A Review of Top 10 Best 50-Pint Dehumidifiers

Using a crawl space dehumidifier is the ideal way to remove moisture from your home. With a crawl space dehumidifier, you can prevent mold growth which is very common in hot and humid climates. The main advantage of a home dehumidifier is that it can be used in congested places, which makes it great for use even when space may be an issue.

Selecting the best 50-pint dehumidifier can be an overwhelming task, since there are a number of dehumidifier models available for sale. To help you here, we have rounded up a comprehensive review of each of the top 10 dehumidifiers in the market. As you read through, you will get an idea of what to expect while searching for a 50-pint dehumidifier.

1. Keystone KSTAD50B Energy Star Dehumidifier, 50-Pint

crawl space dehumidifierOne of the most popular 50 PT dehumidifiers at present is the Keystone KSTAD50B Energy Star Dehumidifier. As the name suggests, it can remove as much as 50 pints of moisture from the air in one day. There is an LED display along with a 24-hour timer. The transparent indicator of the water level lets you know when it is time to empty the unit. The dust filter used by this crawl space dehumidifier is easy to clean. It has an alert system that lets you know when it is time to clean the unit. The performance of this dehumidifier is also satisfactory. In separate tests, it has been observed that it takes around 18 minutes or so to bring down the relative humidity of a 50 sq. room from 90% to 40% .

A common problem that many people face with dehumidifiers is that they have to  restart their dehumidifiers themselves after a power outage. However, the Keystone KSTAD50B comes with an auto-restart feature which saves the settings that the unit was running on just before the power outage. Its rolling casters make it a highly portable dehumidifier, thus it can be moved around without too much effort. The unit can be set to drain continuously as well, though a separate hose needs to be purchased for this reason.

What makes the Keystone KSTAD50B such a popular product in the market are its power efficiency statistics and the durability of its construction. It draws around 439 watts of power while operating at 50% relative humidity level, as compared to the average of 457 watts for 50-watt humidifiers. However, many models even use over 490 watts. The build quality of this dehumidifier is also excellent with high-grade plastic used for the outside body.

Key Features

  • Total capacity: 50 points
  • LED display
  • Rolling casters for added portability
  • 24-hour timer setting
  • Filter with clean-alerts


  • High energy efficiency
  • Portable
  • Works relatively faster than most models
  • Easy to setup


  • Extra hose has to be purchased for continuous drainage
  • Noise output could be lower

2. Friedrich D50BP 50 Pint Dehumidifier with BUILT-IN DRAIN PUMP

crawl space dehumidifierOne of the best 50-pint dehumidifiers in the market is the Friedrich D50BP 50 Pint Dehumidifier. It comes with a built-in pump functionality, which makes it one of the most convenient dehumidifiers in this range. This feature can be used to collect the condensate as far as 15 feet away from where the unit is placed. The drain condensate can also be located at a position higher than the dehumidifier, such as a sink. A pump drain hose longer than 16 feet and a gravity drain hose (39 in) is included with the unit.

While it may not be the most portable dehumidifier in this range, it still offers a lot to ensure that customers will be satisfied with it. It weighs around 39 pounds or approximately 17.6 kilograms. The unit does not have a continuous mode, but there is a defrost mode that can be used while operating the dehumidifier at a lower temperature. One of the unique features of this model is that it also has an LED display that shows the ambient temperature of the air.

The noise output of this dehumidifier is very low, with a level of just 51.1dB while running at the highest speed. In fact, this 50-pint unit is much less noisy as compared to many 70-pint dehumidifiers.

The USP of Friedrich dehumidifiers is their build quality which is better than most of the other models in the market. In addition to that, their customer support is also unmatchable when compared to any other manufacturer, which makes the Friedrich D50BP a great value for your money. It requires approximately 462 Watts of power while running at 50% relative humidity, which is much less than the highest of 620 Watts drawn by other dehumidifiers.

Key Features

  • Durable construction and design
  • Maximum noise output of just 51.1dB
  • Dual LED Display
  • High energy efficiency


  • Gravity and pump drain hoses are provided with the unit
  • One of the quietest models in this range
  • Excellent customer service
  • Highly accurate hygrometer


  • No continuous drainage feature
  • More weight reduces portability

3. Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint Dehumidifier

crawl space dehumidifierThe Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50 pint dehumidifier is one of those crawl space dehumidifiers that show why they are among the most-trusted manufacturers in the market. It comes with a removable filter that can be washed and re-inserted for a seamless operation. With the Energy Star® Certification, it offers a high degree of energy efficiency which translates to less energy consumption and greater savings. It draws approximately 462 Watts of power while operating under a condition of 50% relative humidity.

The FAD504DWD comes with the brand’s patented “Ready Select®” controls technology, which lets you select the requisite option by just touching the appropriate button. The humidity level in the room can be adjusted with utmost precision so that you can enjoy maximum comfort. It can be set up between 35% and 85% relative humidity in increments of 5%.

