A Review of Top 5 Small Dehumidifiers

The home is a safe and comfortable place where your family and friends can feel at ease.  You should be able to host people without fear of embarrassment from an odor or unhealthy air.Imagine hosting a big party where your friends and family are over.  One by one, your guests approach you to complement how fresh the house is.  You tell them it’s because of your brand new dehumidifier.  They are instantly shocked it made your house this fresh!

It’s important that your home is nurturing to your family’s development.  We all want the benefits of a dehumidifier, but without some of the typical burdens they bring.

Why Should You Trust Us?

 After four years of reporting and updating this site, we’ve examined roughly 20 different dehumidifiers.  We have tested most of them in addition to our extensive research.  We want customers to find a quality product through our unbiased research.  We unveil the following top 5 products after approximately 55 hours of extensive research.  This research included web research, testing dehumidifiers by community based usage, and personally testing them ourselves.  Our mission is to help consumers select the best product.  Again, we want to give unbiased information without promoting any particular brand or product.

Before you buy any product, it’s important to conduct your own research.  We understand it because we are consumers too!  You should get the best quality product for your buck.  However, there is so much information online it can be difficult to develop an opinion.  We conducted our research and organized this list to save you time.  We took the hours of research and did it for you!

Considering the most important features of each product, we picked out the most effective small dehumidifiers on the market.

What Is a Small Dehumidifier and Why Do I Need One?

 Has the air in your home or a specific room ever felt sticky to you?  If it has, it’s because there is a high level of moisture in the air.  Whenever the humidity level exceeds 50%, the chances drastically increase for mold or mildew.  Additionally, the bacteria can trigger allergy or asthma symptoms.  If you haven’t experienced high levels of humidity before, it causes you to instantly sweat.  Your clothes will begin to stick to your skin in a very uncomfortable manner.  No one wants that!

Installing a small dehumidifier can be the best solution to your problems.  A dehumidifier allows you to take control of your environment.  But how does it work?  Dehumidifiers use a fan to move air over refrigerated coils.  This collects moisture from your home’s air before releasing it back to the room.  The final product is air that doesn’t make you feel sticky or dry.  Your days of humidity are over.

How to Find the Best Small Dehumidifier for you

 The size of your dehumidifier is dependent on the humidity level of the room.  If you have a room with consistently high humidity levels, you’ll need a dehumidifier with large moisture capacity.  However, if you simply want stable humidity, a low capacity small dehumidifier is appropriate.  You must also consider the size of the room.  If you have a larger room with humidity, you may want a dehumidifier utilizing a large moisture capacity.

Indoor temperatures are also important factors to consider.  Many dehumidifiers in this category have something called minimal temperature controls.  This means the machine adjusts according to the present conditions in the room.  If you want to control humidity levels in a cool-temperature area, you’ll need to select a dehumidifier that can handle those temperatures.  A garage or cellar are examples of these types of areas.  Failure to adhere to those temperatures may cause coils in the dehumidifier to freeze up.

Before buying a dehumidifier, you should double check on the product’s specifications.  Ensure it’s the right product for your space.

Things to Consider When Choosing a good Small Dehumidifier

 There are several factors to consider before purchasing a dehumidifier.  This includes power consumption, size, user compatibility, capacity, other features.

Power consumption:

This is important because you will most likely be running your dehumidifier 24/7. The last thing you want is to pay more for energy bills each month.  When selecting a dehumidifier, ensure it is energy efficient.  Not to worry, many modern products are eco-friendly and will save you money on energy.


The size of the room must be considered before making a purchase. For example, you may want a small dehumidifier for a bathroom as compared to a larger room.  While small dehumidifiers can cover large rooms, they will just take a longer amount of time to effectively work.

User compatibility:  

Modern dehumidifiers attempt to make the controls user friendly. They implement digital controls that help you determine the humidify level.  If you simply want a hands off experience, many machines will adjust according to the room’s present temperature.  The water collected in the dehumidifier may need to be emptied for particular models.  Other models can be directly connected to a hose.  This means the water will be drained for you.

Moisture capacity:   

Each dehumidifier contains a level of water capacity. This is important because you will have to constantly empty the water. If the capacity is small, you can expect this to be regular task.


The design or aesthetic appearance is probably an important factor in your buying decision. If your dehumidifier is in a visible place, you want it to be pleasing to the eye.  Ensure your product is small but modern.  Some of the older models look clunky and out of place.  The coloring should be mellow and easily blend in with the room.



