A Review of Top 5 Commercial Dehumidifiers (Dec. 2017)

Do you need to dehumidify a large area that a normal home dehumidifier cannot cover? If your answer is yes, a normal commercial dehumidifier can easily solve your problem. These dehumidifiers are designed to cover large areas and their working efficiency is much stronger than the normal home dehumidifiers. These units are also especially designed for saving energy too. So, you do not have to worry about excess energy consumption.


commercial dehumidifierI think that most homeowners are probably familiar with the medium-sized or whole-home dehumidifiers that have a maximum holding capacity of 70 pints. This presents a challenge if you have a much larger room that needs dehumidification. 70-pint dehumidifiers ones worked well for me for the living room and bathroom. But when it was about dehumidifying my basement, they just didn’t work as I wished. So while searching for a bigger dehumidifier, I came across Frigidaire FAD954DWD 95-pint dehumidifier which is graded under the commercial dehumidifier.


Some of the features that this product comes with include:

Portable Design

This 90-pint dehumidifier is big. So it was impossible to comfortably move it around with just one handle. Fortunately, it has caster wheels at its bottom that make moving it around quite easy. It also has some side handles to help you move the unit from one room to another.

Power Cord

This power cord is extra long, meaning that it does not have to stay close to the power outlet. It is 6 feet long and made from a three-prong power cord. Thus, it will not require the use of an extension cable, which is very common with the two-prong power cords.

Control Panel

Most other whole-home dehumidifiers have a small control panel with what you can set your desired humidity ratings. But this one comes with a control panel that fully features its basic functioning, such as the fan speeds, the start and stop timers, set and reset buttons as well as the operation mode you wish to use.

Drainage System

It features both a gravity system and a manual drainage system. You can thus drain water after it gets collected in the dehumidifier’s bucket, or you can connect a hose pipe and drain it in a sink.


Comparing this dehumidifier to the whole-home ones that I’ve used for my basement, I can say that this one did the job as I had expected. It worked pretty great not just in dehumidifying the basement, but also in keeping the air fresh. The fact that it works pretty quietly makes it great for use in the living room, though I haven’t tried this out yet. Would I recommend this product to you? Yes, I definitely would!


  • It has an anti-bacterial mesh filter which helps in reducing room odors, bacteria as well as other particles from the air. So it is not just a dehumidifier, but also an air filter.
  • It controls the humidity in the air effectively, so you can control the exact humidity you wish to have in your room.
  • There’s an alert system that alerts you once the tank is full.
  • As compared to the whole-house dehumidifiers that cause a lot of sound while working, this one works pretty quietly despite the fact that it has two fan speeds.


  • An external condensate pump is required if you wish to drain the dehumidifier either over a long distance or upwards.



commercial dehumidifierTired of your small dehumidifier that doesn’t work when you move it to a larger room? Well commercial dehumidifiers are there to rescue you. If you live in a small home, most of the 70-pint dehumidifiers will work just fine. But when you have much larger spaces to work with, you are going to need more power. This is what I discovered when some of my belongings were attacked by molds despite the fact that I was using a dehumidifier. So instead of blaming the manufacturing company, I decided to try out something that had more power, and that’s how I stumbled upon EBAC CD30 17-Pint commercial dehumidifier.


Some of the great features this product comes with include:

Adjustable Humidistat

This dehumidifier has an adjustable built-in humidistat. This humidistat is sensitive to changes in the humidity levels of the room and therefore can switch on and off on its own, helping to save on energy when the dehumidifier is not in use.

Optional Drain Point

This is a very important feature that should not lack in most dehumidifiers in my opinion. With this optional drainage method, you can attach a hose pipe to let the moisture drain away into a sink. So you don’t need to keep checking whether the tank is full or not.

Sturdy Handles

Commercial grade machines usually tend to be big in size and heavy, but this one is actually very portable. It has some military-style handles that help you lift and carry the dehumidifier easily from one place to another.

Anti-Frost Feature

This is another important feature that is a must-have for those people living in colder regions. Its anti-frost feature helps defrost the frost that may build up in the dehumidifier and affect its operation in the long run.


I must say that I’m very impressed with this compact commercial grade dehumidifier. It works pretty well and considering its size, it truly is a powerhouse. What’s even better is that you can mount it on the wall if you decide to permanently have it in your basement or garage. I would definitely recommend this powerhouse dehumidifier for anyone.


  • This great dehumidifier has a compact design that makes it easy to carry around. You can transport it much easily as well as install it either temporarily or permanently in your desired space.
  • Its build is quite different from other commercial dehumidifiers. Instead of the usual plastic, it’s made of steel; making it a very durable dehumidifier when compared to the rest.
  • This small but sturdy dehumidifier removes more than 17 pints of moisture from any internal area.
  • Its anti-frost feature makes it very usable even in places with lower temperatures.


  • It does not have a display unit. You can thus not know what the humidity levels are in the air. If you wish to have some visuals, you will have to invest in a hygrometer.


commercial dehumidifierChoosing between a desiccant dehumidifier and an electric dehumidifier is a hard decision to make for many. I’ve learned that desiccant dehumidifiers work best under low temperatures and humidity, consume a lot of power for operation and are suitable for homes that use very little heat appliances. Refrigerant dehumidifiers work well in high temperatures, consume less power and are most commonly used in most homes that use a lot of heating appliances. Considering my situation, the refrigerant dehumidifier was the best choice to make and I decided to go for the DRI-EAZ F203-A 1200 18-gallon dehumidifier.