The unit lets you know when the water tank is near its full capacity so that you can empty the bucket in due time. In addition to that, it also shuts down automatically when the water tank is full. There is a continuous drainage option that frees you from worrying about empty the bucket time and gain.

Furthermore, the water bucket of this unit is present in its front to allow easy access with a carry handle. There is also a splash guard to cause minimal hassle. The dehumidifier can operate at temperatures as low as 41° F and comes with 2 different fan speeds. The dehumidifier is designed to be highly portable along with top & side handles and caster wheels, making it easy for you to transport the unit from one room to another.

The maximum noise level measured in this dehumidifier is 51.7dB, which is not the quietest in this range. This measurement was done at a distance of 10 feet from where the unit was placed. Thus, this is an affordable dehumidifier that will deliver good performance; though you can expect better in this range.

Key Features

  • Maximum noise level of 51.1dB
  • LED display
  • Durable construction
  • Continuous operation mode supported


  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Portable
  • Does not create too much noise
  • Inexpensive


  • Does not have defrosting mode

4. DeLonghi DD50PE Dehumidifier

crawl space dehumidifierDeLonghi is known for making some of the most durable 50-pint dehumidifiers and the DD50PE Dehumidifier is a fine example of that. It is one of the most energy efficient dehumidifiers in its range, requiring only 439 Watts of power while operating at a relative humidity level of 50%. This is actually lesser than any other 50-pint crawl space dehumidifier. While operating on the highest fan speed, the noise is only at 53.6 dB at a distance of 10 feet, which is just a bit over the 70-pint models and the lowest among all 50-pint dehumidifiers.

The hygrometer used in this dehumidifier is highly accurate, providing a reading that is 1%-2% close to the actual humidity level. It makes use of the patented pump system which saves you from the hassle of emptying the bucket by continuously discharging the collected moisture on its own. In addition to that, you will have two other drainage options as well: 1. You can drain passively via a 3’ hose that is included in the package or 2.  Let it collect moisture in the 6 liter tank and empty it when full.

The humidity level can be adjusted between 30% and 80% RH at increments of 5%. It has an LCD control panel which is better than the LED displays that majority of the models have. The temperature display of this model is separate. It also has a defrost mode that can be used in low temperature conditions. The unit can be set to run and stop for a particular duration with a 24-hour timer. Maintaining this dehumidifier is highly simplified with its washable filter.

The fan of the dehumidifier can be set at any of the 2 settings mentioned before. The water level can be checked any time with the transparent tank located at the front. All of these features come together not only to make it a highly efficient dehumidifier, but also one that is very easy to use.

Key Features

  • 3 different drainage methods
  • Defrosting mode
  • Energy Star Certified
  • 24-hour timer function
  • Transparent water tank


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Anti-frost device ideal for low temperatures
  • Portable, so can be moved easily
  • LCD display and controls


  • Not very efficient at lower temperatures

5. Frigidaire FFAD5033R1 Energy Star Dehumidifier

crawl space dehumidifierThe next dehumidifier you can consider to have is the Frigidaire FFAD5033R1 Energy Star Dehumidifier. This is the latest RV Dehumidifier released by Frigidaire, aimed to replace the older FAD504DWD. The easy-to-use control panel on this model lets you set the relative humidity, fan speed, timer and other settings as per your requirements. It has the capacity to remove 50 pints of moisture from your room in a day. You can use the Frigidaire FFAD5033R1 Energy Star Dehumidifier at a temperature as low as 41° F, which is one of its best features as compared to other crawl space dehumidifiers.

When it’s about energy efficiency, this dehumidifier rates just above average. It draws around 493 watts of power while operating at a 50% relative humidity level, which is more than many other 50-pint dehumidifiers. At maximum humidity, it draws around 530 Watts of power. It has a noise output of 61.9dB while operating at the highest fan setting, whereas 53.6dB noise output while operating at the lowest fan setting. All these values were measured at a 10 feet distance from the dehumidifier.

It takes around 19 minutes or so to dehumidify an area of 50 sq. feet from 90% relative humidity to 40%. The filter present in this dehumidifier can be removed and cleaned. The unit shuts off on its own when its water tank becomes full. It also alerts the users when the tank is almost full so that it can be emptied on time. However, there is a way out from this hassle, you can use the continuous drain option. The design of this dehumidifier, with caster wheels and handles on the side & top, makes it portable and easy to transport.

The unit comes with a total  5-year warranty on the sealed mechanism and 1 year on the other parts of the dehumidifier.

