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8 Things to Do When You Need to Improve Your Dehumidifier’s Efficiency

Do You Need to Improve Your Dehumidifier’s Efficiency?

Having your dehumidifier maintain optimal efficiency is absolutely necessary to benefit from all of the positive aspects this household appliance can bring. From cleaner air within your home, to cleaner air entering your lungs, assisting in the remedy process of common respiratory ailments such as asthma, stuffed sinuses, allergies, and occasionally skin ailments. However, after prolonged use, the dehumidifier efficiency begins to drop. This may be in part due to your dehumidifier serving its life cycle, coils in need of replacement, or you are simply utilizing it improperly

8 Tips on How to Increase Dehumidifier Efficiency

Don’t worry, were here to give you the best tips you can possibly find online for improving the efficiency of your dehumidifier so that you can reap the benefits of cleaner, fresher air no matter where you use it!

1. Don’t use Your Dehumidifier Next to Open Windows and Doors

1. Don’t use Your Dehumidifier Next to Open Windows and DoorsProper placement of the dehumidifier is linked to its performance. Make sure all doors and windows are closed in the area in which your dehumidifier is placed. Open doors and windows will prevent your appliance from functioning properly. You don’t want your dehumidifier to clean air coming in from outside of your home, that’s just counterproductive, and will most certainly negatively affect the lifespan of your dehumidifier as well as its visible efficiency. If you cannot be certain that unnecessary is being filtered by your dehumidifier, consider moving it to another location

2. Choose an Area Where Air Can Circulate Freely

2. Choose an Area Where Air Can Circulate FreelyIn order to improve your dehumidifiers efficiency, make sure that you place it at least one foot away from walls and other objects that could obstruct its flow. Things like pieces of furniture, boxes, toys, and walls can cut the efficiency of your appliance by over fifty percent. All of the sides of your dehumidifier must be clear, after all, the air filtering system works by vacuuming in particles contained within an immediate 360-degree area, obstruction just one of the airflow passages can reduce the dehumidifiers effectiveness by sixteen percent.

3. Don’t Run your Dehumidifier When Humidity Levels are Lower Than 50 Percent.

3. Don't Run your Dehumidifier When Humidity Levels are Lower Than 50 Percent.Modern day dehumidifiers generally come with inbuilt sensors to measure the humidity level. These sensors are responsible for monitoring the average humidity concentrations within the vicinity in which the appliance is functioning. The dehumidifier will continue functioning at maximum power regardless of whether or not humidity levels are at fifteen percent or 70 percent. Therefore, it is ill advised to utilize your air cleaner when humidity levels are below fifty percent due to the fact that your machine will produce less impact while requiring the same amount of power and work. Utilizing it smartly will ensure a longer lasting life cycle.

4. Replace and Clean Your Dehumidifier Filter Occasionally

4. Replace or Clean the Filter:The service cycle of a dehumidifiers filter is not infinite. Throughout its usage, the filter collects mold, dust, mildew and other particles, clogging up the thin coils that are responsible for removing toxic materials from the surrounding area in which your dehumidifier is placed. Most owner manuals recommend that the filter be cleaned at least once per year, or replaced if it has served its purpose entirely. You can clear your filter of collected material by simply scrubbing it with a sponge and household disinfection supplies. If you are in need of a completely new filter, refer to your user manual as picking the right filter for your dehumidifier is crucial to maintaining its efficiency.

5. Clean the Dehumidifier Coils 

5. Clean the Dehumidifier Coils The coils within your dehumidifier are constantly operating in order to catch sucked in particles and spores. In order to clean the coils, it is important to first unplug the dehumidifier from any power source it is currently connected to, and proceed to vacuum the coils of buildup, clean them with a disinfectant wipe. After this, your coils have been cleaned and your dehumidifier is ready to keep on cleaning your air!

6. Clean the Water Storage Unit

6. Clean the Water Storage UnitUtilizing proper drainage methods for the water container of your dehumidifier in order to ensure optimal performance is important, and required for it to work. However, many users neglect the sterility of the water container. If left untouched and without upkeep, algae and other parasites may begin to blossom within the container, due to old water residue building up. It is recommended to frequently depower your dehumidifier and clean the inside of its water storage unit with cleaning appliances in order to ensure maximum dehumidifier efficiency and air purity.

7. Check for Frost

Unexpected changers in temperatures surrounding your dehumidifier can have negative impacts on the functionality of your appliance. Though, frost can usually develop on your device if it is used in temperatures that fall below 18 degrees Celsius. If frost or ice does build up on your dehumidifier, as well as on the coils and filter, depower the device, and relocate it to an area with a high enough temperature for the frost to melt away.

8. Wait at least 10 Minutes Before Turning Your Dehumidifier On

8. Wait at least 10 Minutes Before Turning Your Dehumidifier OnMost product manuals supplied with dehumidifiers suggest that after each powering off of your device, ten minutes should pass before it is ready to be turned off. This is due to the fact that dehumidifiers need some time in order to recalibrate before they can resume their regular operations.

Useful Tips on enhancing dehumidifier efficiency

Useful Tips on enhancing dehumidifier efficiencyIt is always recommended to work on a depowered dehumidifier if you plan on taking it apart, or using any liquid items to clean it. Make sure that before you start doing anything, that the dehumidifier is powered off and not connected to an outlet, this will ensure that you avoid unexpected electrocutions.


Gaining maximum efficiency from your dehumidifier is absolutely worth putting in the time and effort. After all, would you really want to pay for, and use a product that isn’t operating to its full power? We didn’t think so. We hope that the information provided in this article will help you get the most bang from your buck when it comes to owning a dehumidifier. And remember, there are plenty of resources available on this website, online, and in your product manual to answer any questions you might have. Enjoy your clean air!


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