A Review of Top 5 Small Dehumidifiers

Sometimes we feel that we need a dehumidifier only for using in our bathrooms. But all the best and recommended dehumidifiers are 30 pint, 50 pint or 70 pint. We have nothing to do with these large dehumidifiers as long as we use them for commercial purposes. So I started searching for small dehumidifiers and ended up compiling these top 5 dehumidifiers currently available in the market. These small dehumidifiers are great to use and their overall performance is really great. I myself have checked out all of them and can guarantee that there is nothing to loose because their prices are really low when compared to their extraordinary performance.


Small DehumidifierEcoSeb DD122EA is a small dehumidifier that can be used anywhere in your home. I came across this product while shopping online with a few friends on Amazon. While one of my friends was looking for a cheap dehumidifier, this one came up. It looked very nice and considering that the price was quite reasonable with free shipping services, me and my friend decided to buy it. Here are a few advantages that made this product a great purchase.


EcoSeb DD122EA has a stylish design that appeals to most people. It is small in size, making it portable. So you can easily carry it around from one room to another. Some of its great features include:

1. Water Tank

A  water tank with 2-liter capacity is positioned at the bottom of the dehumidifier’s side. It looks like a small drawer. This water tank has a lid that helps avoid water spillage as well as a handle to take it out of the dehumidifier.

2. Continuous Drainage Pipe

This is optional. You can either choose to use the one provided, which is about 1 meter long or use your own pipe. This pipe is very helpful if you wish to drain water to the sink without emptying the water tank.

3. Filter

This feature is meant to help in trapping dust that comes out from every other indoor item. It can easily be slid in and out of the dehumidifier’s back and you can also gain access to clean the dehumidifier from here. The manufacturer recommends that the dehumidifier must be cleaned once every two weeks.

4. Spinning dial control panel

The control panel is actually very easy to use. Its spinning dial helps you set the humidity levels with three options: low, medium and high & laundry. With this control panel, you just have to spin the dial to your desired humidity levels, which range from 30% to 80%.

5. Auto Restart

If power goes out while using the dehumidifier, the auto restart function helps restart the dehumidifier when power is back again and it continues working as per the previously selected levels.

6. Economy & Turbo Switch

This helps you get the best of both high and low energy use. So you can switch to the economy mode for daily use or turbo for excessive dampness.

7. Handle

This is a collapsible handle for easy portability.


Well, when my friend bought the unit, I was excited to know how it was supporting her. For the first few months when I was at her place, it functioned quite well. A look at some of the reviews online will show that the product does deliver as expected and of course, there are a few complaints as well. Considering the pros and cons, the pros will always win. So I recommend this product to anyone who wishes to have a quiet and effective dehumidifier for their home.


  • The small dehumidifier is very portable considering its 13.2 pound weight.
  • The rotary switch makes it easy to control the humidity levels you wish to have.
  • You can dry your laundry indoor using this dehumidifier.
  • The auto-restart function makes sure that you won’t have to manually restart your humidifier when power goes off. The fact that it again continues its function with the previous settings makes it highly effective.
  • It is highly effective in dehumidifying your room with its super effective technology.
  • Silver Nano purifiers help in removing bacteria as well as mold and dust from the air. This can be a plus to the asthma and allergy patients.
  • It produces little noise while running on the economy mode.


  • If you do not handle the unit properly, it may malfunction.
  • If you use it in a room that is too small for its use, the room will have high temperatures.


Small DehumidifierHave you suffered due to using some nonfunctional dehumidifiers or did your dehumidifier fail when it comes to performance? Well, that is the issue I faced  when my dehumidifier stopped working about three months ago. I thought about what to do; whether to leave it all together or try another brand. Thinking of the damage that excessive humidity could cause to my clothes, I decided to shop for something better and then I landed on Eva-Dry EDV-1100 electric petite dehumidifier.

This dehumidifier is just like the name predicts; petite. To be honest, its design and tiny body didn’t impress me. However, upon checking the stated functions of the product, I decided to give it a try. Here is what convinced me to buy it.


1. Peltier Effect Cooler

Well I had to look into the physics behind this type of dehumidifiers. It uses the Peltier effect which is electricity that creates an electrical difference between the two modules in the dehumidifier. One part of the module is hot while the other is cold. When the small dehumidifier’s fan starts running, the moisture or warm air in the surrounding gets pulled into the unit and goes through the hot module for heating. Then it passes to the cold module for cooling. What is finally released is stored in a small reservoir.

2. A Spill-Proof Reservoir

This is similar to what other dehumidifiers have as water tanks, except that this one holds about 2 cups of the moisture.