Key Features

  • Full tank alert mechanism
  • Continuous drainage option
  • Can be used at temperatures as low as 41 °F
  • Energy Star® Certified


  • Portable design
  • Low noise output
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Multiple drainage options


  • Not the most energy-efficient unit out there
  • Takes time to dehumidify larger rooms


6. Danby DDR50B3WP 24High Energy Star Rated 50-pint Dehumidifier

crawl space dehumidifierThe Danby DDR50B3WP 24 High Energy Star Rated 50-pint Dehumidifier is the ideal machine designed for areas that are up to 3000 sq. ft.  It is a crawl space dehumidifier with Energy Star ® Certification, which is a sign of high-energy efficiency. Even in peak conditions, it does not need more than 515 Watts of power. While models requiring lower power are available, none will offer the features that this particular model by Danby offers.

As you may have already guessed from the name, it has a capacity of 50 pints or 23.7 liters, which is exactly the amount of water that it can remove from air in a single day. It has an environment-friendly R410a refrigerant, so you can use this dehumidifier without hampering the environment. This single unit also has a removable air filter along with a deicing unit, all of which come together to make it easy to clean. The automatic deicing mechanism ensures that there is no built-up of ice on the unit’s coils, something that not many dehumidifiers can do. The air filter can be removed, cleaned and then re-inserted in the unit for a hassle-free operation. The electronic controls allow the users to adjust the dehumidifier as per the required settings.

While the ideal dehumidifier setting is between 40% and 50% relative humidity, you can set it to any number you need. It is also equipped with a timer that lets you set how long the dehumidifier will run. You can use it as a room dehumidifier or as a dehumidifier for basement depending on your requirements. The rolling castors make moving this unit from one room to another a very simply task. Danby is committed towards providing customers with the highest level of services possible. That’s why, this unit is backed by a 2-year warranty valid on the parts of the dehumidifier.

With positive customer reviews all over the internet, this dehumidifier by Danby is surely one of the best ones in this range. So you can consider buying it.

Key Features

  • Can remove 50 pints of moisture in a day
  • Ideal for areas of up to 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Energy Star ® Certified
  • Caster wheels for portability


  • Simple setup and maintenance
  • Low noise output
  • High efficiency operation
  • Durable design


  • No automatic drainage option

7. Danby 60 Pint 2 Speed Energy Star Dehumidifier, DDR60A3GP

crawl space dehumidifierNext in our list of the best crawl space dehumidifiers is the Danby 60 Pint 2 Speed Energy Star Dehumidifier, DDR60A3G. Unlike the other dehumidifiers in this list, this one has a capacity of removing 60 pints or 28.4 liters of moisture in every 24 hours. This dehumidifier is ideal for areas that are up to 3,600 sq. ft. in size, though there may be little variations depending on the outside conditions as well. One of the most noticeable features of the DDR60A3GP is its Energy Star rating, which means that it consumes less energy and helps you save on power bill.

This dehumidifier removes moisture from air using its built-in drain and pump unit. It means that you do not have to worry about emptying any buckets since the continuous drain feature allows you to keep running the dehumidifier while the moisture is drained off automatically.

It uses the R410A refrigerant, which makes the DDR60A3GP an environmentally friendly dehumidifier. It gives you the option to choose from 2 fan speeds. You can switch between them using its Electronic remote-control mechanism. One of the most common problems of using dehumidifiers, especially while operating at low temperatures, is the ice formation on their coils. The DDR60A3GP comes with an automatic deicing feature which prevents this issue. You can use this Danby crawl space dehumidifier at temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius.

In case there is any power failure/outage, this dehumidifier restarts automatically when power is stored at exactly the same settings earlier with its auto-restart feature. It is also very easy to maintain and makes use of an air filter that you can remove and clean conveniently. The unit is equipped with handles and castors to transport it from one room to another with utmost ease.

Danby backs this dehumidifier with a 2-year warranty which is valid for all its parts and labor.

Key Features

  • Capacity of 60 pints/28.4 liters
  • Complies with Energy Star® Regulations
  • High/Low fan speeds
  • Works at temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius


  • Auto-restart feature
  • No build up of ice on the coils
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Can be moved easily


  • Noisy at high fan speeds

8. EdgeStar Energy Star 50 Pint Portable Dehumidifier

crawl space dehumidifierUsing the EdgeStar Energy Star 50 Pint Portable Dehumidifier is one of the most convenient ways to keep your rooms free from excess moisture. It comes with a Condensate Removal Pump that keeps draining the moisture on its own without requiring any help from you. The total capacity of this unit is 50 pints, which means that you can use it to remove up to 50 pints of moisture from the air in 24 hours. It can provide you sufficient coverage for areas that are equal to or less than 3,000 sq. ft.

This dehumidifier makes use of a top-loaded air filter. This means that unlike most of the models out there, you do not have to take the water bucket out before accessing the filter, which adds to the user convenience. The unit has a digital readout for checking out the humidity level present in the air. It comes with electronic controls that can be used to adjust the humidity at any value from 35% to 80%. For maximum energy efficiency, the dehumidifier turns off automatically when the set humidity level is achieved, or when the water bucket is full and needs to be emptied.