Advanced features:   

If you have a larger budget, you may want to consider extra features. This includes automatic shutdown and timers.  While these are not necessary, they offer some convenience.  A timer or shutdown feature can save you some power and ultimately money.


Benefits of a small dehumidifier

 A small dehumidifier will do a couple things to improve your home’s air quality.  The purpose of a dehumidifier is to lower the level of humidity.  As a result, you reduce the chances of mold, mildew, and odors.  If you have allergies, a dehumidifier will reduce your symptoms.  It does so by circulating the air and filtering bacteria.  This circulation also eliminates musty odors from stagnant air.  Have a pet that stinks the house up?  Not to worry, a dehumidifier will eliminate the odor and collect your pet’s hairs.  A dehumidifier will also protect stored items from water damage.  Since the dehumidifier collects water, the product will be free from potential damage.  A small dehumidifier will also be extremely portable.  This will help if you decide to take the machine to your work or another room.


How We Picked and Tested

After 4 years of reporting and updating this guide, we’ve examined around 40 pieces of small dehumidifiers. In addition, we have tested half of them.  While none of these products are perfect, these are the best we’ve found.

Before we conducted this research, we had to find a great team to carry out this lengthy process.  Luckily, we surrounded herself with experts in the field.  Not only do they have a passion for dehumidifiers, they are completely knowledgably in the latest hardware.  Our experts understand the level of precision and detail these dehumidifiers need.  We understand the struggle of keeping your home’s air quality clean.  This is why we chose only the best products that will keep your home fresh.

We have spent approximately two months using these products by community based usage.  We did this to see their performance with the operation guides both on and off.  After considering the indoor temperature, we measured the performance of our tested dehumidifiers.  Next, we compared the humidity level and the capacity of our tested dehumidifiers.  The last factor was to examine the difficulty level of maintenance and clean-up.

Our team includes experts who have spent years working with dehumidifiers.  The goal is to be brutally honest so you can make an intelligent and informed purchase.  Our experts use many of these dehumidifiers for professional and personal use.  There is strong creditability in practicing what you preach.

With all this in mind, we picked out the most effective small dehumidifiers on the market.

Our Top Five Product List:

 We analyzed 22 of the most important features for each product we hand selected.  Our research report is open to our readers who want to help others choose the best product.  We would like to ask readers to like any of our social media pages before they view the full report.  Regardless, the report is always open to you.

Our Pick: Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier, White

61JBr0S7S4L._SL1300_ (Small)Why this product is Our No 1 Pick?

  1. We analyzed 23 features for each product we selected. While this product doesn’t contain the maximum number of positive features, it does contain the most important ones.  If you look at our research report, you can see how we measured this product.  The dehumidifier contains whisper technology which does not require a compressor.  Additionally, odor will easily be removed.   The product contains an auto shut-off feature that activates when the tank is full.  Even better, the maximum reservoir capacity of this product is 8oz.
  2. Our best picked product falls in a very affordable range. If your budget falls within $50, you can absolutely afford this dehumidifier.
  1. We compared rating frequency of each of the products for the first 30 ratings. We found this product consistently receives ratings at a very good rate. It received its first 10 ratings in 7 days, 2nd ratings in 7 days and 3rd ten ratings in 9 days.
  2. The low energy consumption of this dehumidifier also made this product our first pick.


Eva-dry Edu-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier Review

Noise Level

This product contains Whisper Technology that keeps the machine running quietly.  This is ideal for people who want the dehumidifiers benefits, and not a noisy distraction.  The product was measured for noise output and received an average of 50.9 dB.  The quiet noise level is great because you can keep it in your office as well.

Moisture Removal

 The dehumidifier holds up to 8 ounces of water.  This amount ensures you do not need to constantly dump the container.  The product efficiently removes moisture from the air at a fast rate.  However, we recommend you use this product for smaller rooms like bathrooms or offices.  This ensures you receive the greatest benefits from your dehumidifier. The auto shut-off is a great feature you may not think you need.  In fact, it is perfect for conserving energy and being efficient.  If humidity levels are sufficiently lowered, the device will shut itself off.  Why waste energy when you don’t have to?  Additionally, the device possessesan indicator light when moisture needs to be emptied.  This is built especially for your convenience.  With other brands, you will need to manually check the water levels.

 User Friendliness

 The dehumidifier can easily be used by people of all ages.  One simply needs to plug the device in and turn it on.  You will most likely need to empty the water tank every two days.  This is due to the tank size.  The small size of the dehumidifier is great for portability and aesthetics.  You can easily transport the machine anywhere you go.  The small size ensures it remains hidden and not an eye sore.  This is a highly rated product in terms of user friendliness.