3. Automatic Shut Off

When the reservoir is full, the unit automatically shuts it off using this built-in feature.

4. Rubber Bottom

You won’t have to worry about the unit getting toppled over. The rubber bottom helps keep it pretty stable while it is on the ground.

5. Plastic make

The plastic make of the dehumidifier coupled with its small size makes it very light in weight, thus highly portable.

6. Light Indicators

The unit has a light indicator that illuminates when you power it on as well as another one that shows the reservoir is full.

7. Brush-less Motor

This motor is used as the fan for this unit. It is very small, a 3” * 3” DC fan.


Well, before the my purchase, I only had the energy efficiency and performance in mind. The unit did quite well in the bathroom. But due to its small size, I figured out it wouldn’t work in other bigger rooms. The fact that I had to check and empty the small reservoir myself was a bit disappointing to me. Would I recommend this product to you? Well, if you wish to use it in your bathroom or closet, then yes. But for other rooms, please look for a bigger dehumidifier.


  • The unit is generally quiet. This is actually very common to most Peltier effect dehumidifiers. It is even much quieter when you compare it to the desiccant dehumidifiers.
  • It is reliable when it comes to its design. Most of its parts are very inexpensive, like its plastic body. However, its parts are not easy to break.
  • Little heat is produced and the unit runs on very little power, thus helps save the cost of energy consumption.
  • Operating the unit is very simple, just switch it on for working and off when not in use.


  • The small size can actually come back to bite you when you need to use it for controlling a lot of moisture. Since it can only hold 2 cups of moisture, you may have to empty the reservoir every now and then.
  • This makes it very manual and inconveniencing, since it lacks a continuous flow for automatically draining into the sink.
  • It can only be used in small spaces, like in bathrooms due to its limited capacity.


Small DehumidifierI have been looking for a dehumidifier for my small closet where I store some of my valuable items. The label that comes with some of these stuff “store in a cool and dry place” will make you think twice when you suddenly want to use something but then notice mold or rust on it. Most heavy-weight dehumidifiers perform greatly for your rooms, but it is the smaller ones that work for the smaller areas.

Eva-Dry is well-known brand for manufacturing small dehumidifiers. I checked out their website and came across this one: New and Improved Eva-Dry E-333 renewable Mini Dehumidifier. It is quite small, so you can hold it in both your palms. I absolutely loved its design, plus it has the following great features:


1. Perforated Outer casing

This small dehumidifier has some small circular perforations on the front and back of it. I guess this is where the humidity seeps in through, given that the unit does not have a fan.

2. Crystal Indicators

While most other dehumidifiers use light indicators to show when it’s time to empty the water tank, this small dehumidifier has crystals that come in three colors: blue, purple and pink. The blue indicates dryness while the pink indicates the moisture taken. These crystals are located right at the front, so you will be able to see the change easily.

3. Metal Hook

This small dehumidifier is meant to be mounted on a wall. The unit comes with a small metallic hook to help you with this, though you can still plug it into the wall using some adhesives.

4. Silica Gels

These gels absorb the moisture and make the unit renewable. Once these gels soak up the moisture, you will have to remove the unit and plug it into an electrical outlet so that it can release the moisture and recharge as well.


I must say I am thoroughly impressed with this small dehumidifier, which made me wish that the bigger ones had some similar technologies too! I have to check it once every week to be sure that it is working. I’m very happy with this unit because it never disappoints me. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who wishes to dehumidify their gun room or small cabinet. Just be sure to hook it up right for it to absorb the moisture well.


  • This small dehumidifier is highly economical since you do not need to use power while operating it. You need power only when you need to discharge the moisture and recharge it. So it is very energy-efficient.
  • Compared to other dehumidifiers, this one is as quiet as a mouse. There is no noise to worry about.
  • It is very easy to operate. You do not need batteries, water tanks and even electricity to run it. All you have to do is open the case, check the crystals for dampness and then put the unit in your gun room or closet.
  • Considering its size, it is highly effective for small spaces; such as your gun room, jewelry room or small drawer closets.
  • Highly durable, given that it has no moving objects or objects that need replacing every now and then.


  • It has no instruction manual, so you have to figure out how to operate it on your own.
  • Works really well but suitable only for small spaces.
  • Generates a bit of heat when plugged into an electric outlet.


Small DehumidifierThe first thermo-electric dehumidifier I used was Eva-Dry dehumidifier. The results were not so bad, but the small petite size did not allow for much moisture content storage. This one looked a bit promising and we shall see why when we get to its features. Otherwise, upon looking at the pictures online, it can be seen that the design is very much similar to that of the Eva-Dry dehumidifier.


