while relaxing them into a deep sleep thanks to the lights.

Additional Features

This product is really reasonable in terms of cost, coming in at under $16. However, at the time of our research, there had yet to be any reviews on Amazon, so we don’t yet know how this product fairs amongst the general public! It was difficult to find information on this product’s warranty, what with it being so seemingly new too.


  • Multifunction with LED mood lights
  • Extremely portable
  • No filters needed
  • USB operated


  • Smaller size so not good for larger rooms
  • No reviews on Amazon at the time of research


If it’s small-scale versatility you’re after then this portable humidifier is a great choice. Likewise, it would make an excellent gift. The LED lights are more than just a gimmick; they offer the dual functionality of a nightlight too.

No 9: Portable Cool Mist Humidifier by Sunbeam

Good for working in spaces

This impeller humidifier is another good pick for larger spaces. Although it lacks a lot of customer reviews, it has a large tank, as well as three layer filters, all for a reasonable price.

Build Quality

This Sunbeam Cool Mist humidifier is small in size, measuring 10” x 6” x 5” meaning that it’s ultra-portable. It is light in weight too, weighing just 2lb, enabling you to have the healthiest levels of humidity throughout the year and reducing bacteria and dust in your home air. The filter has three layers made from Carbon X, antimicrobial treatment and baking soda which eliminate any odors or impurities from food, pets or other things.


This humidifier has a one-gallon tank that can keep going for up to 24 hours as well as two speed settings. The tank is also shatter-proof, which is good to know for when you want to fill it up but are worried about dropping it when it’s full and heavy.

best cool mist humidifier: a reasonably priced humidifier

Ease of Use

This humidifier is incredibly easy to use. The tank is easy to fill and transport. The simple functions of two speed settings are not overly complex, meaning that you can get your humidifier up and running in no time. The fact that it is portable can also mean that you can move it from room to room as you so wish.

Additional Features

There’s a great feature on the side of this product which is a dial that you can set to remind you when it’s time to change your filter. Simply rotate the dial when you change the filter to remind you when you next need to change it. The price is also a very reasonable $24.99. But unfortunately, there is no warranty and so you have to fix the common humidifier issues yourself.


  • Three-layer filters
  • Large one-gallon shatter-proof tank
  • Filter change dial
  • Good price


  • No reviews on Amazon at the time of our research
  • No warranty


If you’re after a reasonably priced cool mist humidifier that has a large capacity and features such as a filter change reminder dial, then this one is definitely the best cool mist humidifier for you. Unfortunately, at the time of our research, there weren’t any Amazon reviews to analyze so there’s not much evidence that this is a well-liked product. However, for $24.99 at the time of our research, it’s really not a bad price!

No 10: USB Mist Humidifier by KOBWA

A dual function choice

This impeller humidifier not only works as a humidifier, it also serves as a great nightlight too. With nine LED lights, it works really well as both a nightlight and a humidifier and is cheap too!

Build Quality

This is another USB cool mist humidifier. It also doubles up as a nightlight too, with nine LED lamps and a projection area that’s wide so that the starry sky is able to be seen whenever you like. It’s also lightweight, weighing just 1lb!


This impeller humidifier has a large 500ml tank, so there’s no need to add water on a frequent basis. It also features an automatic shut-off which turns the humidifier off after 10 hours of continuous use. However, by using the intermittent spraying mode, one tank can last for up to 20 hours of continuous use. It’s also super quiet, emitting less than 30db so it won’t disturb your sleep.

best cool mist humidifier: Ideal for a baby’s bedroom

Ease of Use

This product is extremely easy to use. For the continuous spray, you should press the button for 1.5 seconds and press it again to turn it off.

Additional Features

The moisturizing is long-lasting, thanks to the nano-atomization technology which atomizes water into tiny water molecules which nourish our skin and aid in better breathing. As mentioned, this humidifier doubles up as a nightlight, circling through different color combinations, providing an even more relaxing atmosphere to help you sleep. It costs under $20, which is pleasing. But, as with the previous pick, there haven’t been any Amazon reviews yet, so we cannot be sure what the general consensus is amongst its users. There’s also no details on a warranty either!


  • Humidifier and nightlight combined
  • Costs under $20
  • Auto shut-off


  • No warranty


If you’re looking for the dual function of a nightlight too then this product may be the one for you. The nightlight has 9 different colored bright LED lamp beads, giving a wide-spanning area of projection that can be seen at any time. It’s ideal for a child’s or baby’s bedroom for soothing lights as well as soothing air.


Cool Mist Humidifier: A cool mist humidifier is the same as an impeller humidifier, it’s just another name for it. A cool mist humidifier is one that emits cool mist (as the name suggests) into the air.

Impeller Humidifier: An impeller humidifier is another name for a cool mist humidifier. In an impeller humidifier, there’s a rotating disk (this is where the ‘impeller’ name comes from) which flicks water at a diffuser that’s a bit like a comb. The diffuser then breaks down the drops of water into finer ones that float into the air. This then appears as cool mist.

Personal Humidifier: A personal humidifier is one that is also portable. However, its use is more suited to being on a desk or inside the car due to its smaller size and capacity.

Portable Humidifier: Portable humidifiers are usually smaller in size with the idea that you can move them from room to room.

Care and Maintenance

If you take good care of your impeller humidifier, it can last for years and years of use. Maintaining the humidifier properly is essential. If cleaning your humidifier isn’t done properly then this can cause risks in terms of your air quality. Of course, you should always read your humidifier’s instruction manual for how to clean it but, here at The Soothing Air, we’re going to give you some general care and maintenance tips.

Generally, you should clean your humidifier each time you have used it. You should wipe down the inside in order to stop the growth or accumulation of bacteria and minerals. You should always make sure that you replace the filters as per your instructions too. This is generally once per season but some humidifiers may vary. The filters start to discolor as they collect atmospheric debris so if you notice the color changing in the filter, this also indicates that it could do with changing.

Cleaning the humidifier tank should not be too difficult but you should do it regularly. You should start by rinsing the tank and adding fresh water each day or for each use. Once a week it should also be unplugged and taken apart. You can then fill the tank with water, adding a tablespoon or so of bleach to ensure it is fully clean. You should let it rest for around half an hour so that the bleach can do its job.

Cleaning the filter can be done by placing the filters in a large bowl of water with white vinegar added. This should also be left for around half an hour before removing the clean filters. You can also clean the base by using white vinegar too and the outside can be cleaned by wiping it with a bleach cleaning wipe.

For the lazier ones among us who don’t want this hassle, you can get self-cleaning humidifiers which require less maintenance than normal humidifiers. At the touch of a button you can have cleaning control! You do still have to clean these once in a while though and the filters will still need to be changed.

Wrapping it Up

Looking after our bodies is paramount to good health yet so many of us are breathing in stale, dry air in our homes. People often don’t realize that by simply using a cool mist humidifier, they can improve certain skin or lung conditions! It really is that simple!

The Soothing Air really wants to help you find the best cool mist humidifier for you and your home. We hope that our reviews today have helped you to do that! There are so many humidifiers out there, and so many impeller humidifiers out there, that it’s often really hard to make a decision! Do you want a humidifier with different settings such as being able to alter the direction of your mist? Do you want one with lights or a remote control? Each and every question should have been answered for you in our best cool mist humidifier reviews today, allowing you to make the right choice and have high-quality humidifier cool mist right in your home.

If you’re still undecided about which one to go for then opt for our Top Pick! After all, it is the Top Pick for a reason and we have thought long and hard after countless hours of research coming to this decision. If you want The Soothing Air right in your own home, our Top Picks will certainly help you achieve that.

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