More Factors

 We liked the reasonable price of the machine which falls under $50.  This gives consumers a high quality product for a great price.  The durability of the dehumidifier received strong reviews by consumers.  Owners found the hard plastic to be durable and long lasting.


  • Extremely quiet
  • Contains an indicator light
  • Reasonably priced
  • Solid moisture tank capacity
  • Durable


  • Other models can be quieter

Budget Pick: New and Improved Eva-dry E-333 Renewable 

Why this product is Budget Pick?

Among all the products we listed, this dehumidifier ranked the lowest price.  Despite the low price, the product has amazing features that include color changing crystals.  The device is also extremely quiet and received ratings at an extremely fast rate.  It received its first 10 ratings in 6 days!  Additionally, the maximum reservoir capacity is 6 oz.

Eva-dry E-333 Review

 Noise Level

 The device is virtually silent due to its renewable silica gel technology.  This differs from most dehumidifiers that require batteries or electricity.  This small amount of noise makes the device blend in the background.  This is amazing due to the product’s cheap price.

Moisture Removal

The small size makes it perfect for bathrooms or closets.  Some reviews even used them in drawers.  The size gives you an advantage for getting little spaces other dehumidifiers couldn’t.  The 6 oz. of moisture should be efficient for the small areas they cover.  This efficient device takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks to remove moisture.

User Friendliness

 The machine is extremely easy to use, especially because it doesn’t require batteries or electricity.   Users know to empty the water container when the visible crystals turn green.  This color scheme makes using the device entertaining and fun.  It is gratifying to see your product actually working.

Other Factors

 We were surprised by the 5-year warranty, especially because the device is so inexpensive.  The warranty is higher than more expensive models.  The simplicity in the machine truly makes it a superior product.  Since it doesn’t require batteries or electricity, the clean-up and maintenance is easy.  You will not need to constantly refill the device like other dehumidifiers.  For parents, this product is perfectly save around children.  We selected this as our budget pick because of its low price. The low price is accompanied by a guarantee of operating up to 10 years.  It’s hard to find machines in general that work that long!

If you don’t want to spend a large quantity of money, the Eva-dry E-333 is a perfect option for you and your family.  Not only is it safe for children and pets, it can be fun to use.  It has also been rated extremely well across the web.


  • Affordable Price
  • Renewable silica gel technology
  • 5-year warranty
  • easy to operate


  • covers a limited range

Advanced Pick: Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier, 2200 Cubic Feet, Compact and Portable 

615mskXoHbL._SL1447_ (Small)

Why this product is Advanced Pick? 

Looking at our research report, you can see how this product contains the largest water tank capacity.  Additionally, it contains built-in peltier technology and can absorb up to 18 ounces of moisture per day.  Despite the advanced features, it still falls under the affordable range.  The product received its first 10 ratings in 14 days, 2nd 10 ratings in 14 days, and 3rd ten ratings in 5 days.  The product contains the best collection capacity per day compared to other small dehumidifiers.

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier Review

Noise Level

This advanced device uses ultra-quiet Peltier technology that ensures a silent operation.  This technology is rated extremely well by users and professionals.  Some dehumidifiers use a compressor that makes daily use lout and annoying.  The Pro Breeze uses thermos-electric cooling instead.  It is extremely quiet compared to other dehumidifiers.

Moisture Removal

The dehumidifier holds up to 52 oz. of water.  This is incredible due to the small size of the device.  Amazon reviewers have reported draining it every 3-4 days.  This is after running it 24/7!  This is great for people who live in wet areas like the Pacific Northwest.  You can count on the Pro Breeze to consistently remove water within hours.  We also liked the built in sensor that will switch off when the tank is full.  This is helpful so the tank doesn’t overflow and the energy is not being wasted.

 User Friendliness

Even though this is our most advanced pick, it is still relatively simple to operate.  One just needs to plug in and turn the device on.  You do not need to constantly check up on the device because of its large moisture capacity.  There are no other controls besides the on and off switch.  Reviews constantly place this on top of their list.  It is also portable so you can easily move the machine to other rooms.

More Factors

Unlike other small dehumidifiers, this machine is able to cover larger areas.  Instead of just small bathrooms and closets, it can cover kitchens and garages.  This increase in space is still possible despite the machine’s small size.  The dehumidifier is also able to collect 18 ounces of moisture per day.  This something we haven’t seen from machines this small.  Lastly, we appreciate how durable the product is.  It contains hard plastic that won’t easily break from a fall.  Weighing 5 pounds, you expect such a durable product.