Its features are pretty similar to most of the thermo-electric dehumidifiers out there:

1. Peltier Technology

The manufacturers claim that this small dehumidifier has a Peltier technology that is much more advanced than its predecessors. However, I highly doubt this since the Peltier technology in my opinion is pretty much the same thing unless you are using bigger modules. The Peltier technology makes the whole process of removing the moisture much less noisy.

2. Automatic Shut-Off

It is another great feature that uses LED light to warn you when the dehumidifier is full. The dehumidifier shuts off when the reservoir is full and this is when the LED lights up. This helps prevent flooding or dampening of your floor.


There’s so much to say here. Firstly, I thought that the Peltier technology was going to do a lot in saving power consumption. It is actually a very good thing that this small dehumidifier is much quieter as compared to other dehumidifiers. But the transformer often gets hot that makes me think that this dehumidifier draws more power than other dehumidifiers. Or maybe it works really hard to provide optimum results.

Apart from that, everything else of this model is pretty much same like other small thermo-electric dehumidifiers. It is said it can work in areas as big as 1,100 square feet. I think it might work in this range, though I used it primarily in the bathroom. Overall, apart from the heating problem, everything else works just fine.

Would I recommend this product to you? Well, I think you can make the decision from the above-mentioned observations. If you don’t want the smell of burning electronics in your space, this is not for you. And if you plan to use it for a long time, you may experience the heating problem. However, considering the excellent service it has provided for my bathroom, I can recommend that you use it.


  • Just like other Peltier technology dehumidifiers, this one operates with very minimal noise.
  • It is easy to operate. You just have to plug it into the power source to let it do its job.
  • Works great in bathrooms and small closets. It really does help freshen up the air, removing the damp musty smells that come with small damp bathrooms and other spaces.
  • Highly portable due to its small size and lightweight materials.


  • The unit tends to get hot while plugged in which is indicated in the pack.
  • Lack of an optional method of draining out the water is disappointing, just like the Eva-Dry dehumidifier.


Small DehumidifierI’ve had a mediocre experience with thermo-electric dehumidifiers. Their biggest win is the less noise they produce as compared to their compressor counterparts, while the loss is that you can only use them in smaller spaces, like bathrooms or closets. They are not good if you would like to have a noiseless dehumidifier for your living room. However, one such thermo-electric dehumidifier stands out among the rest! I came across Gurin DHMD–210 Electric Compact dehumidifier while I was looking for a dehumidifier for my living room. Here are a few things I’ve to say about this small dehumidifier for you.


This dehumidifier is compact like all other small dehumidifiers with the same design and features. A few of its key points are:

1. Thermo-electric Peltier Technology

Most small dehumidifiers that I’ve come across work on Peltier technology. I guess this might be due to the small size and I haven’t come across any larger sized dehumidifiers that work on this technology.

2. Compact Design

This makes it very usable for most small spaces, like boat cabins, bathrooms, closets, RVs and many other similar rooms.

3. Energy Efficient

This small dehumidifier consumes only 22.5 watts. The unit includes a compatible power cord which is 4 feet long and a power adapter with 2.5 Amp 9 Volt DC.

4. Water Tank

Its water tank has a storage capacity of 16 ounces of moisture. It also includes a washer which can easily be removed together with it.


Well, looking at the overall functioning of this small dehumidifier, I can say that it delivered exactly what I had expected. I cannot say that it is exceptional from most other similar small dehumidifiers available out there, as they all function in the same manner. However, it has some good points since its parts are made from good quality material. As a result, you can hope to have it for a much longer period of time.

Would I recommend this dehumidifier to you? Yes, I definitely would. It did deliver the results as I expected, so I hope it would work well in your bathroom or closet.


  • The Peltier technology results to a less noisy dehumidifier. Like I said before, I really wish this would be possible with the much larger ones which I could use in the living room or basement.
  • The water tank is pretty easy to work with. With the LED light that turns on when the tank is full to alert you , you can always know when it is the time to empty it. What’s more, you can easily clean the water tank and its washer, and put them back into the dehumidifier.
  • The dehumidifier comes with a manual that helps you know how to clean up the whole unit. This is very helpful, as I think some dust can be get trapped in the filter. You need to use a dry cloth to clean the outer area and a small air supply to clean the inside.
  • The power connection is also easy to handle. Just connect the power cables correctly and you will be ready to use it.
  • It comes with a renewable reservoir.
  • Easily portable like most small dehumidifiers.


  • The dehumidifier may start to slow down its functioning after a few months of use.
  • No optional water drainage methods provided.