This dehumidifier is highly portable. It comes small in size, but has a handle as well as a semi-pneumatic wheels which helps increase the mobility of the dehumidifier.

Operating Range

This dehumidifier works well in temperatures that range from 33 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It requires 6.4 amps of power on a 115v power supply. This helps increase its energy efficiency while processing air up to 227 CFM.

Polyethylene Casing

Its polyethylene casing has been made using the rotomolding technique to make the plastic strong, thus helping it resist damage as well as leaks that may be caused due to mishandling of the unit.

Air Control Duct

I’m not sure about how the air circulation is important for this product, but it does include a duct attachment ring. It is used with polyvinyl ducting from DRI-EAZ to facilitate air circulation and increase the drying efficiency of the unit.


After using the dehumidifier for quite some time, I’ve found that it works very well in removing the excess moisture in the air. The mold that I had noticed earlier was no longer present after using the dehumidifier for about six months. The air in the basement is also much dryer now. So considering this product’s overall performance, I can say that it is a good dehumidifier to use in your home and I would recommend it to anyone.


  • The unit supports an average energy consumption. When compared to other dehumidifiers, it does not have that much of an advanced energy saving technology, though it does consume a reasonable amount of power on average.
  • It works really well and provides effective results. The growth of mold will be stopped if you use this dehumidifier.
  • It produces a noise that is similar to that of an air conditioner. I think this is pretty acceptable and cannot be termed as noisy.


  • Lacks a moisture sensor which could have made it a power house.
  • Repairing it can be quite costly if it gets damaged.


commercial dehumidifierCommercial grade dehumidifiers pack a punch when you want to dehumidify a large space where most whole-house dehumidifiers fail. There are quite a number of these commercial grade dehumidifiers for sale and I went right to Amazon to find out one with great features as well as a great price. I picked the Oasis D-165-HG GST dehumidifier for this purpose, and these are my findings after using this dehumidifier.


Some of the great things about this dehumidifier are:

Adjustable Humidistat

I really like this dehumidifier because of its humidistat. It is adjustable as well as self regulating. So it turns on and off as per the set humidity levels and thus you don’t have to check the humidity levels every once in a while.

Polystyrene Grille

I like this grille or filter because it is stain-resistant. It also occupies a large space at the back of the dehumidifier, making it possible to allow a free air flow.


It has an attractive design that makes it usable in almost any room of your house as long as it meets the requirements. Its build is also mark-resistant.

Anti-Frost Build

This is definitely a plus point if you live in an area where the temperatures tend to be very cold. The basement of your house can get pretty cold in winter. Under such circumstances, the dehumidifier can catch some frost which will affect the way it works. But its anti-frost feature will help melt the frost away and thus help the dehumidifier continue operating at all times.


After using the dehumidifier for some time, I noticed that it works very well for my large garage. I cannot complain about its ability to dehumidify a certain area since my house is all dry since I brought this in. I would definitely recommend that you give this product a try.


  • Its anti-frost feature is very handy when using the dehumidifier in low temperatures.
  • Its continuous drainage system helps me use this dehumidifier even when I’m not in my home without worrying about spillages. As long as you connect the pipe properly and drain it in the right place, you are good to go.
  • It has moderate noise levels.


  • Like most refrigerant dehumidifiers, this one comes with a five-year warranty on its refrigerating system and one year on the whole system. However, you will have to pay for the labor and transport if you need to use any of the two warranty offers.
  • It is a bit pricey, but its effective results surely make up for the extra costs.


commercial dehumidifierThis is the first air purifier I bought for my house to purify the air. I didn’t know much about air purifiers, but decided to go for one anyway. After checking out a number of these online, I landed on the #F288 DEFENDER HEPA 500 air purifier from DRI-EAZ. The product looked powerful to me and I liked the color blue that its outer is made of. Its material also looked like some good plastic that would take some time to wear out. Apart from these, some more key features of this product are mentioned below:


2 Air Filters

It features two types of air filters. The first one is the paper filter which filters large particles and the second one is the main HEPA filter which filters about 99.97% of the remaining particles that may be too small to be captured by the paper filter.

8” Air Outlet

This helps in applying the negative air pressure.

Auxiliary Power Outlet

The auxiliary power outlet is meant to help users connect maximum three units together for a combined air flow. Thus you can get a daily chain which increases air flow to purify the air much faster.


Being my first time air purifier, I must say that this one was enough for my needs. I have used it only in my living room to get rid of the dust that tends to create dust mites. The product is touted as being usable not just for the home, but also for remodeling projects that require the repair of sewage, remediation of mold, as well as water and fire remediation.

I really like its filtration system which makes it possible to use it in almost any room not just for purification but also for removing odors and chemicals using the carbon filter. I must say that buying this product was a good decision. I would recommend that you should also try it out.


  • There is a section where you can place an optional carbon air filter that you can buy separately. This one is pretty useful in removing odors, chemicals, gases as well as smoke from the room where the air purifier is used.
  • The air purifier is light in weight despite its compact design. I could easily move it from one room to another.


  • This air purifier makes some noise which may bother you. I understand that most of such electrical equipment with fans produce some noise, but this one had a much louder noise than what I anticipated.


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