You can use this dehumidifier at temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It ensures that there is minimal noise due to operation. That’s why, the fan as well as the compressor shut down on their own after the set humidity level is achieved. The unit is made of high-quality materials, as claimed by EdgeStar, to give it a longer lifespan. It is backed by a 1-year warranty on all the parts and a 90-day warranty on the labor. It also has an auto-restart feature which lets it start automatically once power is restored after any type of power failure/outage. It is an Energy Star rated dehumidifier, which means that it complies with the guidelines of energy efficiency laid down by the Department of Energy (US) and the EPA.

Key Features

  • 50 pint capacity, covers areas of up to 3,000 sq.ft.
  • Condensate-removing UMP included
  • Top loading air filter
  • RH range from 35% to 80%


  • Easy to set up and move
  • Convenient top-loading filter design
  • Auto-restart and shut off
  • Durable construction and design


  • No LCD/LED display

9. Whirlpool AD50GUSB Energy Star 2-Speed Dehumidifier, 50-Pint

crawl space dehumidifierThe Whirlpool AD50GUSB Energy Star 2-Speed Dehumidifier is designed to remove 50 pints of moisture in 24 hours. This particular model has an electronic control panel that you can use to adjust the model as per your desired settings. It can run in any of the three modes- normal, auto dry and continuous. Its digital display keeps you informed about the current mode that the dehumidifier is operating in. It also displays the temperature, relative humidity and the time.

This dehumidifier from Whirlpool can be used with the continuous drainage option. This means that with a drain hose connected to it, you can eliminate the need to empty a bucket every time the condensate collector is full. No special hose is needed with it, since a standard garden hose will do the job. The air filter used by the Whirlpool AD50GUSB crawl space dehumidifier is washable and it lets you know when there is a need for cleaning it. This dehumidifier has an auto-shutdown feature as well. When the collector tank is at 100% capacity, the unit will shut off on its own.

As opposed to most dehumidifiers in this list, which are ideal for spaces of 3,000 sq. ft. or 4,000 sq. ft., the Whirlpool AD50GUSB is designed to be effective in areas that are equal to or less than 1,000 feet. The humidistat in this unit can be adjusted to the level of relative humidity you want in the room. It is equipped with castor wheels and handles to make it easier for you to move it from one room to another.

Thus, overall, this is a durable product by Whirlpool meant for small-and medium-sized rooms. It is an affordable and Eco-friendly dehumidifier, designed to provide the users with ease of use and simplicity.

Key Features

  • 50-pint capacity
  • Can be run on any of the 2 fan speeds available
  • Works on 38 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 3 Operating modes
  • 24-hour timer


  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Shuts off automatically when the tank is full
  • Energy Star qualified, meaning more energy savings
  • Portable


  • Does not work in larger areas

10. Frigidaire FAD504DUD 50-Pint Dehumidifier

crawl space dehumidifierThe Frigidaire FAD504DUD 50-Pint crawl space dehumidifier is  another quality product of this famous brand. It comes with a 50-pint/day capacity which is sufficient for small to medium sized homes. The 13.1-pint tank that this dehumidifier uses is front-pull out and comes with a splash-guard feature to avoid any mess. The tank has an alert mechanism through which it lets you know when it is nearing full capacity. In addition to these, the system shuts-off on its own when the tank is full.

You do not always have to worry about emptying the tank yourself because you can make use of its continuous operation mode. In this mode, when the system is located close to a suitable drain, the moisture is automatically drained off without filling up in the tank. This model is suitable to work in temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit, as opposed to most models that stop working at such low temperatures. It is rated with Energy Star efficiency, which means that you will save a lot of energy while using the Frigidaire FAD504DUD 50-Pint Dehumidifier as opposed to other models.

This dehumidifier is equipped with a digital readout that lets you know the current relative humidity level and the temperature. You can also use its 24-hour timer to set an automatic shut off time. The ‘Effortless Humidity Control’ allows the relative humidity to be set at the exact percentage level that you desire. This dehumidifier is designed to allow a high degree of portability. That’s why, it comes with side and top handles along with caster wheels that make moving it from one room to another very easy.

Key Features

  • 24-hour timer
  • Digital readout and electronic controls
  • Space Wise Portable Dehumidifier
  • Energy Star Efficiency
  • Weighs only 46 pounds


  • Continuous operation adds to convenience
  • Easy to setup and control
  • Portable design
  • Precise controls


  • Does not have the auto-defrosting feature

As you can see, every crawl space dehumidifier has something unique to offer. So knowing which features the best ones possess will help you make a more informed choice and get the best dehumidifier for your home!