  • Large water tank capacity
  • Quiet Peltier Technology
  • Automatic switch off sensor
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 2200 Cubic Feet range
  • Portable


  • Expensive compared to other models

 Best For Beginners:New and Improved Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier
81by-5E3kxL._SL1500_ (Small)

Why this product is Best for Beginners?

Among all our tested products, this mini dehumidifier is one of the easiest to use.  It’s environmentally safe and the power source is renewable.  It also operates silently and has a 5-year warranty.  It falls under the affordable range and received ratings at a very good rate.  Lastly, because it’s the easiest to use, we made it our choice for beginners. 

Read More Reviews at Amazon

New & Improved EVA-der E-500 Review

 Noise Level

 The mini dehumidifier is incredibly silent due to its renewable silica gel technology, a well rated technology.  This is great because it doesn’t require electricity or batteries to power the motor.  This small amount of noise makes the device blend in the background.  This is impressive because of the cheap price.

Moisture Removal

 The mini dehumidifier removes 6-8 ounces of moisture every 4-8 weeks.  Similar to the E-333, the device contains crystals that turn green when the container is full.  This offers a fun and exciting way to use your product.  The container should full between 3-8 weeks.  This means less time constantly checking your dehumidifier.  Convenience is important for beginners since you might forget to check it.

 User Friendliness

 The mini machine is extremely easy to use, especially because it doesn’t require batteries or electricity.   Users know to empty the water container when the visible crystals turn green.  This color scheme makes using the device entertaining and fun.  It is gratifying to see your product actually working.

 More Factors

 Many mini dehumidifiers on the market require large amounts of electricity that will show on your bill.  We love this product because its power source is renewable.  Reviews across the web have expressed their satisfaction with the power source.  It uses neither electricity or batteries, meaning you won’t have to pay for expensive refills.  This mini product is also safe for pets and children to be around.  The durable plastic will keep the dehumidifier working even after a fall.  Many people on Amazon have rated the durability highly because of this.  You can ensure this device will get the job done and be around to do so.  Additionally, it has a lifespan of 10 years! This is great along with the product’s great reviews.


  • Renewable power source
  • 10-year lifespan
  • silica gel technology
  • Durable
  • portable


  • Small moisture capacity

Best Portable:KEDSUM FCC Approved Small Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier(300-350) Review

61U4K1HbD6L._SL1000_ (Small)

 Noise Level

 Unique to this product, the device contains Peltier technology that is extremely quiet.  This is ideal if you want a dehumidifier to blend in your home’s background.  You will completely forget it’s in your house!  Many reviewers have commented on how quiet the device is.  If you have an infant this is a perfect device for his or her room.  Additionally, it’s great for a bathroom or closet.

Moisture Removal

 We were extremely impressed by large 17.6-ounce removable water tank.  This is a huge amount of moisture that other small dehumidifiers do not contain.  This will ensure less time worrying about your dehumidifier.  Additionally, the product contains an LED indicator that will light when full.  The device will also auto shut-off as well.  This is important so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up a messy spill.  Reviews constantly place this device on top of their lists.

 User Friendliness

 It doesn’t get easier then this dehumidifier.  All it requires is you plug the device in, and press a button.  We liked this aspect because it is suitable for any age.  This means you get healthy air at an extremely quick rate.

 More Factors

This dehumidifier stands out from the rest because of its portability.  Besides being compact, it is extremely lightweight.  This means you can easily bring it to your office or transport throughout the house.  A bathroom or small room is ideal for the product.  It may not seem like a big deal, but convenience is important.  The ease of transportation will make your life easier.  This is why we rated this dehumidifier top of the line for portability.


  • Peltier Technology (Ultra-Quiet)
  • 6 moisture capacity
  • Auto shut-off and LED indicator
  • Extremely portable


  • Still affordable, but pricier then other options

List of other products we tested

Wrapping it up:

 A small dehumidifier is a great option for people wanting to improve their home’s air quality.  I can decrease the home’s odor, bacteria, and your allergic reaction.  A small dehumidifier can easily be transported and cover small spaces.  They will give you and your family peace of mind that the air quality is safe.

Any of the above dehumidifiers will effectively improve your home’s air quality.  However, you should choose a dehumidifier that best suits your individual needs.  You should ask yourself, what type of room should my device cover?  Do I want an advanced device or do I prefer a more affordable option?  The moisture capacity is also an important aspect when choosing a dehumidifier.  This will determine how often you need to empty the moisture.  Whatever your answer may be, you can trust these products are top of the line.