How Does Pollution Impact Physical Activities

Pollution Impact Physical Activities

Pollution Impact Physical Activities

Let’s start with an imagination- You wake up in the morning with a cheerful smile, get ready for the morning walk, put on your shoes, step out of your home and suddenly you start to feel burning sensation in your eyes and your hearts starts to feel heavy, you feel difficulty in breathing and you think it is because of a little health issue like fatigue and don’t give a damn about this. You think continuing the exercise will help you to get out of this problem as it is fatigue according to you.

But, my dear you are may be wrong. This situation is mostly because of polluted air around us. Today 80-90% air of all the cities is unhealthy. We normally have a mindset that we get a fresh and healthy air in morning which works like a medicine for our health issue and because of this mindset we choose morning time for our physical activities like morning walk, exercise, yoga, meditation and other activities.

This mindset could be right if you are living in rural area as they are rich with trees who keep maintaining the balance between polluted and healthy air. But with the growing rate of use of vehicles and deforestation this balance is no more in rural area too. If we are in urban area then having a fresh and healthy air is like a dream come true because there are a huge number of vehicles, factories, air-conditioning system in homes and office etc. These all cause the increase in air pollution as they release the polluted air like Carbon-mono Oxide, Nitrogen, Chloro-floro carbon etc.

Pollution Impact Physical ActivitiesIn figure you can see the situation and you are wise enough to understand the effect of this situation.

Relation between Air Pollution and Your Physical Activities.

Everyone knows and understands the fact that ‘Any kind of pollution is injurious for our health’. Pollution causes various serious diseases and sometime these diseases are so serious that they lead to death. According to the survey Air-Pollution is the sixth most dangerous cause of death.

During our physical activities we breathe more and faster than normal activities. That mean we take more air during these activities in other words we breathe more polluted air during this period. While doing our physical activities we keep thinking that we are breathing more because it will lead to lose the stress and will make us feel fresh and energetic without knowing the fact that this can be affect us in opposite way and can be proved as a poison which kills us slowly.

Here I am listing some of the general effects of polluted air to our health:-

  1. Stress– this is the most common effect of inhaling polluted air.
  2. Heart Diseases– as breathing in directly related with the heart so it is quite obvious that if will affect our heart if we are not taking the fresh air or taking the polluted air in large amount.
  3. Damaging the airways and lungs.
  4. Asthma– Polluted air is not less than a poison for someone who has Asthma. Asthma is a disease directly related to breathing. If we are not breathing properly or breathing polluted air regularly that it may increase the effect of asthma or may increase the chances of being suffered from this dangerous problem.
  5. It also affects the pipes to heart and lungs which affect their work. We all know that our heart and lungs need to work harder for supplying oxygen to all the parts of our body.
  6. The harmful particle in the polluted air damages the respiratory system of our body and also destroys our cells.

All the above causes may lead to heart attack or sometimes death.

Physical activities are very profitable for our body. They provide us a strong immune system, a fit body, power to resist the various problems etc. So we need to take care of some of the things if we really want to stay benefited with our physical activities.

What we need to keep in our mind

  1. Always keep yourself updated with the Air Pollution Level of your area. Do your exercises when the pollution level is low and even at that time put a mask around your nose so that the pollution will not affect you more.
  2. Try to avoid outdoor work as much as possible if you are suffering from any Heart Disease.
  3. Don’t do your physical activity or meditation outside if you are Pregnant.
  4. Avoid outdoor exercise if you have Asthma or any Lungs or Breathing related disease.
  5. Indoor physical Activity is the best option to keep you Healthy and Fit.

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